Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 278

“Don’t go down yet, there is danger in the water.” Chen Feng shook his head, his feeling could not be wrong, there is absolutely something hidden in the water, so I don’t know what it is.
“Danger?” Chen Zewen glanced at the spring suspiciously, what danger could be in the spring.
Seeing that the mercenaries of the Huo family were already preparing to go into the water, Chen Feng frowned and looked at the people of the Huo family, and said, “Tell them, don’t go down, there is something in the water.”
Although he didn’t deal with the Huo family, he But I don’t want to watch so many mercenaries go down and die.
Things that make him feel dangerous, killing these mercenaries is absolutely easy.
Chen Zewen was confused and didn’t know what the danger Chen Feng said was, but he had to follow Chen Feng’s instructions.
When he walked to Huo Hongyan, Chen Zewen said in a deep voice: “Miss Huo, we Chen Shao said, the bottom is dangerous, you’d better not go down first.”
“Chen Shao?” Huo Hongyan chuckled lightly, her pretty face full of words . Contempt.
Chen Feng had never spoken to her along the way. Originally, she thought that Chen Feng was different from the dudes she had seen before, and was a calm personality.
But unexpectedly, at the last moment, Chen Feng couldn’t help it. People came to her to brush up on her presence. Is she Huo Hongyan so foolish?
“Let you Chen Shao take care of yourself first. As for me, I won’t bother you Chen Shao.” Huo Hongyan said lightly, with a very obvious sarcasm in his tone.
Is there danger in the water?
There is a danger of a fart!
She is not a three-year-old child, and Yuquan Mountain is a very ordinary primitive jungle, not to mention tigers and leopards, there are not even a few wolves, so what is the danger?
Taking 10,000 steps back, even if there is any danger, she has brought so many mercenaries this time, and there are three dark warriors, can she still take this danger?
Chen Feng’s move might be to brush her presence in front of her, or to compete for Bing Tilian.
No matter what, she looked down on Chen Feng.
What she hates most is that men play with those twists and turns. Isn’t it good for a man to stand upright?
Have to hide in the background and calculate like a eunuch?
Chen Zewen frowned, walked back without saying a word, and told Chen Feng what Huo Hongyan had said intact.
Chen Feng nodded slightly, since Huo Hongyan didn’t listen to persuasion, there was nothing he could do.
Now I can only hope that his feeling is wrong.
The Huo family first sent six mercenaries into the water as the vanguard to investigate the underwater situation.
The remaining dozen mercenaries are ready to go down after they have found out the bottom of the water.
Six black shadows in diving suits plunged into the spring water, making waves on the water.
On the ground, in a laptop computer, real-time detection images of several people in the water are playing.
Everything is normal, without any danger.
Soon, the six approached a narrow and deep hole, and that hole should be where the three ice lotus plants grew.
Seeing the elixir in front of him and reaching for it, Huo Hongyan couldn’t help but chuckle. This action was too easy, and the ease was a little unexpected.
“Shao Chen, let’s take Bingtilian…”
Huo Hongyan was in a good mood and wanted to show off to Chen Feng. By the way, she slapped Chen Feng in the face, but she didn’t say anything.
In the notebook, the six split-screen monitoring images shook violently at the same time, and even two screams were heard.
Everyone was stunned, before they realized what had happened, the screen became white in the next second, and the monitoring was completely lost!
“What’s the matter?”
Huo Hongyan’s pretty face suddenly changed color, without a doubt, something went wrong !
The six well-trained mercenaries lost contact at the same time in less than two seconds. Judging from the jitter of the screen, they obviously suffered an unimaginable enemy, otherwise they would not even have the opportunity to resist!
“Huang Feihao! Is there something in the water!” Huo Qingsong’s expression suddenly became gloomy. All of these mercenaries were loyal to the Huo Family and were the core armed forces cultivated by the Huo Family.
In a blink of an eye, they folded six, and they didn’t even know what it was in their hands.
So for the first time, Huo Qingsong suspected Huang Feihao.
“No… I don’t know.” Huang Feihao was also dumbfounded at this time. Even if it was to kill six well-trained mercenaries, it would take a lot of hands and feet. As a result, the thing in the water was poured and it took no more than two seconds. To.
“Waste things, what do you want you to do!”
Huo Qingsong was furious, and slapped Huang Feihao’s face.
Huang Feihao was a little aggrieved: “Brother Huo, when my master told us the news, he only said that there are three icy lotus plants here, but didn’t mention the others…”
“It’s them! Yes, it must be them!”
“Brother Huo, It must be the ghost of them!” As if
thinking of something, Huang Feihao suddenly turned his eyes to the five Chen Feng, his tone resentful.
“Huang Feihao, don’t provoke discord here!” Chen Zewen said coldly. The five of them hadn’t moved from start to finish, so how could they be doing the ghost.
“Instigate discord?” Huang Feihao sneered: “Which eye did you see me inciting discord?”
Huang Feihao glanced at Huo Qingsong: “Brother Huo, they are also determined to win the ice lotus, but they know very well that they can’t compete with you at all, so it is normal for them to make some small actions to affect Brother Huo.”
Huo Qingsong Frowning, Huang Feihao said that this situation is not impossible.
But he didn’t understand how Chen Feng and his group of five did it.
“You, come here!” Huo Qingsong pointed at Chen Feng, his tone beyond doubt.
Chen Feng didn’t move, but smiled slightly: “Any advice?”
“Put on a diving suit and go down to take a closer look.” Huo Qingsong squinted his eyes. If it was Chen Feng’s ghost, you can tell after a try.
“What if I don’t?” Chen Feng was expressionless.
“If you don’t go down… die!” Huo Qingsong said in a cold tone. He wanted to wait until he got the ice lotus and sent Chen Feng on the road when he left Cangzhou. But now, since Chen Feng is looking for death by himself, he doesn’t mind sending it in advance. Chen Feng made a trip.
The atmosphere in the court is tense.
At this time, Huo Hongyan frowned and
said, “Uncle Huo, forget it. Let us go down.”
“Miss…” Huo Qingsong was a little surprised and wanted to persuade him , but seeing Huo Hongyan look firm, He dismissed the idea.
Outsiders don’t know Huo Hongyan, he still knows Huo Hongyan very well. This is a little girl with a knife-mouthed tofu heart. She has been kind-hearted since she was a child. She looks careless and heartless in front of everyone, if not. It was liked by the Huo family.

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