Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 304

Good hotel?
Chen Feng shook his head, no matter how good the hotel is, there can be no comfortable living at home.
However, Lin Yue and Tang Ruoxue, the two best players, could do such a thing, and he didn’t expect it.
But the house belonged to Lin Lan, and Lin Lan didn’t say anything, so he wouldn’t get involved.
Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan went out to find the hotel together, while Chen Feng stayed in the hospital and took care of Xia Mengyao.
No words for a night.
Early the next morning, Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan came to the hospital and replaced Chen Feng.
Chen Feng had planned to go back to rest, but suddenly remembered that Wang Shuzhen and Lin Wanqiu, who were sent to the hospital by him yesterday, didn’t know what happened to them.
Chen Feng came to Wang Shuzhen’s ward.
As soon as he entered the ward, Chen Feng saw Lin Wanqiu sitting alone in the corner, eating buns with a small cherry mouth open.
Perhaps it was because the steamed buns were a little hard, so with every bite, Lin Wanqiu had to drink a sip of water to swallow the steamed buns.
Chen Feng couldn’t help sighing. When he first saw Lin Wanqiu yesterday, he thought that Lin Wanqiu’s body had some hidden disease that would make his face so yellow and thin, but Chen Feng understood the scene before him.
It’s not that Lin Wanqiu has any hidden health problems. The reason why she is so thin is entirely due to long-term malnutrition caused by eating steamed buns every day.
Seeing Chen Feng coming in, Lin Wanqiu hurriedly got up like a panicked little rabbit, and received the ordinary steamed buns behind her. At the same time, she greeted Chen Feng somewhat helplessly: “Brother Chen Feng, are you here?”
Chen Feng slightly. With a smile, he asked: “Are you eating breakfast?”
“Yeah.” Lin Wanqiu nodded with embarrassment, and then asked: “Brother Chen Feng, have you…have you had breakfast?”
“No, I’m about to eat.” Chen Feng shook his head, and he looked at it. Lin Wanqiu glanced at: “Would you like to go with me?”
“I…I’m not going, Brother Chen Feng, I have already had breakfast.” Lin Wanqiu hurriedly shook her head, her pretty face flushed.
“Can’t you eat more after eating it?” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“Okay, don’t say anything, come with me.” Lin Wanqiu wanted to say something more, but Chen Feng couldn’t help but pulled her over.
“Yeah.” Lin Wanqiu nodded slightly, and then followed Chen Feng obediently.
After leaving the hospital, Chen Feng found a dumpling restaurant at random and sat in.
“Boss, come to five-cage steamed buns.”
“Brother Chen Feng, you order so much, are you finished?” Lin Wanqiu asked in a low voice.
“I can’t finish eating, don’t you still have you?” Chen Feng smiled. He had only one purpose for bringing Lin Wanqiu out, which was to help Lin Wanqiu make up for his body and follow Lin Wanqiu’s original meal. Will be severely anemia.
“I…I can’t finish eating so much.” Lin Wanqiu lowered her head, her voice like mosquito feet.
“If you can’t finish it, you have to eat it.” Chen Feng’s face fell flat.
Soon, the five-cage buns with thin skin and tender stuffing were brought out. Chen Feng poured a dish of dipping sauce and pushed it in front of Lin Wanqiu: “Eat.”
“Yeah.” Lin Wanqiu nodded gently. He picked up a bun and took a bite.
Chen Feng smiled, picked up a steamed bun, dipped it in some dipping sauce, and swallowed it directly.
Soon, Chen Feng wiped out all the two cages of steamed buns.
And Lin Wanqiu only ate three.
“The rest is yours.” Chen Feng hiccuped and laughed.
“Huh?” Lin Wanqiu opened her mouth wide, and hurriedly shook her head: “Brother Chen Feng, I…I can’t finish eating…”
“Throw it away if you can’t finish it.” Chen Feng smiled. He said this naturally for the sake of Let Lin Wanqiu eat more, otherwise Lin Wanqiu’s shy character would not be able to let go of his hands and feet in front of him.
He brought Lin Wanqiu out this time, and it was meaningless.
“Throwing it away is too wasteful.”
“You don’t want to eat if you know it is wasted?” Chen Feng glared at the girl.
The girl hurriedly picked up a bun and stuffed it into her mouth.
Ten minutes later, Lin Wanqiu finally wiped out a cage and a half of steamed buns. Chen Feng did not throw the remaining cage and a half, but put it in a plastic bag and let Lin Wanqiu take it back. After all, Wang Shuzhen did not eat.
In a blink of an eye, it was night.
Lin Yue and Tang Ruoxue’s mother and daughter dressed up and walked out of Xia’s house in full costumes.
Go straight to the White Swan Restaurant.
When the two came over, the restaurant was full of luxury cars.
Those who can come to eat at White Swan are obviously the upper class in Cangzhou. After all, the cost of a random meal here starts at 5,000 or 6,000. If you order a few more bottles of wine, you will sometimes be unable to stop at 30,000 or 50,000.
Tang Ruoxue’s reservation of the place to entertain guests here obviously gave Lin Zongwei enough face.
At this moment, beside a white Porsche car at the entrance of the restaurant, a fat young man in a suit and combing his gas head was looking around.
Seeing Tang Ruoxue and Lin Yue, the young man’s eyes suddenly lit up. He ran a few steps in front of the mother and daughter and began to say hello.
“Ruoxue, Auntie, you are here.”
Geng Hao’s attitude was very enthusiastic. In contrast, Tang Ruoxue’s attitude was very cold. Without even looking at Geng Hao, he walked into the restaurant.
But Lin Yue responded with a smile to Geng Hao: “You are Xiaohao, this kid looks so festive. I often hear my family Ruoxue mention you.” When
Lin Yue said this, Geng Hao immediately said She became excited: “Auntie, what you said is true? Ruoxue often mentions me in front of you?”
“Of course it is true. Ruoxue said that you are handsome and gentle. She sees you There are some of the best men I’ve ever had.” Lin Yue lied without reddening her face, but she despised Geng Hao from beginning to end in her heart.
It’s no wonder that Tang Ruoxue would look down on Geng Hao, for this kind of problematic things would not be given to Tang Ruoxue for nothing.
“Hey, it’s okay, auntie, in fact, I’m just as good as Ruoxue. I’m almost worthy of Ruoxue.” Geng Hao showed a simple smile on his face, and he was already looking forward to the wonderful life after marriage with Tang Ruoxue. I’ve figured out what people’s children are called.
“Okay, Xiaohao, let’s go in quickly.” Although she was impatient in her heart, Lin Yue said that she didn’t show it.
The three came to the VIP area on the second floor of the White Swan.
Compared with the mass area on the first floor, the environment in the VIP area on the second floor is obviously much better. Of course, the price is also much higher.
Geng Hao reserved the central seat, which is almost the best seat in the entire White Swan.
You can have a sweeping view of the surrounding scenery, and you must have a professional violin performance directly opposite.
After seated, Lin Yue couldn’t help asking: “Xiaohao, how about you President Lin, why didn’t you see him here?”
“Mr Lin has something to do, he won’t be here in half an hour.” Geng Hao smiled.

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