Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 306

“I don’t, I really don’t…”
Lin Wanqiu shook her head helplessly, tears on Qiao’s face.
“Everyone has things that are obvious to all, are you still there?!” Manager Zhang pointed to Lin Wanqiu’s nose and scolded.
“You immediately get up and give this lady 190,000 yuan as compensation. Otherwise, I will call the police now…”
“190,000? How can 190,000 be enough!” Manager Zhang was not finished before he finished speaking. Lin Yue interrupted sharply: “This bitch broke my dress not to mention it, and also delayed my business talks with people. She compensates me for the dress. Then who should I ask for the loss of my business?
” Madam, what do you mean?” Manager Zhang frowned and asked.
“Five hundred thousand! In addition to the money for the dress, she has to pay me another five hundred thousand!”
“Okay, no problem.” Zhang Jingide agreed without thinking . Anyway, it wasn’t him who lost money, so she could finally dump the pot. To Lin Wanqiu’s head.
“Xiao Lin, have you heard that! The loss of this lady’s dress plus the loss of business totals 690,000 yuan. You’d better pay a lot of it to others.” Manager Zhang looked at Lin Wanqiu coldly.
“I don’t have money… Oh, I really don’t have money.” Lin Wanqiu shook her head helplessly. It was because Wang Shuzhen didn’t have a penny on her body that she would come out to do a part-time job. At this time, Manager Zhang asked her to pay. It was 690,000. Even if she sold herself, she couldn’t make up 690,000.
“If you have no money, call your family over!” Manager Zhang glanced at Lin Wanqiu in disgust.
“My mother is in the hospital…”
“Where’s your father?”
“I…I don’t have a father.” Lin Wanqiu choked out.
“It turned out to be a wild species, really bad luck.” Lin Yue scolded.
“Since your family can’t get along, then I can only send you to the police station.” Manager Zhang sneered and sent to the police station just in time. Let Lin Yue go to the police station to make trouble, and White Swan can take himself out of this matter. Pick it out.
“No… don’t call the police.” Lin Wanqiu’s pretty face turned pale when she heard the call. Wang Shuzhen was in the hospital alone. If she was detained in the police station, who would take care of Wang Shuzhen.
“Don’t call the police? You don’t lose money, why don’t I call the police?” Manager Zhang sneered again and again.
Lin Wanqiu was a little at a loss. At this moment, her phone rang.
Press to answer.
Chen Feng’s voice came through the phone.
“Wanqiu, where are you?”
“Woo…Brother Chen Feng…” When it heard that it was Chen Feng, Lin Wanqiu couldn’t stop tears streaming down.
“Wanqiu, what’s the matter with you?” Chen Feng’s heart sank. He came to see Wang Shuzhen, but Wang Shuzhen said that he could not find Lin Wanqiu. Lin Wanqiu went out since noon, and has not returned until now. Out of concern, he prepared I called and asked, but I didn’t expect…
“Brother Chen Feng, can you help me, I broke the guest’s dress, Manager Zhang wants to call the police…”
“Where are you?”
“I…I’m here The White Swan.”
“Wait ten minutes for me, I’ll come over immediately.” Chen Feng hung up the phone, stopped a car and rushed to the White Swan.
“Chen Feng?” Lin Yue sneered, “Little bitch, do you have a leg with that trash.”
“The trash was out for you yesterday . If you have an accident today, he called him.

Tsk tsk, it’s really good-natured .” “Brother Chen Feng and I just met yesterday, don’t slander us.” Lin Wanqiu plucked up the courage to respond.
Lin Yue’s eyes were cold, she just slapped Lin Wanqiu’s pretty face with a slap.
“Slander?” Lin Yue sneered. .
“Don’t you take a pee and take pictures of yourself? A trash son-in-law, a pariah, and things like you are worthy of slander for my old lady!” Lin Yue was full of disdain.
Your son-in-law?
Lin Wanqiu was taken aback for a moment. Brother Chen Feng is actually married? Still a son-in-law?
Seeing Lin Wanqiu’s stunned look, Lin Yue couldn’t help but sneer: “It seems that trash, I haven’t told you his true identity.”
” Yes , I won’t call myself a son-in-law for me.”
“Even Brother Chen Feng . The door-to-door son-in-law is ten thousand times better than you!” Lin Wanqiu became a little angry when she heard Lin Yue belittle Chen Feng.
“Hahaha, it’s ten thousand times better? You bitch really dare to say it.”
“Just that rubbish, he wants money and has no power, his position in the house is not as good as a dog, so why should he Ten thousand times better than my old mother .” “He owes 800,000 to my old mother, and he still can’t afford it. You dare to say that he is 10,000 times better than my old mother. It’s really a big laugh to my old mother.”
Lin Yue laughed and said. The time is full of contempt for Chen Feng. It is okay for Chen Feng to come today. If Chen Feng dares to come, she will definitely return the humiliation Chen Feng inflicted on her yesterday!
While talking, Chen Feng hurried to the second floor.
At a glance, he saw Lin Wanqiu curled up in the corner and Lin Yue’s mother and daughter arrogantly. When he saw the red palm prints on Lin Wanqiu’s pretty face, Chen Feng’s complexion suddenly became cold.
After walking in front of everyone a few steps, Chen Feng planned to help Lin Wanqiu first.
At this time, a figure stood in front of him.
It’s Manager Zhang.
“Who are you from Lin Wanqiu?” Manager Zhang looked at Chen Feng. From what Lin Yue said just now, it is not difficult to know that the young man in front of him is a trash door-to-door son-in-law. To a door-to-door son-in-law, he can’t have a good face.
“I’m Lin Wanqiu’s brother.” Chen Feng frowned.
“Since you are Lin Wanqiu’s elder brother, this matter is easy to handle.”
“Your sister Lin Wanqiu deliberately spilled soup on this lady and broke the lady’s 190,000-worth dress. It also delayed the lady’s business talks, and caused this lady to lose half a million indirectly, so you need to compensate this lady in total…”
“Get out!” Before Manager Zhang finished speaking, he was cold by Chen Feng. Cold interrupted.
His tone was stagnant, and a little annoyed: “Do you know where this is? Just let me get out of here!”
“I tell you, you better don’t want to reckless, your sister Lin Wanqiu has caused a total of 69 losses to this lady. Ten thousand, this six hundred and ninety thousand yuan, you have to pay a lot of points…” Manager Zhang stared at Chen Feng viciously. He must pick the white swan out of this matter.
Obviously, Lin Yue knows Chen Feng. Although the relationship between the two does not look very good, the enemy can also become a friend in the face of interests. He is afraid that Chen Summit and Lin Yue will secretly reach an agreement and shift the responsibility to the white swan. Therefore, he must characterize Lin Wanqiu’s responsibility before Chen Feng comes into contact with Lin Yue.
But this time, Chen Feng lost his patience.
Before Manager Zhang finished speaking, Chen Feng grabbed his neck with one hand and threw it out.

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