Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 308

Lin Wanqiu glanced weakly at Chen Feng, and after getting the affirmation in Chen Feng’s eyes, he dared to speak: “I…when I was serving the food, this aunt suddenly got up and hit me, knocked over my… ”
You are talking nonsense!” Lin Yue interrupted angrily, “Obviously you are a bitch. I want to avenge my driver for beating your mother yesterday and deliberately spilling soup on me!”
“I didn’t!” Lin Wanqiu was crying anxiously. Out.
“Nothing! So many people here are watching, they can all testify!” Lin Yue pointed to a few diners around. In any case, it was her fault that she couldn’t let Lin Wanqiu sit.
Otherwise, it will leave Lin Zongwei with the impression that her character is problematic. If Lin Zongwei has a bad impression of her, then don’t think about the cooperation between Zhongsheng Group and Dingfeng Company.
Lin Zongwei shifted his gaze to several diners, but several diners shook their heads.
“I don’t know, I haven’t seen anything.”
“I don’t know anything.”
Obviously, they don’t want to get involved. After all, Lin Yue and Chen Feng, neither of them seems to be good.
Things have reached a stalemate.
Lin Yue had reason and evidence, but Lin Wanqiu deliberately retaliated against him.
At this time, Chen Feng said coldly: “Look at the surveillance.”
Lin Zongwei slapped his forehead, and instantly reacted, yes, look at the surveillance, how could he not think of such a simple solution, he must be seeing the big boss today. Too nervous.
Lin Zongwei comforted himself in his heart.
“Where is your manager? Let him call out the monitoring.”
Lin Zongwei glanced at the waiter on the side.
“Our manager…”
“I’m here!” A hateful voice sounded in the hall, Manager Zhang walked over with a sneer on his face, followed by a dozen men with tattoos with fierce faces behind him.
These dozens of tattooed men, all wearing short-sleeved T-shirts, exposed their strong iron arms, exuding a full sense of strength.
As soon as they appeared, many diners in the hall were so frightened that their legs and feet became weak. There were even a few diners who simply put down the dishes on the table and slipped out.
“Stop him for me!” Manager Zhang waved his hand and pointed at Chen Feng.
A dozen big men moved when they heard the sound, and their expressions instantly became savage.
“Wait!” At this moment, Lin Zongwei gave a cold voice and walked to Manager Zhang.
He asked in a deep voice, “Are you the manager here?”
“Any advice?” Manager Zhang raised his brows.
“He is my classmate, you can’t move him.”
“Can’t move him?” Manager Zhang sneered: “You said you can’t move if you can’t move? Why?”
“Only I am Lin Zongwei!” Lin Zongwei said with a cold face.
“Lin Zongwei?” Manager Zhang was startled, a little unbelievable: “Are you Lin Zongwei from Dingfeng Company?”
“What, is there a problem?”
“No…no problem.” The cold sweat on Manager Zhang’s forehead instantly fell. If the person in front of him is really Lin Zongwei, then he might really have to stop today. After all, Lin Zongwei is one of the hottest figures in Cangzhou.
With the opening of Yuquan Mountain Resort, the position of Lin Zongwei, the spokesperson of the Chen family, has gradually risen. He is simply not comparable to that of his little white swan manager.
“Take your monitoring out, I want to know what happened.” Lin Zongwei’s tone was undoubtedly domineering.
“Monitoring?” Manager Zhang was taken aback, and then a little embarrassed: “Well, President Lin, the monitoring of our restaurant broke down a few days ago.”

Broken ?” Lin Zongwei’s eyes sharpened, early or late. Not bad, but it’s bad at this time, when Lin Zongwei is a fool, can’t he?
“Yes, it’s broken. The monitoring line was flooded a few days ago, and it hasn’t been repaired yet.” Manager Zhang bit his head. At this time, he must withstand Lin Zongwei’s pressure and must not let Lin Zongwei look at the monitoring. Lin Zongwei took a look at the monitoring. , You will know the truth of the matter, he is partial to Lin Yue.
Once this incident spreads, it will definitely have a great impact on the reputation of the White Swan, and he, the manager, will inevitably be blamed.
“You said it would be broken if I was a fool?” Lin Zongwei’s face became gloomy.
“Mr. Lin…” Manager Zhang pulled out a strong smile at the corner of his mouth and wanted to explain a few words, but Lin Zongwei couldn’t help but waved to interrupt: “I’ll give you one last chance. Now take me to watch the surveillance immediately! Otherwise, I’ll let you go around!”
Lin Zongwei’s words are already faintly threatening, but Manager Zhang is now putting on a posture that dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water: “Mr. Lin, it’s not that I won’t give you. Face, but your request. It’s too hard for someone to do .” “I said, the surveillance broke a few days ago, and the surveillance video has always been managed by our manager Wang. No one has permission except for Mr. Wang. Look.”
“Then call your boss out!” Lin Zongwei became angry.
Zhang smiled: “I’m sorry, I’m always, we always king, these days on a business trip to the southern province, not in Cangzhou, look at your monitor, I am afraid we have to wait for Wang back from the south.”
“What are you Are you determined to fight me?” Lin Zongwei’s face completely cooled down. He is also the general manager of Dingfeng Company anyway. He is now a hot character in Cangzhou. As a result, the manager of a small restaurant in a small restaurant is not giving him anything. His face.
“Don’t dare, President Lin, you just borrowed my 100,000 courage, and I don’t dare to fight you.” Manager Zhang hurriedly said with a smile. Although his attitude is very low, anyone can see it. Come out, the disdain he hides in his heart.
In fact, Zhang An did not pay attention to Lin Zongwei at the moment, especially after thinking about the ins and outs of the matter, he became more determined and wanted to confront Lin Zongwei.
Lin Zongwei has some power in Cangzhou, but the boss behind the white swan is also not weak. He once heard Wang Haikuo, the professional manager who now manages the white swan, said that the white swan is the heir of a certain super wealthy Yanjing. , On this one-third acre of land in Cangzhou, even the richest man, Shen Hongchang, met the heir of that super wealthy family, and he had to respectfully address the other person as Young Master.
What’s more, there is only Lin Zongwei?
So the current situation is that it is a small thing to offend Lin Zongwei, but if the white swan’s reputation is ruined and the rich man behind the white swan is angered, that is the real big thing!
A matter of life and death!
Zhang An’s attitude that a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water can make Lin Zongwei angry, but for a while, he really has nothing to do with Zhang An.
Lin Zongwei couldn’t help but look at Chen Feng, wanting to see how Chen Summit decided.
But Chen Feng suddenly asked, “Whose industry is the white swan?”
Lin Zongwei was taken aback. He really didn’t know whose industry the white swan was.

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