Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 31

In this huge Cangzhou, what Chen Feng feared the most was not his bitter mother-in-law Lin Lan.
But Xia Mengyao’s best friend, Xu Feirong.
This is an out-and-out witch. Like Lin Lan, Xu Feirong did not agree with Xia Mengyao’s marriage to him.
In order to let him retreat, Xu Feirong can be said to have exhausted his brains.
Find the lady to seduce him and let people threaten him…
Do all the tricks.
Even at the end, when he and Xia Mengyao entered the bridal chamber, Xu Feirong personally took the scissors and broke into the bridal chamber, threatening to castrate Chen Feng and let Chen Feng be the last eunuch of China.
At that time, Chen Feng suffered a lot in Xu Feirong’s hands.
Fortunately, soon after he married Xia Mengyao, Xu Feirong went to the UK to study for a PhD in Sociology.
Chen Feng had been happy for a long time, thinking of Xu Feirong, a crazy woman, it would be best to never come back.
But no one thought that Xu Feirong was back, and there was no sign of it.
Chen Feng had to get up, and reluctantly took a taxi with Xia Mengyao to the airport.
After waiting for half an hour at the airport pick-up gate, a white-skinned, tall woman with large sunglasses pulled the suitcase and walked towards her.
The woman is Xu Feirong.
Needless to say, Xu Feirong’s beauty is absolutely no difference between being a best friend with Xia Mengyao.
The place where Xu Feirong shines most is that she has long legs that are one meter long, slender, fair and straight. Even if she doesn’t wear high heels, she is the one that stands out among the crowd.
Naturally with a strong aura.
Xu Feirong walked to Xia Mengyao, stretched out her arms, and the two girlfriends hugged tightly.
“Baby, I want to kill you.” Xu Feirong kissed Xia Mengyao’s pretty face hard.
In this regard, Chen Feng has long been accustomed to, Xu Feirong is such a hooligan character.
It was Xia Mengyao, her face flushed, and said, “I miss you too.”
“Really?” Xu Feirong smiled badly, and said: “How about staying with me tonight?”
“Are you being more serious, you’re all old.” Xia Mengyao rolled her eyes.
“Why am I not serious? You have slept with your husband for three years, and what happened to you sleeping with me for one night?” Xu Feirong pouted and said.
“Fei Rong, if you talk nonsense, I will ignore you.”
Xia Mengyao pretended to be angry. After she finished speaking, she glanced at Chen Feng and her pretty face became even redder. Xu Feirong, a female rascal, speaks without taboos and does not go through her brain at all.
“Okay, don’t say anything, look at your little wife.” Xu Feirong smiled again and returned to normal.
“I heard that you are now the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. Congratulations. I didn’t expect to leave me. You are so good.” Xu Feirong said.
“It’s not that I’m great, it’s Chen Feng that’s great, he helped me.” Xia Mengyao raised the corner of her mouth.
“Chen Feng? Mengyao, don’t be kidding, isn’t Chen Feng delivering food? How could he have something to do with Yuquan Mountain.” Xu Feirong suspiciously.
“Really, if you don’t believe me, ask him.” Xia Mengyao hurriedly pulled Chen Feng aside.
Before Chen Feng spoke, Xu Feirong spoke first, with an exaggerated tone: “Oh, this is Chen Feng, Mengyao, if you don’t speak, I thought he was your driver, like a wooden pestle. next to.”
Chen Feng’s face was full of black lines, Xu Feirong, the witch, absolutely deliberately.
Xia Mengyao naturally saw it too. She knew that Xu Feirong had been at fault with Chen Feng. If Xu Feirong was allowed to talk, the two might quarrel at the airport, so she hurriedly said: “Fei Rong, you are not Say you are hungry, let’s go back to eat first.”
Hearing the meal, Xu Feirong’s beautiful eyes suddenly lit up.
“It’s still my little baby who cares about me. I’m almost eating and vomiting with foreign things. I’ve long wanted to taste domestic dishes. Let’s go.” After speaking, she stared at Chen Feng motionless. Chen Feng glanced at him and said angrily: “Hey, what are you doing there? Come and carry your luggage. If you don’t resist, let Mengyao carry it.”
Chen Feng gave a wry smile and obediently took over Xu Feirong’s suitcase.
Then the two girlfriends walked in front, and Chen Feng consciously stayed behind.
The two chatted, talked and laughed all the way, forming a beautiful landscape on the airport promenade.
“Meng Yao, are you with Chen Feng?” Xu Feirong asked.
“That?” Xia Mengyao was dumbfounded and asked, “Which one?”
Xu Feirong rolled her eyes and said, “Just go to bed.”
Xia Mengyao’s pretty face turned red immediately, she really didn’t think about that.
Seeing Xia Mengyao’s expression, Xu Feirong suddenly opened her small mouth: “No, I rely on, you have been married for three years, you are still a virgin!”
Xia Mengyao’s pretty face became even more red, weak and weak: “I…I’m not ready yet.”
“How is it possible! This is no longer a question of preparation. I haven’t seen a couple who haven’t been in bed after three years of marriage, Mengyao, honestly, is there a problem with Chen Feng!” Rong asked with a serious face.
“No!” Xia Mengyao hurriedly denied. Although she and Chen Feng didn’t have any intimate behaviors, they could still feel some of them when they lived together.
“That’s why you don’t love Chen Feng. If you want to love, how can you not go to bed for three years.” Xu Feirong pouted.
“Fei Rong, do you have to sleep with someone if you love someone?” Xia Mengyao did not answer directly, but asked rhetorically.
“Nonsense, love someone, what else can you do without going to bed, you are not a kid anymore.”
Xia Mengyao pressed her red lips tightly and did not speak any more. She was sure that she loved Chen Feng now, and Chen Feng… should also love herself.
Then why can’t he take the initiative? Do you have to climb onto his bed by yourself? This wood!
Xia Mengyao became more ashamed as she thought about it, but she felt that she had to find a way to do this when she went back this time, otherwise, Chen Feng would not be able to survive.
Xu Feirong seemed to be completely unaware of Xia Mengyao’s thoughts at this time, and she still said to herself: “Mengyao, since you don’t like Chen Feng, please dump him as soon as possible. I will introduce some friends to you. They have all stayed in school, and the conditions at home are pretty good. Some set up factories, some do cross-border trade, and any of them are ten times better than Chen Feng…”
“Fei Rong, what nonsense are you talking about.” Xia Mengyao reacted. What Xu Feirong was saying, “I won’t leave Chen Feng unless he takes the initiative to leave me.” Xia Mengyao said with a serious face.
“No, Mengyao, where is Chen Feng better? It’s worth your heartbreak?” Xu Feirong frowned and asked. Even after three years, she still felt that Chen Feng was not good enough for Xia Mengyao, especially Xia Mengyao is now Yuquan. The person in charge of the mountain project will inevitably rise in social status in the future, and the gap between Chen Feng, a food delivery person, and her will only widen, and an insurmountable gap will appear between the two.

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