Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 279

As Huo Qingsong thought, Huo Hongyan was indeed softened.
She didn’t like Chen Feng, and even hated Chen Feng a little bit, but she couldn’t do it, and watched Chen Feng go down and die.
Chen Feng is not from the Huo family after all, and he has nothing to do with the Huo family.
Huo Qingsong can be hard-hearted, but she can’t.
“Find a way to draw the thing out of the water.” Taking a deep breath, Huo Hongyan said in a cold voice. It was obvious that underwater was the home of the thing, and it was not enough to fill it with how many people went down.
Only by leading it to the ground can it have the power to fight.
“How to lead?” Everyone has made trouble again, and now they don’t even know where that thing is, and there is no way to start.
“Explode with explosives?” Someone came up with an idea. Although they didn’t know what that thing was, it was obvious that Yuquan was its nest, and the nest was bombed, it could never be indifferent.
“No.” Huo Hongyan shook his head.
“Explosives will destroy the underground structure of Yuquan and cause landslides. There is a high probability that the ice stalk will be buried in the ground.” Huo Hongyan calmly analyzed that the ultimate goal of her coming to the inland this time is the ice stalk. Lian, then everything she did is meaningless.
Chen Feng frowned, and even he was a little embarrassed at this time.
If he guessed correctly, the thing under the water should be the guardian of Ice Lotus.
Not only humans, but also some beasts with a keen sense of smell will also covet such treasures like ice lotus.
And compared to humans, beasts have more time, and their territorial awareness is stronger. What they fancy will inevitably be guarded day and night, and no one is allowed to get involved.
The strength of that thing in the water won’t be too weak, otherwise he won’t even feel threatened.
“Huang Feihao!” At this time, Huo Qingsong shifted his gaze to Huang Feihao.
Huang Feihao shuddered, his legs softened: “Brother Huo, what…what’s the matter?”
“Go down and lead!” Huo Qingsong said blankly.
There is no doubt that Huang Feihao is the most suitable candidate. When an ordinary mercenary goes down, it is estimated that if he can’t even see the opponent, he will be killed by the opponent.
But Huang Feihao is a warrior, no matter how you say it, he can resist.
Huang Feihao was shocked, and hurriedly shook his head: “Brother Huo, I was injured yesterday. I don’t have any strength in my body…”
“Either go down or die!”
Huo Qingsong coldly interrupted, the murderous intent in his eyes made no secret. As far as the Huo family is concerned, Huang Feihao is a chicken rib. It is useless to eat. It is a pity to discard it. Anyway, it will be thrown away sooner or later. It is better to use the remaining heat while it is still useful.
Huang Feihao’s body was shaking like chaff, half was afraid, and the other half was angry.
He would never have thought that the Huo Family would treat him like this if he killed him.
He is a dark-powered warrior. He has taken refuge in the Huo family. Not to mention the fragrant and spicy food, the Huo family should at least treat him as a person.
It turned out to be good, the Huo family had no intention of treating him as a human.
Huang Feihao’s regretful intestines are all green now. If he knew this, he would never betray the Chinese Gang. In the Chinese Gang, he would be regarded as a high-level person no matter what, so he didn’t have to suffer this kind of frustration.
“I will give you thirty seconds to think about it.” Huo Qingsong pressed harder.
“Okay, I’ll go.”
Huang Feihao gritted his teeth and categorically agreed. By now, he has no way out.
The Huo Family had two dark Jin mid-terms here. If his left arm was not broken yesterday, there may be hope of escape, but his left arm was broken yesterday, and he would not be able to escape far.
Only one blog!
Huang Feihao put on a diving suit with a gray face, and at the same time decided in his heart that if he could survive this time, he must leave the Huo family.
There was a “puff”.
Huang Feihao plunged into the water.
On the shore, many mercenaries took up various weapons and set up a defensive formation with a solemn expression, protecting Huo Hongyan layer by layer.
The Chen’s four brothers and sisters are also on separate sides, staring at the surface of the water, looking nervous.
At this
moment , Chen Feng suddenly shouted : ” Retreat !” The four brothers and sisters of the Chen clan did not hesitate, but shot back, like an arrow from the string.
However, everyone in the Huo family hesitated for a moment and turned their eyes to Huo Hongyan. They only listened to Huo Hongyan’s orders.
Huo Hongyan’s eyebrows furrowed, and the water in front of her was calm. There was no wave, and it didn’t look dangerous at all. Why did Chen Feng tell them to step back?
The thought has not fallen yet.
The calm water suddenly burst open!
A black column of water rose to the sky!
Huo Hongyan’s pupils shrank suddenly, and his whole body was instantly surrounded by a sense of fear surging from the depths of his soul.
She couldn’t describe it in words, what was the dark shadow in front of her!
All I know is that the figure of this black figure is so huge, only half of it rises to the surface, it is ten meters long!
Ten meters, what concept is it, it is as high as three stories!
How small is a person standing in front of a three-story building?
Huo Hongyan didn’t know, and she didn’t want to know!
She just wants to order to retreat now!
Almost subconsciously, Huo Hongyan was about to shout and back, but then she was shocked to find that surrounded by this sense of fear, she could not even make a sound!
It was as if his throat was held by an invisible big hand!
Inside the pupils, the huge figure that was printed on the back was getting closer, and Huo Hongyan’s feet, as if rooted on the ground, were difficult to move.
Fear, despair, filled the body.
“Miss Protection!”
A roar sounded just before his hair.
Huo Qingsong was full of anger and stepped forward!
This roar finally awakened many Huo family mercenaries who were shaking.
Although still fearful, they took up various rifles in their hands and fired at the shadows.
“Da Da Da”
bursts of flames burst out from the muzzle, and the deafening intensive gunfire sounded. Almost instantly, nearly a hundred bullets hit the black giant who was rushing like lightning.
The black giant figure stagnated for a moment, hissed back, and stood on the shore.
The smoke finally dissipated!
Everyone saw an unforgettable scene!
Standing on the shore is a big snake with a bow!
The whole body is a big snake 20 to 30 meters long!
Only half of its body just surfaced!
The snake body bucket is thick and thick, and the densely lined cloth is covered with black scales the size of a palm!
On the inverted triangle snake head, there are a pair of jewel-like dark green vertical pupils, gloomy and terrifying, staring at everyone in front of them.
Invisible fear came to the audience again, and everyone felt cold, and only felt that breathing was beginning to be difficult.
Especially for the mercenaries who had just opened fire, the fear in their hearts was the greatest, because those hundreds of bullets hit the black snake in front of them, only leaving a few white marks on the scales!
Even the protection of the big snake has not broken!

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