Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 30

In front of this, in the eyes of all Xia family members, the useless and useless son-in-law was the real behind-the-scenes incident of this time he came to apologize!
What he said yesterday that making the Xia family pay the price is not aimless!
In just an instant, a layer of cold sweat appeared on Xia Yunsheng’s forehead.
At this moment, whoever dares to say that Chen Feng is a trash, he will definitely slap anyone first.
Can someone who can push themselves into desperation and have to come and apologize to their granddaughter is a waste?
If such a person is a waste, doesn’t it mean that the entire Xia family is a waste!
This is definitely a tiger!
But for some reason, this tiger had been sleeping soundly before, and he let the little bugs from his own house jump in front of him.
But he was never angry, not afraid, but disdain!
Will the tiger be familiar with little bugs? will not!
Just like humans and ants, no matter how ants jump, they are just ants!
The tiger, after all, is the tiger!
Xia Yunsheng suddenly felt a little horrified. He didn’t understand why Chen Feng, such a tiger, would enter Zuixia’s family? And once staying in Xia’s house, it was three years!
Did Chen Feng focus on the Xia family and want to take the Xia family’s power as his own?
If this is the case, then Chen Feng would be terrible. Not to mention having amazing energy, he is also very good at forbearance, the city mansion is deeper than his old man who has lived for most of his life.
Xia Yunsheng didn’t dare to imagine, once he passed away, whose Xia family would become.
The younger generations of my own are okay to fight in the nest, but they will definitely be played to death against the enchanting Chen Feng!
Xia Yunsheng was worried for a while, not even daring to look at Chen Feng.
Naturally, Chen Feng didn’t know. Xia Yunsheng just looked at his expression and thought so much.
If he knew it, he would definitely disdain it. Even a small family like the Xia family would not appreciate it if it was given to him.
Had it not been for Xia Mengyao, he would have left the Xia family long ago and would not stay here for another minute.
“Dad, why are you here?” Lin Lan blurted out. After she finished speaking, she realized that she was a little nervous and said something wrong. Xia Yunsheng came at this time and must have come to apologize. She said that. Isn’t it obvious that Xia Yunsheng was embarrassed?
Lin Lan thought that Xia Yunsheng would be angry, but to her surprise, Xia Yunsheng just smiled and said, “I came to see Mengyao, I heard she was sick.”
“Grandpa, come in quickly.” Xia Mengyao smiled, sick? Does she still know that she is not sick? Xia Yunsheng said this, just trying to give himself a step down.
Xia Yunsheng entered the door, and a group of Xia Qichao followed behind him.
All of a sudden, the already small space became even smaller.
Fortunately, Xia Yunsheng was very acquainted, and directly in front of everyone, he said that he should not listen to Xia Hao’s rumors and kick Xia Mengyao out of the company, hoping that Xia Mengyao would return to the company regardless of previous suspicions, and be responsible for the Yuquanshan project.
I have to say that Xia Yunsheng’s decisiveness this time was a bit beyond Chen Feng’s expectation. Without the slightest sloppyness, he directly decided everything.
At this time, it is not important to apologize. After all, Xia Yunsheng’s attitude has been given.
Chen Feng wanted to force Xia Yunsheng to apologize again, which was a bit unreasonable.
On the one hand, it was a bit too aggressive. After all, Xia Yunsheng was Xia Mengyao’s elder, and it was indeed not appropriate for the elder to apologize to the younger.
Secondly, Chen Feng seemed stingy and caressed.
Xia Yunsheng’s move can be regarded as a counterattack of Chen Feng and the army. He came to the Xia family, but did not apologize to Xia Mengyao. However, the matter was resolved. Xia Mengyao had no reason to refuse. She had to return to the company.
After getting a positive reply, Xia Yunsheng didn’t stay at home much, and left the house with a group of people.
After everyone left, Lin Lan gave Xia Mengyao a blank look and asked, “Daughter, mom didn’t dream, did your grandfather really give you the responsibility of the Yuquanshan project?”
“Mom, you didn’t dream, I am now the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project.” Xia Mengyao also showed a long-lost smile on her pretty face, and then she looked at Chen Feng again, although Chen Feng didn’t say a word today , But she understood that the reason why grandpa gave the Yuquanshan project to her was all thanks to Chen Feng.
Without Chen Feng, let alone Yuquanshan, she would have been driven out of the Xia family by now.
Lin Lan couldn’t help but glanced at Chen Feng. She had to say that she had never looked so long since she had been married to the Xia family for nearly 30 years. The Patriarch of the Xia family came to the house and entrusted her daughter with a heavy responsibility. In front of the relatives, there was a good show.
For a moment, Lin Lan looked at Chen Feng and found it pleasing to the eye like never before. This waste was not as useless as she thought.
Chen Feng didn’t have the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking credit. Perhaps in the eyes of Xia Mengyao and Lin Lan, this matter was difficult to do, but for him, it was just a matter of convenience.
I believe that after this lesson, Xia Qichao and his son and Xia Yunsheng will not engage in any small tricks in a short time. Even if they do, they will first find a way to pass their own level, rather than trouble Xia Mengyao.
Two days later, Xia Yunsheng held a celebration banquet for Xia Mengyao in the Cangzhou Hotel, and announced to the outside world that Xia Mengyao had officially become the person in charge of the Xiajia Yuquan Mountain project.
This news attracted the attention of many people in Cangzhou. After all, the Xia family was the first family to develop Yuquanshan in cooperation with Dingfeng Company.
And Xia Mengyao has become the focus of many people’s attention.
Many people know that the Xia family has a beautiful female president. For a time, many rich second generations and younger brothers are rushing to Xia Mengyao.
He threatened not to marry Xia Mengyao.
As a result, news broke from inside the Xia family that Xia Mengyao was married three years ago!
Moreover, her husband is still a wasteful individual and is still delivering food!
Typical flowers are planted on cow dung! Good cabbage has been swept away by pigs!
In this regard, Chen Feng couldn’t laugh or cry. He did not expect that after pushing Xia Mengyao to the front desk, he would become famous in Cangzhou and become a public enemy of the whole people.
After becoming the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project, Xia Mengyao obviously became busy and was at the company almost from morning to night.
Chen Feng calmed down. Chen Zhong was in charge of Yuquanshan’s affairs, and he didn’t need to worry about him. Chen Zhennan didn’t move, as if he had completely forgotten him.
On this day, Xia Mengyao took a leave of absence and came to Chen Feng’s bedroom early in the morning.
“Chen Feng, accompany me to pick someone up.”
“Who?” Chen Feng said with sleepy eyes.
“My best friend, Xu Feirong, she is going back to China today.” Xia Mengyao said.
“Xu Feirong! Why did that crazy woman come back!” Chen Feng suddenly got up from the bed with a rush.
“Hey, what a mad woman, she is my best friend, OK?” Xia Mengyao gave Chen Feng a white look, and said with an anger.
Chen Feng gave a wry smile, and a nightmare figure appeared in his mind.

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