Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 289

If you can’t accept it, then you have to do everything possible to make the trip.
So it is natural to have Chen Yingrou’s trip to Cangzhou!
It was not so much that Chen Yingrou came to trouble Chen Feng by herself, but it was the big hand of the Chen family who pushed her over to trouble Chen Feng!
Chen Ying and Gentle Chen Yi was dragged out by two bodyguards like dead dogs.
Xia Mengyao had long lost consciousness, and Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan were also fainted by the aftermath of Chen Feng and Chen Yi’s fight.
Looking at Xia Mengyao’s bloody hands, Chen Feng only felt worried. He couldn’t imagine the pain in Xia Mengyao’s heart when Chen Yingrou’s dagger pierced the back of Xia Mengyao’s hand.
Chen family!
It’s all Chen family!
Without the Chen family, none of this would have happened today.
Taking a deep breath, Chen Fengqiang suppressed the anger in his chest. The accounts of him and the Chen family will be settled sooner or later. The immediate priority is to send Xia Mengyao to the hospital as soon as possible. If it is late, Xia Mengyao’s hands will probably be abandoned.
After making a call to Shen Hongchang.
Within five minutes, two Rolls Royces appeared at the door of Xia’s house, and Shen Hongchang rushed over with his personal doctor.
Pushing open the door, what came into sight was a mess.
Shen Hongchang’s pupils shrank and he was shocked: “Shao Chen, what’s going on? Who did it?”
“The Chen family.”
Chen Feng said in a deep voice.
Shen Hongchang’s heart shook wildly, but he showed that he didn’t show any signs, but hurriedly apologized: “Chen Shao, I was negligent and didn’t do security work…”
“President Shen, this matter has nothing to do with you.” Chen Feng shook his head, and Chen Yingrou troubled Xia Mengyao, not to mention that Shen Hongchang didn’t see it, even if he saw it, Shen Hongchang didn’t necessarily dare to stop.
“Let the doctor bandage Mengyao first.” Chen Feng sighed.
Just when Shen Hongchang’s personal doctor bandaged Xia Mengyao, Chen Yingrou was also taken to the hospital on the other side.
Compared to Xia Mengyao, her injuries were obviously heavier, her face was disfigured by Chen Feng, her hand bones were also crushed by Chen Feng, and her dantian was completely abolished by Chen Feng.
The hospital in Cangzhou had nothing to do with Chen Yingrou’s injuries. After some simple care, Chen Yingrou was picked up by the Chen family’s private plane and taken back to the private hospital of Yanjing Chen’s family.
Soon, the news that Chen Yingrou was deposed spread throughout the Chen family.
It is conceivable that this news will set off a huge wave in the Chen family.
On that day, Chen Yingrou’s eldest brother Chen Yingcai rushed back from Beijiang Military Region with Qinglongwei.
The remaining 600 people in the second room of the Chen family also gathered in Yanjing Xiangshan within half a day.
The second room of the Chen family is overcast!
No one thought that the illegitimate son of the Chen family, who was far away in Cangzhou, would do such a rebellious thing.
Chen Yingrou was directly abolished!
It was a shock.
Everyone in the Chen family couldn’t think of how courageous Chen Feng did this kind of thing.
You know, Chen Yingrou’s father is in the late stage!
In this era when the master of martial arts is not born, in the later stage of Huajin, it is the highest combat power in the world!
No one dares not to give a face to a late Huajin!
But Chen Feng did just that.
All eyes were gathered on the Fragrant Mountain.
The decision made by Chen Boyong will directly determine the life and death of Chen Feng, and also affect the pattern of the Chen
family … Two days later, Xia Mengyao woke up leisurely.
The first face that came into sight was Lin Lan.
“Mengyao, are you awake?!”
Seeing Xia Mengyao woke up, Lin Lan’s face suddenly showed a touch of joy.
“Mom, where is Chen Feng?” Xia Mengyao asked weakly. After being pierced by Chen Yingrou’s arm that day, she lost consciousness in pain, and she had no impression of the following things.
Upon hearing the word Chen Feng, Lin Lan’s expression suddenly changed, extremely gloomy.
“What are you asking about that waste? Do you think you haven’t hurt enough?”
Lin Lan’s tone was full of disgust and resentment. From her point of view, the injuries suffered by the three of them in the family this time are simply innocent disasters. Without Chen Feng, the three of them would not have to suffer that kind of torture and bathing.
“Mom, don’t blame Chen Feng for this matter…”
“Don’t blame Chen Feng?!” Lin Lan’s voice became sharp.
“Xia Mengyao, do you have no eyes or are you deaf? That bitch rushed in that day and named the surname to find the trash!”
“Do you still blame him?!”
“Do you want me and your dad to die? Now, you will blame that waste?!”
“Mom…” Xia Mengyao paused, but when the words reached her lips, she swallowed it back. Indeed, Chen Yingrou was directed at Chen Feng, Lin Lan and Xia Weiguo. And she was implicated by Chen Feng.
At this time, Chen Feng carried breakfast into the ward.
“Wake up?” Seeing Xia Mengyao woke up, Chen Feng pulled out a far-fetched smile.
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao nodded gently.
“Wake up and eat breakfast, you haven’t eaten anything for two days.”
With that said, Chen Feng was about to put breakfast on the table, but Lin Lan got up, slapped the breakfast bag and slapped the breakfast bag, and the millet porridge and buns were scattered all over the floor.
“Who let you in, don’t you think Mengyao was not miserable enough!” Lin Lan was full of anger, pointed at Chen Feng’s nose and cursed, without any intention of saving Chen Feng’s face.
“Mom, I said I don’t blame Chen Feng.” Xia Mengyao was anxious.
“Shut up!” Lin Lan turned her head and gave Xia Mengyao coldly.
After that, she turned her gaze to Chen Feng again: “Trash, you have to give me an explanation for this matter. Who was that stinky bitch that day? Why did she bother you?”
“She’s called Chen Yingrou “After a pause, Chen Feng said again: “The reason she troubles me is because she has hatred with me.”
“What hate ?” Lin Lan was aggressive.
Chen Feng frowned: “Mom, the hatred between me and her will not be clear for a while. I will explain it to you when I have the opportunity in the future.”
“No! You must explain it to me today!”
“If you don’t make it clear, you will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau today and divorce Mengyao. Don’t think about the future!” Lin Lan refused to give up, Chen Yingrou has already left her a shadow this time, she must know Chen Yingrou’s Origin, otherwise she would not sleep well.
“Mom, don’t ask if you can do it!”
Xia Mengyao cried out impatiently.
“Why don’t I ask!?” Lin Lan suddenly became angry.
“Do you know how much this trash has concealed from you?”
“It doesn’t matter if you secretly look for a woman outside behind your back, and you still have enemies everywhere!”
“Now people and enemies are looking for the door to kill us. Now, can I not ask?!”
“If I don’t ask clearly, I don’t know how I died one day!”
Lin Lan said angrily.

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