Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 281

Not far away, when Chen Feng saw this scene, he couldn’t help but feel a touch of appreciation.
“It’s a man.”
Although he didn’t deal with Huo Qingsong, he saw Huo Qingsong’s performance when he was in danger.
From the appearance of the black snake to the present, Huo Qingsong has never thought of fleeing.
His only idea is to protect Huo Hongyan and the many mercenaries of the Huo family.
Loyalty and justice.
Such a person, even if it is an enemy, Chen Feng will give him high respect.
Chen Feng walked towards the black snake with his hand held down.
Chen’s four brothers and sisters were very surprised: “Young Master Chen, what are you going to do?”
“Cut the snake!”
Chen Feng said without looking back.
The four brothers and sisters of the Chen family couldn’t help but glance at each other, they all saw the shock in each other’s eyes.
The Black Snake has shown such a powerful combat power, so does Chen Feng want to trouble him?
Everyone was fleeing back, but Chen Feng was the only one, holding hands forward.
In the crowd, his figure is very conspicuous.
“Boy, what are you doing?!”
Huo Jiaming saw Chen Feng, shocked.
Huo Hongyan is also full of incredible face, is Chen Feng going to die?
Can’t he see that this black snake is invincible to everyone?
Chen Feng didn’t go too fast.
Soon he came to Huo Qingsong.
Seeing Chen Feng, Huo Qingsong’s expression was strange: “What are you going to do?”
“Help you.” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
help me?
Huo Qingsong’s tone was stagnant, and he almost yelled at Chen Feng’s mind.
“Be careful!”
At this moment, the black snake rushed forward, and Huo Qingsong’s pupils shrank, and he subconsciously crossed Chen Feng to attack the black snake.
But Chen Feng’s speed is faster than him!
Huo Qingsong only saw an afterimage flashing in front of him, then clenched his palm into a fist, and slammed the black snake’s head heavily.
“Boom!” There was
a muffled sound.
Chen Feng took a step back.
But the black snake didn’t take advantage, its snake head raised back high, and there was a screaming scream in its throat.
This scene caused everyone in the audience to instantly open their mouths, and their eyes revealed an incredible expression.
The part of the black snake’s head hit by Chen Feng’s iron fist was bleeding!
This is the first time it has been injured since it emerged from the bottom of the water!
How did Chen Feng do it?
You know, even bullets hitting the snake’s head can only leave a white mark on the snake’s head, but now, Chen Feng actually broke the black snake’s protection with just a pair of meat fists.
It’s incredible!
“You really are a warrior!”
Huo Qingsong almost blurted out, the shock on his face made no concealment.
Although he had long guessed that Chen Feng might be a martial artist, when Chen Feng really showed the strength of a martial artist, he was still shocked and unable to control himself.
In his vision, even if Chen Feng was a warrior, he would be a warrior in the middle of Ming Jin.
But now, the punch Chen Feng showed had nothing to do with Ming Jin!
At least it’s also the late stage of Anjin!
Even if it was him, he was far inferior to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng did not pay attention to Huo Qingsong, but looked at the black snake with interest.
I don’t know how many years this black snake has lived in Yuquan, and there are some faint signs of psychic.
Its dark green eyes stared at Chen Feng, and the jealous color in the eyes was very strong, just like human jealousy.
“The sword is coming.”
Chen Feng stretched out his hand.
Chen Zewen took off the long sword on his back and threw it high.
The long sword broke through the air and settled firmly into Chen Feng’s hands.
With a sword in his hand, Chen Feng was immediately confident.
With his punch just now, he has tested out the approximate strength of the Black Snake.
Slightly weaker than he is now.
But because of its scales, its defensive power is extremely strong, and its strength is no longer much weaker than that of the normal Huajin initial stage.
With his fist alone, he might really not be the opponent of this black snake.
Must borrow the sword.
Almost when Chen Feng got the long sword, the black snake moved.
The snake body shot at Chen Feng like a cannonball out of its chamber.
Without changing his face, Chen Feng lightly stamped his feet and leaped high, avoiding the unstoppable blow of the black snake.
The body of the snake carrying Wanjun’s power hit the boulder where Chen Feng had just been.
“Boom!” A sound.
A huge boulder the size of a car exploded, as if hit by a cannonball, the stones scattered and flew around.
On the periphery, Huo Hongyan’s heart shrank fiercely, and then relaxed again.
The four brothers and sisters of the Chen family were also relieved by Qi Qi. They thought Chen Feng could not escape the attack of the black snake, but seeing Chen Feng’s current appearance, they were quite comfortable.
Missed a hit.
The fear in the black snake’s eyes was deeper, and even a touch of anger appeared. It stared at Chen Feng, and the snake’s body kept swinging on the ground, dragging long traces.
But it was not against Chen Feng.
As if waiting for Chen Feng to reveal his flaws.
“Interesting.” Chen Feng smiled softly, this black snake, as expected, was born with sporadic intelligence.
Chen Feng relaxed, deliberately selling flaws.
The next second, the black snake struck like lightning.
Chen Feng’s muscles tightened instantly and his expression became serious.
He shook the middle sword tightly and ran his whole body vigorously towards the long sword.
The long sword pierced through the air, like a nine-day Changhong cut down at the black snake, as light as a feather, and as heavy as Mount Tai!
The “Sla”
long sword slashed at seven inches from the black snake, marking a foot-long wound, and the red snake blood sprayed out and splashed high into the sky.
In the blood rain across the sky, the black snake’s head raised high, crying in pain.
The audience was silent again.
Hurt again!
If Chen Feng injured the Black Snake for the first time, it could be explained by luck, then the second time, it was definitely not luck, it must be strength!
Chen Feng landed steadily.
In the black snake’s eyes, a touch of humanized fear emerged.
The snake’s body also began to move towards Yuquan insignificantly.

Want to run?” Chen Feng sneered, remembering to run now?
It’s not that easy!
Chen Feng stepped out and stepped fiercely on the void.
He got up out of thin air, as if there were invisible steps in front of him.
Every step Chen Feng took, his momentum became stronger.
First like a river rushing.
Like a landslide and a tsunami.
When I came to the black snake, the world was hanging upside down!
The fear in Black Snake Snake’s eyes became intense in an instant.
An unprecedented sense of crisis of life and death surrounded it!
At this time, Chen Feng cut out with a sword.
No one can describe the sharpness of this sword!
This sword cut out, as if even the heaven and the earth could be split into two.
In everyone’s pupils, there is only a silver light that penetrates the sky!
This ray of light, like a long knife breaking water, easily cut through all obstacles.
Cut off towards the black snake head.
The body of the snake, as thick as a black snake bucket, and the outer layer of scales harder than steel that can block bullets, under this silver awn, like a paper paste, was swiped by a knife-cut tofu.
“Hi!” The
black snake let out a long and stern cry.
Its snake head slid down as the long sword slashed, blood springs gushing out from the snake’s body, and the broken wound was as smooth as a mirror.
“Boom.” The
mountain-like snake head and the ten-meter-high snake body split in mid-air and crashed down toward the ground.

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