Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 303

After speaking, Tang Ruoxue directly hung up the phone regardless of Geng Hao’s reaction.
“Ruoxue, if you do this, your classmate will feel unhappy in his heart,” Lin Yue said. Tang Ruoxue’s tone, which seems to be asking for help, is simply an order.
To really make Geng Hao angry, then Lin Zongwei’s matter is also sloppy.
“Mom, don’t worry, my classmate, he wants me to treat him like this.” Tang Ruoxue’s mouth curled up with a smug smile. For Geng Hao, she couldn’t understand it better, it was like a fighter licking a dog.
Not to mention her tone, she just scolded Geng Hao to die in front of Geng Hao, Geng Hao would not frown, on the contrary, she would treat her respectfully.
It was the same this time. In any case, Geng Hao would seek out Lin Zongwei.
At this time, Lin Lan also returned to the hospital with an angry face.
Lin Yue was caught off guard by this move.
She has always occupied other people’s things, and no one has ever dared to occupy her things.
But the appearance of Lin Yue broke this rule.
When Lin Yue met Lin Yue, Lin Lan was like a mouse meeting a cat.
Lin Lan accumulated a lot of anger, and was about to enter the ward and send it to Chen Feng.
But in the ward, Xia Weiguo woke up at some point.
“Lao Xia, are you awake?”
Seeing Xia Weiguo wake up, Lin Lan’s mood suddenly improved a lot.
Xia Weiguo nodded, he just woke up for a few minutes.
“What about Mengyao, how about Mengyao?” Xia Weiguo was most concerned about Xia Mengyao, but he watched Chen Yingrou insert a dagger into Xia Mengyao’s arm that day, and it was disturbed by Xia Mengyao’s arm. He couldn’t imagine it. Action, what kind of heartache will Xia Mengyao bring.
“Mengyao woke up in the morning. Don’t worry, her problem is not serious, but the injury on her hand is a bit serious, but the doctor said it can be cured.” Lin Lan said.
“Where did that group of people emerge from?” Xia Weiguo asked.
“Then you have to ask your good son-in-law.” Lin Lan said in a weird voice, “Did you not hear that it was the trash that came that day?” The two were talking, and Chen Feng helped Xia Mengyao into the ward.
“Daughter, how are you, do your hands still hurt?” Xia Weiguo stepped forward and asked with concern.
“It doesn’t hurt anymore, Dad, I’m much better.” Xia Mengyao shook her head, a smile appeared on Qiao’s face.
“That’s good.” Xia Weiguo nodded, then turned his gaze to Chen Feng: “Chen Feng, that group of people came to you that day?”
“Yeah.” Chen Feng did not deny.
“Is the same group of people who chased you three years ago?” Xia Weiguo asked. He remembered the way he saw Chen Feng for the first time three years ago. At that time, Chen Feng was covered in blood and was almost in Edge of death.
“Maybe so.” Chen Feng sighed. He can only be sure that the man who chased him three years ago was sent by the Chen family, but he didn’t know which room it was.
Among the 13 rooms in the Chen family, apart from the one in Chen Zhennan, the other 12 rooms are possible.
“What is possible? It means you have other enemies besides the batch that day?” Lin Lan’s tone suddenly became sharp.
“Who are they and why are they chasing you?” Xia Weiguo asked in a deep voice. If this matter is not clear, he will not want to sleep peacefully in the future.
Chen Feng was a little embarrassed. He didn’t want to conceal Xia Weiguo, but he really didn’t know how to tell Xia Weiguo.
At this time, Xia Mengyao came to an end: “Dad, the matter is over. What are you still asking Chen Feng for?”
“The group who chased Chen Feng has been resolved by Chen Feng, and they will no longer trouble us in the future. . ”
” hope so. “Xia Weiguo sighed. Obviously, Xia Mengyao knew something, but she didn’t want to say it, so he couldn’t ask deeply.
“Meng Yao, you can’t help this rubbish like this anymore. He is a time bomb. Maybe it will explode sometime and blow our family to pieces.”
“You’d better find time and go to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Married and divorced, otherwise our family will not have a birthday one day in the future.” Lin Lan said reluctantly.
“Okay, mom, don’t say it, I don’t want to listen to this now.” Xia Mengyao was a little irritable. Since Qin Xuerou said that, she has been divorcing Chen Feng in her mind now.
She had ten million unwillings, but the facts were before her eyes.
Without divorce, she will become Chen Feng’s weakness sooner or later, and the Chen family does not know when they will threaten Chen Feng through her.
But the divorce means that the relationship between her and Chen Feng for three years has come to an end.
No one can predict what will happen after the divorce.
“Okay Lanlan, let’s go home, let Chen Feng be here with Mengyao tonight.” Xia Weiguo sighed.
“Go home?” Lin Lan was startled, her expression suddenly unnatural.
“What’s wrong? Is there any problem at home?”
“No…” Lin Lan chuckled: “There is no problem at home, but someone lives now.”
“Who lives?” Xia Weiguo asked puzzled.
“Sister Yue and Ruoxue, their two mothers came to Cangzhou today.”
“How did their mothers think that they came to Cangzhou.” For Lin Yue, Xia Weiguo didn’t catch a cold. When he went to Zhonghai to pay a New Year’s greetings to Lin Yue a few years ago, Lin Yue didn’t even step into Lin Yue’s house. Rushed out.
Lin Yue looked down on his brother-in-law, he knew very well.
“Talking about business, sister Yue is now the general manager of Zhongsheng Group. She is here this time and she wants to discuss a business with Dingfeng Company.”
” Talking about business? Why do we need to live in our house when discussing business? They are so rich and can’t go. Staying in a hotel?” Xia Weiguo asked dissatisfied.
“Lao Xia, how do you talk, Lin Yue is my eldest sister, she finally came to the house once, of course I have to entertain her, how can I let people stay in a hotel?” Lin Land said.
“Enter her? You won’t entertain her at home? What are you going to entertain her in the hospital?” Xia Weiguo snorted.
“This… Sister Yue likes quietness and doesn’t want others to disturb her, so I made room for her.” Lin Lan only felt that her face was a little feverish. Although she said very tactfully, this cannot be changed. It was the fact that Lin Yue was driven out.
Xia Weiguo was angrily laughed: “Lin Lan, you are really generous, your own house, you don’t live by yourself, you can live with your sister.”
“Mom, aunty, why are they like this? They live in our house, you live with my dad. Where, the hotel?” Xia Mengyao was also a little dissatisfied, Lin Yue and Tang Ruoxue were too much, even if they turned away from the guest, they also drove Lin Lan out.
This is a relative, this is simply a robber.
“The hotel is actually quite good. Your father and I haven’t stayed in a hotel for a long time.” Lin Lan said embarrassingly.

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