Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 299

“What are you busy?” Lin Lan asked subconsciously.
“Don’t worry about anything, let Mengyao get up quickly.” Lin Yue was a little impatient, and she was going to wake up Xia Mengyao who was sleeping.
“Mengyao is sleeping, don’t disturb her.”
At this moment, Chen Feng faded out.
“What sleep? What can I sleep? Is it important for her to sleep or to help me?” Lin Yue glared at Chen Feng, then pushed Lin Lan away unreasonably, intending to wake Xia Mengyao directly.
But just a few steps after she walked, Chen Feng grabbed her arm. At this time, Chen Feng’s face was a little chilly: “Can’t you understand human words?! I said Mengyao is sleeping, what is waiting for her? Say it when you wake up!”
Xia Mengyao has just finished the infusion, and now his body is in an extremely weak state, it is time to rest, let alone Lin Yue, even if it is the king of heaven and I have something to do, I have to stay obediently!
“Trash, did my old lady give you a face?!” Lin Yue’s eyes widened, and the anger in her chest suddenly rose.
“Sister Yue, don’t be angry!” Seeing that the two were about to quarrel, Lin Lan hurriedly stood up to persuade the fight.
Lin Yue pulled away Lin Lan’s hand and pointed to Lin Lan’s nose and cursed: “Lin Lan, how did you educate this rubbish? My old lady asks her niece for help. What does it have to do with this rubbish? What do you
care about my mother!” “Meng Yao is my wife.”
Chen Feng gave Lin Yue a cold look.
“You…” Lin Yue almost vomited blood.
“Chen Feng, don’t you say a few words!” Lin Lan glared at Chen Feng, and then said: “Sister Yue, Mengyao suffered a little injury two days ago. She is very weak and needs rest now. If you have If anything, you can ask after she wakes up…”
“Rest? What to rest!”
“She is injured, not dead!”
“My business is more important than her injury!”
“As long as she is not dead today, I have to get up and take care of my business. It’s done.” Lin Yue yelled, putting on a rather unreasonable look.
Chen Feng clenched his fists, and there was anger in his eyes. If it weren’t for fear of attracting too many people and waking Xia Mengyao, he really wanted to slap Lin Yue a few times.
Lin Lan was also furious, but she restrained herself.
“Sister Yue, Mengyao is no longer the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. Lin Zongwei, she may not be able to say anything…”
“Lin Lan, what do you mean!” Before Lin Lan finished speaking, she was caught by Lin. Yue interrupted angrily: “Didn’t you say that she was the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project? Why isn’t she anymore!”
“Sister Yue, Mengyao was indeed the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project before, but a few days ago, our family and Xia There was a little conflict at home, so she was kicked from the position of Yuquanshan project leader.” Lin Lan explained with a wry smile, she also wanted to show off in front of Lin Yue, but reality is not allowed.
“What?! Was kicked down!” Lin Yue was about to be mad, and after a long time, Xia Mengyao was not the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project at all, so she asked Xia Mengyao for help.
“Sister Yue, don’t worry, Mengyao can’t help you, but this waste is OK.” Lin Lan pointed at Chen Feng.
“He?” Lin Yue glanced at Chen Feng suspiciously.
Lin Lan nodded: “This waste is Lin Zongwei’s college classmate. At the beginning of our family’s Mengyao Yuquan Mountain project, he asked Lin Zongwei to help talk about it.” When
Lin Lan said this, Lin Yue immediately reacted to everything, no wonder Xia Mengyao will be the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. It turns out that there is a relationship with Chen Feng.
“Since you and Lin Zongwei are university classmates, you will ask me out tomorrow night.” Lin Yue said in a commanding tone.
“Why?” Chen Feng sneered. Lin Yue really treated him as mud and could not be kneaded by others?
“Why? It’s your honor to let you help the old woman. If other people want to help the old woman, the old woman doesn’t look good.”
“Then go find someone else.” Chen Feng said coldly. Lin Yue glanced at him, if Lin Yue begged him in a low voice, maybe he could still save Lin Yue, but he didn’t even care about Lin Yue’s attitude.
“How do you talk! I am your aunt, you are my niece, and we are a family, can you have a bit of respect and inferiority in your eyes?!” Lin Yue asked confidently.
Chen Feng sneered again and again, Lin Yue could be regarded as letting him see what is snobbery. When he called him in front of him, he was an outsider. Now he needs his help, and he immediately became a family.
“Chen Feng, you can help your auntie. Your auntie is the general manager of Zhongsheng Group. If you can help her, she will definitely not treat you badly.” Lin Lan also persuaded, although she was unhappy. Yue’s domineering attitude, but where Lin Yue’s position is actually laid out, if Chen Feng can please Lin Yue, the two will often come to play in the future, Lin Yue will certainly not treat her family badly.
“Chen Feng, I heard the third aunt said that you seem to be a food delivery company, so if you can help my mother arrange Lin Zongwei out this time, I will let my mother give you a chance to go to work in Zhongsheng Group.” Tang Ruoxue couldn’t help but speak, but there was a hint of charity in her tone.
“Have you heard? Waste, as long as you can help, I will let you go to work in Zhongsheng Group. Our Zhongsheng Group, but the world’s top 500, working there is a hundred times stronger than your delivery.” Lin Yue also raised her chin. In her opinion, as long as Chen Feng is not stupid, she should know how to choose.
Chen Feng had a cold face and did not speak. Even if the chairman of Zhongsheng Group came to invite him, he would not even take a look, let alone Lin Yue, a young man.
Seeing Chen Feng not speaking, Tang Ruoxue couldn’t help being a little anxious: “Why, you don’t believe my mother?”
“My mother is the general manager of Zhongsheng Group. It couldn’t be easier for her to arrange for someone to go in.”
“Is it? ”
Can she arrange for me, the chairman of Zhongsheng Group?” Chen Feng replied with a sneer.
“You are just a waste, and you still want to be the chairman of our Zhongsheng Group?! You don’t take a piss and take a picture of yourself! Just as a security guard, we Zhongsheng will hate it!” Lin Yue is about to be angry, she Unexpectedly, Chen Summit was so ignorant of praise.
“It was wishful thinking!” Tang Ruoxue was also very angry.
“Are you finished? You can get out after you finish talking!” Chen Feng glanced at the two coldly, and if the two continued to argue like this, Xia Mengyao might be awakened immediately.
“Lin Lan, what do you think of his attitude is…”
“Sister Yue, Chen Feng has this temper, please forgive me.” Lin Lan smirked, very helpless. She used to have Chen Feng in a way, but now Chen Feng of Chen Feng has never regarded her in his eyes.
“Well, waste, I don’t want to waste time with you.”

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