Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 288

“Uncle Yi, stop him!”
Chen Yingrou covered her face, surprised and annoyed.

Niezi, don’t let yourself be wrong!” Chen Yi shouted angrily, bullied himself up again, and tried his best to stop Chen Feng.
Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, and slapped it out with a palm. Chen Yi flew upside down like a ball, hit the wall, and smashed the wall into a crack.
Chen Feng came to Chen Yingrou step by step and looked at Chen Yingrou condescendingly: “If you say I move one of your hair, I will die?”
Chen Yingrou didn’t wait for Chen Yingrou to speak, Chen Feng slapped Chen Yingrou’s face. Chen Yingrou’s mouth splashed with teeth.
“Now I slap you, why am I still not dead?”
“Wild, you die…”
“I slapped you again, why am I still alive?”

Chen Feng opened his bow from left to right and slapped Chen Yingrou more than 30 slaps in just one minute.
Directly fan Chen Yingrou’s face into a pig’s head!
Mouthful teeth, not one left!
“Wild, I want to kill you, I want to kill you!”
Chen Yingrou disheveled, screaming frantically and vaguely cursing Chen Feng.
Chen Feng sneered: “Kill me? Okay! I’ll wait for you to kill me!”
“But before killing me, I will first give back what you did to Mengyao!”
With that said, Chen Feng stepped on the back of Chen Yingrou’s hand.
Grind hard.
Chen Yingrou’s hand bones were crushed abruptly!
Chen Yingrou let out a horrible howl like a pig, rolled her eyes and passed out in pain.
Chen Feng was not soft-hearted, but followed the law and abolished Chen Yingrou’s other hand in the same way.
After abolishing Chen Yingrou’s hands, Chen Feng had a cold look in his eyes, and he ran vigorously, kicking Chen Yingrou’s lower abdomen heavily.
There was a “click”.
Chen Yingrou’s dantian was completely shattered, and the energy he had cultivated for more than 20 years was instantly vented.
Chen Feng completely abolished Chen Yingrou!
Compared with Dan Tian, ​​the slap on the face and the crushed back of the hand are not worth mentioning.
Kicking Chen Yingrou’s dantian means that Chen Yingrou will completely fade out of the Chen family’s core circle and become the core figure of the Chen family.
In a wealthy family like the Chen family, the realm of cultivation is always the first!
“Nicky barrier!”
“You’re an evil barrier!”
Behind him, the white jealous old man wailed loudly. He watched Chen Yingrou grow up from a young age. Although Chen Yingrou is surly and arrogant, he has always loved Chen Yingrou. Tight, in his eyes, Chen Yingrou is his half daughter.
But now, Chen Feng completely abolished Chen Yingrou in front of him!
It is conceivable how dark and dim Chen Yingrou will be in Chen’s house in the future.
Chen Feng’s method of torturing Chen Yingrou was hundreds of times more than killing her directly!
“When this slut tortured Mengyao, why didn’t you say that she was Niezhang!”
Chen Feng gritted his teeth. If he remembers correctly, this white-dressed old man is the housekeeper of the Chen family’s second room. Chen Yi has a slightly worse status than Chen Zhong, but he is also a unique figure in the second room.
The Chen family asked him to come with Chen Yingrou this time, and it should have meant for him to supervise Chen Yingrou and to let Chen Yingrou pay attention to proportion.
But this old thing, facing Chen Yingrou torturing Xia Mengyao, was indifferent from start to finish!
If he stopped half a minute while Chen Yingrou was torturing Xia Mengyao, things would not have progressed to the way it is now!
Chen Yi was angry and vomited out a mouthful of old blood. He pointed at Xia Mengyao and roared like thunder:
“Why does she compare such a sordid thing to the young lady’s body?”
“She has ten thousand. Fate, there is no lady with a golden hair!”
Chen Feng just slapped Chen Yi’s face with a slap. He grabbed Chen Yi’s collar and said angrily:
“Old things, maybe in your eyes Chen Yingrou, this bitch is the body of ten thousand gold, but in the eyes of Lao Tzu, she is not as good as a bullshit!”
“She dares to hurt Mengyao, and she should pay the price she deserves!”
“Evil son! If you act like this, you will not be afraid of me. The veteran will you skin and draw scriptures?!” Chen Yi was full of anger. Before coming to Cangzhou this time, the Chen family had never imagined the situation of Chen Summit’s move.
Because if Chen Feng has a bit of brain, he should understand what kind of existence the Chen family is.
One master, two masters!
The Chen family has one master and two masters. With such a force, even the Wu League dare not provoke it!
What’s more, the second room where Chen Yingrou is located is still the one with real power among the 13 rooms of the Chen family.
Chen Yingrou’s father, Chen Boyong, is even more powerful in the later stage.
One of the top martial arts masters at that time!
Destroying Chen Yingrou, the second room’s anger, Chen Feng could not resist at all.
“Afraid? Hahaha, I’m not even afraid of death! I’ll still be afraid of your second bedroom!”
“If you want to skin cramps, even if you let your second bedroom come over, I want to see. Tendons!”
Chen Feng raised his head and laughed wildly. He wanted to accumulate strength secretly, and when the time was right, he would head-on with the Chen family, but the appearance of Chen Yingrou this time disrupted all his layout.
He couldn’t swallow this breath, he must abolish Chen Yingrou!
Unbearable, no need to bear!
Even if it would usher in the Chen family’s crazy revenge, he didn’t care, even if he died, he would splash the Chen family’s blood!
“Crazy! Crazy! You bastard, you are crazy!”
Chen Yiqi trembled all over. He didn’t expect that Chen Summit would dare to directly provoke the Chen family when he said such rebellious things.
Do you really think that the heir status given to him by Chen Zhennan is a gold medal from death?
“Get out!”
Chen Feng sipped coldly, kicked Chen Yi’s chest, and kicked Chen Yi out.
“Go back and tell Chen Boyong that I want to test my strength, so I personally come over and send Chen Yingrou a cat and a dog, and I see one of them, and I will waste one!” Chen Feng said coldly. What is the purpose.
But Chen Feng knew it well!
It’s temptation!
The Chen family wanted to test where his current strength has reached, and what his real thoughts on the identity of heirs are!
They couldn’t guess Chen Zhennan, so they could only pay attention to themselves.
The Chen family is divided into thirteen rooms, and the internal situation is extremely complicated.
Chen Zhennan is the owner of the big house as well as the owner of the Chen family. His status in the Chen family is equivalent to a god!
No one in the Chen family dared to refute what he said and the decision he made.
Even two months ago, he made Chen Feng an illegitimate son as the heir of the Chen family.
None of the Chen family dared to say a word.
But not saying no to Chen Zhennan does not mean that they dare not say no to Chen Feng!
In any case, they couldn’t accept that Chen Feng, an illegitimate son, became the heir of the Chen family.

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