Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 277

Take it, naturally not because Huo Qingsong wants to eat it, but to give Huo Hongyan a taste.
Huo Hongyan is the Huo family eldest, even if they want the stars in the sky, they have to find a way to pick them off.
Obviously, Huo Hongyan wanted to eat the roast rabbit in Chen Feng’s hands.
But she herself couldn’t open that mouth because she lost her identity.
He could only open his mouth by Huo Qingsong.
As for the conflicts between Huang Feihao and Chen Feng, they would be humiliated by Chen Feng in the past, these things are not within Huo Qingsong’s consideration.
Because in the eyes of the Huo family, Huang Feihao’s status is undoubtedly that of a dog.
Don’t think Huang Feihao is a dark warrior, but his identity is there after all, a member of a foreign gang, who provokes thousands of enemies, and he is also a traitor who has been judged from his teacher.
These two identities, no matter which one, are not glorious, almost nailing Huang Feihao to the pillar of shame, no matter where Huang Feihao goes, he will not be valued.
Had it not been for the recent turmoil in the Huo family and lack of manpower, he would never let Huang Feihao step into the door of the Huo family.
“Huo…Brother Huo, my
junior and I can’t deal with…” Huang Feihao smiled. At this moment, he was surrounded by an unprecedented sense of humiliation. Although he had already guessed that the Huo family did not take him seriously, but He still didn’t expect that the Huo family had already treated him improperly to such a point, and even asked him to bow his head like his enemy for a roast rabbit.
“You don’t want to go?” Huo Qingsong’s voice suddenly became cold, and even the air became gloomy.
Huang Feihao shuddered, and hurriedly got up: “I’ll go.”
He walked towards Chen Zeli step by step, his teeth almost broken.
When Huang Feihao came over, Chen Feng and his party were a little surprised.
Especially Chen Feng, looking at Huo Qingsong’s furious appearance yesterday, he thought that Huang Feihao was at the Huo family’s side and was highly regarded. Now, Huang Feihao is a dog at Huo’s family.
“Roast the rabbit for me!”
Huang Feihao gritted his teeth and said, and his hatred for Chen Feng rose to a new level. It was Chen Feng’s troublesome situation. Without Chen Feng, he would not be so embarrassed!
“Just give it to you?”
Chen Zeli sneered, completely disregarding Huang Feihao.
Huang Feihao’s teeth creaked, he wanted to do it, and killed Chen’s four brothers and sisters and Chen Feng on the spot, but the Huo family would definitely not agree to his murder here.
“Ali, it’s because you and I were the same brothers in the past…” Huang Feihao’s tone softened, but Chen Zeli was merciless.
Before Huang Feihao finished speaking, he sneered and interrupted: “Now remember that we are the same mentor brothers?”
“When you betrayed the master and sold the news of Bing Tilian to the Huo family, how could you not remember that we were the same mentor? Brother?”
“When you are fighting each other and wanting the four of us to splatter the blood on the spot, why don’t you remember that we are the same brothers?”
Chen Zeli asked twice, and Huang Feihao was speechless.
Chen Zeli sneered again: “Do you want this roast rabbit? Okay
.” “Pick up the roast duck you just threw on the ground!”
Huang Feihao’s face was blue and red. He did not expect that revenge would come so soon.
Taking a deep breath, he slowly squatted down and picked up the dusty roast duck again.
There was no expression in Chen Ze: “Eat.”
“Chen Zeli!” Huang Feihao was furious, his eyes bursting with anger: “Don’t deceive people too much!”
“I just deceived people too much, do you want me and me?” Chen Zeli was confident and confronted.
Huang Feihao clenched his fists, his eyes filled with killing intent.
But in the end, he loosened his fist and bit on the roast duck covered with dust with a blank expression.
Chen Zeli smiled slightly, handed the roast rabbit to Huang Feihao, and said sarcastically: “Brother Huang can
bend and stretch .” Huang Feihao said nothing, gave Chen Zeli a cold look, took the roast rabbit, turned and left.
Returning to the Huo family camp, Huang Feihao put on a smiling face again: “Brother Huo, I’m coming to roast the rabbit.”
“You know it.” Huo Qingsong snorted coldly, took the roast rabbit in Huang Feihao’s hand, and arrived. Huo Hongyan’s side.
“Miss, you taste it.” Huo Qingsong handed the roast rabbit to Huo Hongyan with both hands.
Huo Hongyan glanced lightly at the roasted rabbit in Huo Qingsong’s hand, as if unmoved.
Huo Qingsong smiled and continued to speak: “Miss, they took the initiative to send this roasted rabbit.”
“Okay, I won’t be embarrassed to taste it.” Huo Hongyan stretched out the green onion and tore off Put a small piece of rabbit meat into the small mouth and chew gently.
The meat is tender and fragrant.
A look of enjoyment suddenly appeared on Huo Hongyan’s pretty face.
But soon, she forcibly suppressed the enjoyment.
Instead, he said faintly: “Uncle Huo, you guys try it too, this rabbit meat is so interesting.”
Huo Qingsong suffocated a smile and hurriedly shook his head: “No miss, we are already full.”
“Okay.” Huo Hongyan sighed, and took the roasted rabbit from Huo Qingsong’s hand with some embarrassment…
Ten minutes later, Huo Hongyan got up contented and couldn’t help but glance at Chen Feng. Compared with the original contempt and ignorance, she looked at Chen Feng now with a touch of exploration.
But it is limited to exploration.
There are still thousands of miles away from being valued by her.
“Let’s go.” Huo Hongyan clapped his hands neatly, and the group got up again.
Chen Feng put out the fire, and the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family buried the residue and garbage in the soil. The five people once again followed the footsteps of Huo Hongyan and his party.
Approaching dusk, everyone finally arrived at Yuquan at the bottom of the cliff.
The spring water gurgled down from a height, and the sound of the water was as pleasing as a fairy sound.
The air was also filled with a moist and sweet smell.
Compared to the top of the mountain, the temperature at the bottom of the cliff is much lower. It has already reached below zero, and everyone can clearly feel a dreadful chill.
“Chen Shao, Bing Tilian is at the bottom of this Yuquan.” Chen Zewen pointed to the end of Yuquan, where the spring water met and the water flow swiftly, but it was bottomless.
It seems to have a sense of depth.
Chen Feng frowned. For some reason, he vaguely felt a sense of crisis from the bottom of the water.
“Zewen, did Huang Laosan tell you that there are other things at the bottom of the spring?” Chen Feng asked.
Chen Zewen was taken aback for a while, and shook his head: “No, the master said there are only three icy lotus at the bottom of the spring.”
Chen Feng frowned deeper, and he always felt that something in the water was staring at him. Since coming here, He has this feeling.
“Chen Shao, do we want to hurry down.” Chen
Zewen asked. The mercenaries of the Huo family had already taken out professional diving equipment and began to prepare for the dive. If you don’t take any action here, I’m afraid you will be caught The Huo family took the lead.

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