Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 300

“Just tell me, how much money do you want to help us ask Lin Zongwei out?” Lin Yue looked at Chen Feng coldly. In her opinion, Chen Feng must have something to demand. If it is not a job, that is. Money.
Chen Feng sneered and did not speak.
“One hundred thousand?”
“Or two hundred thousand?” Lin Yue frowned.
Chen Feng still did not speak.
Lin Yue has no patience anymore: “I said you are a trash. I wouldn’t mean to say 800,000. Let me just avoid the money you owed me before.”
“I tell you, this is impossible. You asked Lin Zongwei to come out.” Money is two different things from the money you owe me.”
“In this way, if you can arrange Lin Zongwei out, I will give you 300,000!”
Chen Feng still did not speak.
Lin Yue was a little uncomfortable:
“300,000 is the highest price I can offer, you better stop making an inch!”
“For you, you can make 300,000 yuan by making a phone call. You may not encounter it once in ten lifetimes.”
“I hope you take it well.”
” Have you finished talking?” Chen Feng raised his brows: “After talking, you can roll.”
“Trash, what do you mean?! “Lin Yue’s face suddenly turned green.
“It doesn’t mean anything.” Chen Feng shook his head and sneered suddenly: “To tell you the truth, let alone 300,000, or 3 million, I won’t help you about Lin Zongwei out.”
“Because of you, it makes me very sick. . ” ”
waste! I’ll kill you! “Lin Yue was mad, threatening gestures towards Chen Feng rushed over.
Chen Feng’s eyes were cold and he was about to take a shot, but Lin Lan and Tang Ruoxue held Lin Yue.
“Chen Feng, quickly apologize to your aunt!” Lin Lan looked at Chen Feng angrily, Chen Feng was too much, dare to say she was sick in front of Lin Yue.
Chen Feng spit out three words coldly and asked him to apologize to people like Lin Yue unless the sun came out to the west.
The attitude of Chen Feng made Lin Lan almost spit out a mouthful of old blood. She did not expect that Chen Summit was so pretentious now that she didn’t regard her as a mother-in-law at all, even in the presence of outsiders, she would not be kept. The slightest face.
“Lin Lan, you are also a trash. Even your son-in-law can’t manage well. Why don’t you let him go out of this uneducated thing!” Lin Yue was so angry that she had nowhere to send her anger, so she had to use Lin Lan as a punching bag.
Lin Lan smiled and said, “Sister Yue, don’t be angry, it’s me who is not good, it’s me.”
“But you shouldn’t compete with this rubbish, you should compete with this rubbish and lower your grade.”
Tang Ruoxue also Helping me on the side: “That’s right, Mom, you, the general manager of Zhongsheng Group, have something to compete with a door-to-door son-in-law who delivers food. No matter how awesome he is now, he can’t change his status as a door-to-door son-in-law, and you don’t. It’s the same, even if you can’t make an appointment with Lin Zongwei, you are the general manager of Zhongsheng Group.”
Tang Ruoxue’s words immediately made Lin Yue’s anger relieved.
“Okay, Ruoxue, mom listens to you, so don’t be angry with this trash.”
“That’s right, because he irritated your body, it’s not worth it.” Tang Ruoxue smiled at the corner of her mouth, and then she looked coldly. He glanced at Chen Feng: “Chen Feng, don’t think that you are the only one who knows Lin Zongwei in Cangzhou. If I think about it, Tang Ruoxue can easily find dozens of people who are capable of meeting Lin Zongwei.”
“It has something to do with me . Is it?” Chen Feng sneered, and there were more people who knew Lin Zongwei, but Lin Zongwei’s immediate boss was the only one!
“It has nothing to do with you.” Tang Ruoxue sneered: “But I will let you see. Even without you, I can make an appointment with Lin Zongwei and let Dingfeng Company and Zhongsheng Group reach a cooperation.”
“Oh.” Chen Feng did not Xian Budan responded, he wanted to see how Tang Ruoxue got Dingfeng Company and Zhongsheng Group to reach a cooperation without his consent.
“Daughter, do you really have a way to make an appointment with Lin Zongwei?” Lin Yue pulled Tang Ruoxue aside and asked in a slightly suspicious voice, if Tang Ruoxue really had a way, why didn’t he say it when he was at the Junsheng Hotel just now.
After hesitating for a while, Tang Ruoxue nodded: “Mom, in fact, I have a classmate who works in Dingfeng Company now. He and Lin Zongwei are colleagues, and their status in the company is not low, so they should be able to speak. ”
Then why didn’t you say it earlier?” Lin Yue glanced at Tang Ruoxue accusingly. If Tang Ruoxue had said it earlier, she wouldn’t have to give Chen Feng so much face.
“I forgot.” Tang Ruoxue said helplessly. In fact, it was not that she had forgotten, but that she didn’t want to have too much intersection with this classmate. If she could, she didn’t want to ask each other at all.
But now, Chen Feng’s ugly face completely angered her, and she had to make this choice.
After receiving Tang Ruoxue’s assurance, Lin Yue became arrogant again.
She walked in front of Ringland, proudly opening:. “Ringland, as you can see, not that I do not give you this opportunity to waste law, but I gave him a chance, he did not live up to expectations”
“So, that Don’t blame me for being impolite to him.”
“The 800,000 he owes me must be paid off within three days, and it won’t be fine
if he can’t pay it back. On you.” Lin Yue glanced at Lin Lan coldly. She still knew Lin Lan very clearly.
It is a typical character who wants to face and suffer, especially in front of her, Lin Lan has been thinking about not losing face, so this time, Lin Lan will give her 800,000 yuan no matter what, even if she sells iron.
“Sister Yue, don’t worry, I will let this waste be paid back to you.” Lin Lanqiang responded with a smile, but in his heart he scolded Chen Feng for a half to death, but if Chen Feng knows the slightest praise, things will not be like this. .
“That’s good.” Lin Yue snorted and wanted to leave directly, but she seemed to remember something. She turned her gaze to Lin Lan and asked: “Lin Lan, didn’t you say that you are from Cangzhou Did the richest man, Shen Hongchang, give you a big house?”
“Where is the house, do you mind letting my sister take a look?”
Lin Yue’s tone, with a subtle playfulness, resolved the cooperation with Dingfeng Company. Only then did she remember what she wanted to do with Lin Lan this time.
Take a look at what the “big house” the richest man gave Lin Lan looks like.
“Sister Yue, the house is in Yuquan Mountain, but it is not convenient for me to go there now. I have to take care of Mengyao.” Lin Lan didn’t think so much at all, and didn’t realize the meaning behind Lin Yue’s words.

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