Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 307

Manager Zhang hit the dining table not far away.
After a crackling noise, Manager Zhang was covered with vegetable leaf soup and was embarrassed.
Manager Zhang shouted angrily.
Chen Feng ignored it. He walked up to Lin Wanqiu, glanced at Lin Yue coldly, and then helped Lin Wanqiu up.
“Are you all right?”
“It’s all right.” Lin Wanqiu shook her head.
“Who caused the injury on the body?” Chen Feng’s face sank. Although Lin Wanqiu said that it was okay, Chen Feng just touched it and saw that there were several bruises on the girl’s body. This mark is obvious. Someone hit it with a heavy object.
Looking at the bench aside, Chen Feng suddenly understood.
“I did it!”
At this time, Lin Yue arrogantly admitted.
“Why, are you a trash to stand up for her?” She sneered at Chen Feng.
Chen Feng stood up, expressionless: “Apologize to her.”
“Apologize?” Lin Yue chuckled and pointed to Lin Wanqiu’s nose: “You let me apologize to this untouchable?”
Chen Feng’s eyes A cold light flashed and she was about to take a shot. At this time, Lin Wanqiu took his hand and said, “Brother Chen Feng, it’s nothing to do with this aunt. The injury on my body was caused by myself.”
She didn’t want to give it any more. Chen Feng caused trouble. It was obvious that Lin Yue’s background was not simple, and Chen Feng was just a door-to-door son-in-law.
Yesterday Chen Feng rescued her and her mother. She had no hope of retribution, and she was really sorry to let Chen Feng offend a big man like Lin Yue for her.
“This little bitch, I think you are a waste.” Lin Yue put her hands around her chest and looked at Chen Feng sneerly.
“Lin Yue!” Chen Feng’s eyes were suddenly cold, and he said coldly: “As you are my elder, I will give you one last chance and apologize to Wanqiu.”
“Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”
Chen Feng said coldly, for Lin Yue, he has given enough face, but Lin Yue has repeatedly violated his bottom line of life.
If you can’t bear it, then you don’t need to bear it anymore!
“You’re welcome?” Lin Yue smiled contemptuously: “You are just a trash, and you want to be courteous to me?”
“You are not afraid of being flashed out by the wind when you say such big things?”
“Papa” a crisp applause sounded. The smile on Lin Yue’s face instantly solidified, and it turned into five blood-red handprints.
“Chen Feng, what are you doing!”
Tang Ruoxue was angry. She didn’t expect that Chen Feng would really dare to slap Lin Yue, and he hadn’t even the slightest sign of his action, Lin Yue didn’t even have time to react.
“Ah! I killed you!” Lin Yue screamed, completely losing her mind, and rushed towards Chen Feng with her teeth and claws.
Chen Feng was not polite to Lin Yue, slapped Lin Yue’s backhand again, and directly turned Lin Yue’s fan around in a circle.
“Chen Feng!” Tang Ruoxue trembled in anger, “Is there any distinction between the elders and the elders in your eyes, even the elders!”
Chen Feng gave Tang Ruoxue a cold look: “This kind of thing is not worth doing. My elders!”
“You…!” Tang Ruoxue became angry.
At this time, several security guards in uniform ran over.
“Kill him to me!” Manager Zhang pointed at Chen Feng and roared, gritted his teeth as if he wanted to tear Chen Feng in half.
Several security guards with electric batons walked up to Chen Feng and surrounded Chen Feng with cold faces.
Tang Ruoxue pulled out a sneer at the corner of her mouth
She didn’t expect retribution to come… “Bang” Before her thoughts fell, the security guard who took the lead flew out and hit the guardrail on the second floor.
The sneer at the corner of Tang Ruoxue’s mouth instantly condensed.
This security guard’s inverted flight seemed to have caused a domino effect, leaving the remaining security guards to fall to the ground with almost no strength to fight back.
In less than ten seconds, five security guards rushing in aggressively fell to the ground.
The audience was silent for an instant.
Quiet needle drop can be heard!
Manager Zhang looked incredible, as if seeing a ghost in broad daylight.
Tang Ruoxue and Lin Yue also opened their mouths wide, and some couldn’t believe what happened before them.
How could this waste’s skill be so strong? !
Chen Feng coldly walked to Lin Yue.
Lin Yue’s legs suddenly became soft.
“Crap…crap, let me tell you, beating someone is illegal…”
“Don’t think about it.”
Lin Yue shivered, threatening Chen Feng.
“Don’t hit Aunt Lin.” At this moment, Geng Hao also stood up and protected Lin Yue behind him, but his legs trembled more than Lin Yue.
Chen Feng frowned and was about to push Geng Hao away, but he saw Geng Hao’s eyes light up: “Ms. Lin is here.”
Chen Feng stopped his movements and looked back, and immediately saw Lin Zongwei coming from a stride.
Lin Zongwei’s gaze fell on Chen Feng for the first time.
In an instant, his body froze and his brain began to blank.
Shao Chen… why are you here?
Without giving Lin Zongwei too much time to think, Geng Hao beckoned loudly, “Ms. Lin, we are here.”
Seeing Lin Zongwei, Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face suddenly showed a touch of joy, and Lin Yue also hurriedly sorted out his manners. , Step forward, ready to meet Lin Zongwei in the most beautiful state.
But after Lin Zongwei walked in front of the two of them, he passed them directly and walked towards Chen Feng.
“Old Lin, long time no see.” Chen Feng smiled and stretched out his hand.
Lin Zongwei was taken aback, and reacted instantly. Chen Zhong told him that Chen Feng told the Xia family that he was the business of his classmates.
“Long time no see, long time no see, hahaha.” Lin Zongwei naturally stretched out his hand and held Chen Feng together.
The smiles on Lin Yue’s mother and daughter’s faces froze for an instant, this trash actually really knew Lin Zongwei!
“Old Chen, what’s going on?”
Lin Zongwei glanced around and asked with a smile.
The first time he called his head boss like this, he was still a little nervous, but when he thought that he was acting with Chen Feng, Chen Feng shouldn’t blame him, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief.
“President Lin, your classmate is unreasonable! He framed me…”
Before Chen Feng spoke, Lin Yue sued the wicked first.
She must take preemptive actions, because the relationship between Lin Zongwei and Chen Feng is obviously unusual. If Chen Feng is asked to speak first, the truth will go to Chen Feng’s side.
Lin Zongwei’s face sank, and he glanced at Lin Yue coldly: “Did I ask you?”
“Mr. Lin…I…”
“Shut up!” Lin Yue wanted to say something, but was interrupted mercilessly by Lin Zongwei.
Lin Yue’s face suddenly turned blue and red, she did not expect that Lin Zongwei would be so shameless.
“Little sister, come on.” Lin Zongwei put a gentle smile on his face again. It was obvious that Chen Feng was for Lin Wanqiu, so all you need to do is to ask Lin Wanqiu.

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