Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 29

“Impossible! Chen Feng, don’t even think about it!” Xia Qichao didn’t say anything, Xia Hao was impatient for the Yuquanshan project, but how could he hand it over to someone else as a cash cow.
“This is how you apologize to others?” Chen Feng said lightly. He naturally understood that it was impossible for the Xia family to hand over the Yuquanshan project. He said that just to tease Xia Hao.
“Chen Feng, the apology is due to an apology, but you should understand that the Yuquan Mountain project can only be handed over to Xia Hao, and we can compensate Mengyao elsewhere.” Xia Qichao said solemnly.
“Other places? For example? Let Mengyao return to the company?” Chen Feng asked with a sneer.
Xia Qichao’s expression was a bit ugly, he could naturally hear the mockery in Chen Feng’s tone, but at this time, he could only forcefully suppress the anger in his chest: “More than that, we can not only let Mengyao return to the company, but also You can return the real estate in Chengdong to Mengyao again, and give Mengyao 5% of the Yuquanshan project dividend.”
After speaking, Xia Qichao couldn’t help but shifted his gaze to Chen Feng. This was the biggest concession he could make. He believed that this condition was enough to make Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao move.
But after all, Chen Feng’s expression remained the same.
“5% dividend? Uncle, you are really generous.” Chen Feng sneered.
“Chen Feng, don’t be insatiable! The 5% dividend is enough for you to have a life of food and clothing!” Xia Qichao raised his brows and said, he knows Chen Feng’s current situation very well. The salary of six to seven thousand yuan is dead, and the Yuquanshan project, even if it is a 5% dividend, has nearly tens of millions every year! To put it in exaggeration, Chen Feng could not make so much money by sending out food for ten lifetimes.
“Okay, uncle, you can go back and tell Xia Yunsheng that Mengyao will not go back again unless he visits the door in person, apologizes to Mengyao, and transfers the Yuquanshan project to Mengyao for management. Some talk.” Chen Feng’s tone was calm, but what he said was shocked that Xia Qichao and his son were about to fall off their eyes.
Let Xia Yunsheng come to apologize personally? And give the Yuquanshan project to Xia Mengyao for management?
Chen Feng is this brain shit?
Even Xia Mengyao and Lin Lan, although they had anticipated this, they were so frightened, they could only say that Chen Feng was too whimsical.
“It seems that you don’t plan to talk at all? You know, what will happen if Mengyao’s grandfather apologize to Mengyao?” Xia Qichao said lightly, the threat in his tone was obvious.
“Consequence? I want to try it. What are the consequences.” Chen Feng didn’t care. There was Xia Yunsheng. If he wanted to, he could destroy it at will. He really didn’t worry about the consequences.
“Good! Good! Good! I hope you can still have such a hard tone when trouble comes to the door!” Xia Qichao was so angry that he said three good words in a row. He really didn’t expect that the squatter in the past was worse than a dog. Chen Feng is so arrogant now.
Simply arrogant to the sky!
After speaking, Xia Qichao took Xia Hao directly, slammed the door and left. Now, there is no need to talk about it.
After the two left, Lin Lan took a cold look at Chen Feng and asked, “Chen Feng, what are you relying on? The conditions offered by Xia Qichao just now are very generous, why didn’t you agree?”
“Mom, I really don’t have much to rely on. I just want to give Mengyao a sigh of relief and let them know that Mengyao can’t bully if they want to.” Chen Feng said helplessly.
“What?! You have no reliance at all, you dare to be so arrogant!”
Lin Lan was immediately angry. The 5% dividend of the Yuquanshan project was already very exciting for her just now. If Chen Feng was not so strong and made her mistakenly think that Chen Feng still has something to do, she would definitely agree to Xia Mengyao. In her opinion, face is not as important as the stomach. If their family has no financial resources, they should drink Xifeng.
“Mom, the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project is Chen Feng’s classmate.” At this time, Xia Mengyao said helplessly. In fact, when Xia Qichao and his son came over today, she had guessed that it was Chen Feng who asked Lin Zongwei to put pressure on the Xia family. The Xia family encountered another problem in the Yuquanshan project.
“Classmate?” Lin Lan glanced at Chen Feng suspiciously, and said, “What classmate, will someone help you offend the Xia family?”
“College classmates, we have a good relationship on the upper and lower bunks, and we almost wear a pair of pants.” Chen Feng lied without a heartbeat.
“That’s not insurance.” Lin Lan curled her lips and said: “You better make sure that your classmate is strong. If Mengyao can’t return to the company this time, then you will get a divorce from Mengyao and don’t harm Mengyao again. ”
“Mom, don’t worry, my classmate agreed to me.” Chen Feng smiled.
“It’s also from a school. How come you have such a big gap, everyone is the boss, but you are still here delivering food.” Lin Lan muttered dissatisfiedly again, thinking, if the son-in-law she hired three years ago was People like Lin Zongwei would be fine.
Chen Feng smiled and said nothing.
Early the next morning, an astonishing news spread from inside the Xia family.
Xia Yunsheng is going to Xia Mengyao’s house and personally apologize to Xia Mengyao!
This news was not unbelievable, and all the members of the Xia family were stunned.
In the Xia family, Xia Yunsheng is a well-deserved heaven and a well-deserved god!
And Xia Mengyao is just a marginal figure. Since marrying Chen Feng three years ago, she has become the laughing stock of the entire Xia family.
But today, the gods of the Xia family wanted to apologize to a laughingstock.
None of the Xia family members can accept this fact.
Even Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao felt like they were dreaming.
What Chen Feng said was actually fulfilled! Grandpa wants to visit the door in person and apologize to himself?
Xia Mengyao was dizzy, and it was not until Xia Yunsheng knocked on the door that she realized that Xia Yunsheng actually came.
This is Xia Yunsheng’s first visit to Xia Mengyao’s house! Behind him were Xia Qichao and his son, and Xia Zhengyu and his daughter. Almost all the important people in the Xia family were here!
Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao were a little confused by this mighty battle.
Only Chen Feng had a calm face.
Because he had expected that Xia Yunsheng would bow his head.
Perhaps in the eyes of the others in the Xia family, Xia Yunsheng is a lofty one and cannot be disobedient, but in Chen Feng’s view, this is a very ordinary bad old man, who will bow his head and be soft when he encounters difficulties, and he will live for most In my life, I have passed that age long ago, and I think face is more important than anything else.
Therefore, in Chen Feng’s view, Xia Yunsheng’s visit this time is inevitable.
As soon as Xia Yunsheng entered the door, he was observing the expressions of the three people in the room.
He had already anticipated the flattered expressions of Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao.
Then he looked at Chen Feng. When he saw that Chen Feng’s face did not have the slightest unexpected look, and even a faint smile hung on the corner of his mouth, Xia Yunsheng suddenly snorted in his heart. He understood that this time he really Hit the eye, this is the first time he has lived so badly for most of his life!

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