Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 280

Even Huo Qingsong, a dark warrior, has a tingling scalp at the moment. He has walked in rivers and lakes for more than forty years, killed tigers and leopards, hunted jackals, and even the old bears in the mountains. He has seen a few of them, but this This kind of thing, he has never heard of it.
With a body of more than twenty or thirty meters, what kind of concept is this? Even a main battle tank, in front of it, is no different from a child and will be lifted by its tail!
“Shao Chen, what…what is this?” The
four brothers of the Chen family were also frightened. They have been walking north and south over the years, and they can be regarded as people who have seen the world, but such a big black snake, they are all listening. Have not heard.
Chen Feng shook his head solemnly. I am afraid that the thing in front of his eyes is beyond the scope of snakes…
“Jiaming, you fight it with me!”
At this moment , Huo Qingsong gave the order in a deep voice. He took a deep breath and looked towards To the rear:
“Others, Miss Cover, retreat!”
The speed of the black snake is faster than the wind, and it is also immune to bullets. The mercenaries of the Huo family go up, and they are useless except to fill its stomach.
Only when he and another member of the Huo family’s dark energy make a shot together in the mid-term, it is possible to cause harm to the black snake.
Almost as soon as Huo Qingsong’s voice fell, the black giant snake spit out a snake letter, biting towards Huo Qingsong like an off-string sharp arrow.
Huo Qingsong’s pupils shrank, and subconsciously, a donkey rolled, avoiding the bite of the black giant snake.
However, the Huo family mercenary behind him was miserable. He was directly bitten into two pieces by the black giant snake. Half of his body was put into the black snake’s mouth, and the other half was left on the ground, and his intestines fell to the ground. , The blood kept pouring out.
Huo Hongyan let out a terrifying scream.
This terrifying scene finally awakened her in a daze.
But at the same time, her screams also attracted the attention of Black Snake, and its dark green pupils instantly locked Huo Hongyan.
Seeing that the black snake was about to bite towards Huo Hongyan, Huo Qingsong’s eyes suddenly cracked. He roared and jumped into the sky:
“Beast, look at the move!” The
long sword was invincible, and it seemed that even the air was about to split.
The black snake seemed to feel a little threat. It gave up Huo Hongyan and twisted its body to Huo Qingsong.
At this time, the blade has arrived!
Huo Qingsong’s long knife slashed on the scales of the black snake, sputtering dots of fire, bringing out traces of blood.
The black snake suffered from eating, and a touch of human anger passed through the dark green snake eyes.
With a flick of its huge tail, it patted Huo Qingsong with the power of Wanjun.
Huo Qingsong, who was in mid-air, didn’t have any leverage. He could only put a long knife across his chest, and watched the giant tail like a train slap slapped.
The huge tail patted on the long knife.
Ding~ A
crisp voice sounded.
The long sword made of hundreds of refinements was snapped instantly and split into two from the middle part!
The snake’s tail surpassed its surplus and slapped Huo Qingsong’s chest again.
After a intensive clicking sound, Huo Qingsong’s breastbone was beaten to pieces!
He flew upside down like a broken kite, flying seven or eight meters away, before he even landed, he vomited a big mouth of blood.
It was just a trick, Huo Qingsong in the mid-stage Dark Jin lost his resistance!
“Chen… Shao Chen, let’s retreat.” Chen Zeli, who was always fearless and fearless, said with a trembling voice.
He had never seen something so fierce and mighty, and the manpower was so small in front of it.
The bullet hit it without leaving a trace, and the dark warrior’s long knife could only splash a few sparks on it.
Without using a heavy-duty weapon like tank rocket launcher, there is no way to use it!
“Retreat? Why do you want to retreat?” Chen Feng smiled faintly. “We are here for Bing Tilian. If we retreat, what should I do with Bing Tilian?”
“But…” Chen Zeli was stunned. He wanted to say that the black snake in front of him was fundamentally surprised. It’s not a human force, but when he met Chen Feng’s gaze, he couldn’t say anything behind him.
“Chen Shao, Bing Tilian is important, but your safety is more important.” Chen Zewen said in a deep voice. He also saw Chen Feng’s eagerness to fight, but is Chen Feng really the opponent of the black snake in front of him?
Not necessarily.
Chen Feng shook his head and did not speak. Although the black snake in front of him was terrifying, it was not terrifying to the point of being truly invincible.
At the moment when Chen’s four brothers and sisters talked with Chen Feng, the battle between Huo Family and Black Snake raged again.
Huo Qingsong’s fall to the ground made the Huo family’s morale instantly depressed.
The black snake swept towards the Huo family’s many mercenaries like a tornado. Huo Jiaming, another dark power warrior of the Huo family, saw the situation not well, grabbed Huo Hongyan and fled.
There is no time to take care of the many mercenaries of the Huo family.
Just a moment.
Many mercenaries were defeated.
The black snake rushed into the crowd, its huge mouth opened, and the silhouettes were swallowed by it, or bitten in two.
If it is accidentally rubbed by the body of the black snake, it will fly upside down, and the internal organs will be broken into blood foam in mid-air.
Being hit by a black snake is no lighter than being hit by a large truck traveling at a speed of 100 kilometers per second.
Huo Hongyan opened her mouth wide and burst into tears. At this moment, she couldn’t cry even if she wanted to cry.
Seeing familiar faces screaming in front of her, the heart-piercing feeling could not be expressed in words.
Huo Hongyan regretted that she would never come to Yuquan Mountain if she did it again.
If she did it again, she would definitely order to retreat when Chen Feng said the bottom was in danger.
But there is no if.
Something is just that she will do her own way.
There are just countless casualties.
After almost swallowing the Huo family mercenaries, the black snake stared at Huo Qingsong, who had already lost resistance, lying on the ground.
Huo Qingsong hurt it!
Although it was only a trivial wound, it was also a wound!
So it wants revenge, it wants to bite Huo Qingsong into a ball of rotten flesh to vent its anger.
The Black Snake vomited, and walked towards Huo Qingsong without rushing.
“Uncle Huo!”
Huo Hongyan screamed sternly when he saw this scene, using all his strength to break free from Huo Jiaming’s control.
She is going to save Huo Qingsong.
Her father died when she was young, and it was Huo Qingsong who brought her up. The relationship between her and Huo Qingsong has long been like a father and daughter! She really could not watch Huo Qingsong being swallowed by a black snake.
“Miss, don’t come here!”
Huo Qingsong shouted with his eyes full of blood.
Huo Jiaming was also in grief and indignation, and firmly clamped on Huo Hongyan: “Miss, you can’t go there, if you go, Qing Song will die in vain!”
In fact, from the moment the black snake appeared, Huo Qingsong knew that he might not be able to live today.
As the person in charge of the Huo family’s operation, he must stay behind.
“Miss, hurry up!” Huo Qingsong gave a tragic laugh, staggered to his feet, and ran towards the black snake.
Huo !” Huo Hongyan wailed, tears welling up , feeling the pain of a broken heart.

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