Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 282

The snake’s head hit the ground, splashing dust.
The body of the snake fell into the water, igniting the water waves.
This one killed dozens of mercenaries as soon as it came out, and the black giant snake that defeated the mid-dark warriors with one move was killed by Chen Feng with a sword today!
Rising into the air, kill the snake in three steps!
In the rain of blood, Chen Feng stood holding a sword.
At this moment, his god-like figure was engraved on the hearts of everyone in the court.
Unforgettable in a lifetime!
Huo Qingsong’s Adam’s apple trembles. Until this moment, he still can’t believe that the invincible, almost invincible black snake will be killed by Chen Feng with a single sword.
“Shao Chen… is he still a human?” Chen Zeli’s eyes widened and his face was inconceivable. A black snake 20 or 30 meters long, Chen Feng cut it off when he said it was cut?
“How do you say it?” Chen Zewen gave Chen Zeli angrily. Although he knew that Chen Zeli was well-intentioned, he was a little speechless.
“Hey, slip of the tongue…” Chen Zeli smirked, isn’t he too excited.
Chen Zewen sighed and did not speak, but the awe of Chen Feng in his heart reached an unprecedented level.
There is no doubt that Chen Feng is the strongest among all the warriors he has ever seen.
It’s ridiculously strong!
Huo Hongyan also opened her mouth wide at the moment, and her pretty face was full of shock and incredible.
She really couldn’t connect the god-like figure in front of her with the young man roasting the rabbit on the top of the mountain.
When Huo Qingsong fell to the ground, she was even ready to die.
In her opinion, this black snake is simply a replica of the monster in the myth, and it has long gone beyond the scope of human power.
More than 20 mercenaries from the Huo family fired thousands of bullets with rifles, and they didn’t even penetrate the scales of the black snake.
Huo Qingsong and Huo Jiaming, two dark-jin mid-term warriors, made a move together, and they could barely break the defense of the black snake.
One can imagine how powerful such a black snake is.
But it was such a tyrannical black snake that was slashed by Chen Feng three steps into the air!
Unprecedented shock!
Chen Feng is simply a god descending!
At this moment, Chen Feng turned the so-called young talent that Huo Hongyan had seen before, the dragon among the people, into a scum!
In Huo Hongyan’s heart, Chen Feng is God!
“Thank you, senior!”
“Senior’s kindness, Huo Mou is unforgettable. If there is anything used by Huo in the future, even if you say it bluntly, go up the knife mountain and get down the fire, Huo will die!”
Huo Qingsong deeply. He bowed and landed with a sound.
Although Chen Feng didn’t reveal too much in his hand just now, anyone with a discerning eye can see that Chen Feng’s realm has long been beyond the realm of dark energy.
Get detached from the dark energy, that is the Huajin!
That is, the master of martial arts!
Huo Qingsong doesn’t know what to say for such a young master of martial arts.
Thinking of his contempt and killing intent towards Chen Feng before, Huo Qingsong can’t wait to slap himself.
Such a young master of martial arts, even the Huo family, must be treated with caution, as a guest of honor, he unexpectedly tried to provoke others.
It was Chen Feng’s generosity, otherwise he would have died at this moment.
Chen Feng waved his hand disapprovingly, saving Huo Qingsong, for him, it was just a casual move.
Even without Huo Qingsong, he would kill the black snake today.
“Shao Chen, there is nothing else in this water?”
At this moment, the four brothers and sisters of the Chen clan came over, and Chen Zeli looked at Yuquan with lingering fear and asked.
If there was no reminder from Chen Feng today, their four brothers and sisters went into the water stupidly, I am afraid they would be swallowed by the black snake without even seeing the black snake’s face.
Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile: “No, you can go into the water to pick icy lotus.”
“Yes.” Chen Zeli was happy, and didn’t wear a diving suit, so he plunged into the water.
“Brother Huo, we took this Bing Tilian, don’t you have any comments?” Chen Zewen turned his eyes to Huo Qingsong and asked with a smile.
Huo Qingsong hurriedly shook his head: “No comments, no comments, this Bingdilian should belong to the predecessors.”
If there is no Chen Feng today, let alone Bingdilian, it is a question of whether they can survive for the Huo family.
“Thank you Chen Shao.”
At this moment, Huo Hongyan also walked over and bowed deeply to Chen Feng.
“You’re welcome.”
Chen Feng smiled slightly. He didn’t feel much disgust with the Huo family eldest lady.
Although he is a little arrogant, but his heart is very kind.
“Shao Chen, can you sell Bing Tilian to Hongyan?” Huo Hongyan plucked up the courage to ask. If she could, she didn’t want to open this mouth to Chen Feng, but Huo Hongqiu is now seriously ill. Only by planting natural treasures can he prolong his life.
Chen Feng frowned slightly, and Huo Hongyan’s request made him a little embarrassed. Bing Tilian, such a natural treasure, is really something that can be reduced by one plant. Huang Lao San, Xia Mengyao, although still One is left, but this one might be used somewhere in the future.
“Shao Chen, I can give a lot of money…”
Huo Hongyan hurriedly spoke for fear that Chen Feng would not agree, but his tone was a little timid. For people like Chen Feng, money doesn’t seem to make much sense.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly: “Miss Huo, it’s not the problem of money or money…”
“Ah?” Huo Hongyan’s mouth opened wide, what is the problem of money?
“I can sell Bing Tilian to you.” After a moment of indulgence, Chen Feng suddenly said: “But I have one condition.”
“What condition?” Seeing Chen Feng looking at herself, Huo Hongyan’s pretty face turned red. Chen Wouldn’t Feng want to accompany him by himself? If he really wants that, should he agree?
Chen Feng did not notice Huo Hongyan’s blushing face, but said to himself: “I want the Huo family to owe me a favor. When I need it in the future, the Huo family must help me out.”
Huo family ?
Huo Hongyan was taken aback for a moment, and when she saw Chen Feng’s seriousness, she realized that she was thinking too much.
For a while, Qiao’s face became even more red.
“How?” Chen Feng asked.
“Ah…Yes, as long as Master Chen sells Bing Tilian to me, the Huo family can owe Chen Shao a favor.” Huo Hongyan said hurriedly.
“Can Miss Huo represent the Huo family?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. He was talking about the Huo family, not Huo Hongyan. There was a big difference between the two.
One is one of the four major families on Hong Kong Island, with assets of 560 billion yuan and monstrous energy.
An eldest lady who is only the Huo family, although she also holds a pivotal position in the Huo family, she is not far behind influencing the Huo family.
“It should be possible.” Huo Hongyan was a little guilty, and she didn’t know whether Huo Hongqiu would agree to send a favor. After all, the favor of the Huo family can be big or small. Doing a small thing is called favoring, and sending tens of billions is also called favor. Favors.

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