Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 309

Chen Feng turned his gaze to Zhang An, but saw a touch of mockery and contempt on Zhang An’s face: “This gentleman, whose industry the white swan belongs to, you are not qualified to know. You just need to remember that the owner of the white swan People, just exist that you can’t afford to provoke in your entire life.”
“Oh?” The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth raised, he can’t afford to provoke in this life?
Little Cangzhou, and someone he can’t afford to provoke in this life?
“My classmate can’t afford to provoke me, then I, Lin Zongwei, are you qualified to provoke?!” Lin Zongwei said in a deep voice, and he also wanted to know who the person behind the white swan was, and Zhang An would have the confidence to say it. Such words.
“Lin always ……” Zhang An meaning smile, then shook his head: “Shu Zhang bluntly, the man behind the White Swan, the total forest untouchables.”
The audience was quiet.
In the hall, many diners looked at Zhang An with wide-eyed eyes, with unbelievable faces.
What nonsense is Zhang An talking about?
The people behind the white swan can’t even provoke Lin Zongwei? !
What an international joke!
Lin Zongwei is the spokesperson of the Chen family, and there are people in Cangzhou that the Chen family can’t afford? !
Everyone’s shocked eyes made Zhang An invisibly smug.
Although he is just a dog of the people behind the white swan, there is a saying in this world that is called dog fights!
Although Zhang An is just a dog, the master behind him is awesome.
It was so awesome that he would not let him down on Lin Zongwei, the general manager of Shangdingfeng Company.
“I want to see what kind of monsters and snakes are behind your white swans.” Lin Zongwei said coldly, obviously aroused by Zhang An’s words.
Seeing that Lin Zongwei took out his mobile phone, he was about to investigate the background of the white swan. At this time, Chen Feng smiled slightly and stopped him.
“Old Lin, don’t check, I know who the person behind the white swan is.”
If Chen Feng was not sure at the beginning, then after Zhang An said that Lin Zongwei could not provoke him, Chen Feng was It’s absolutely certain.
“Chen… Old Chen, do you know?” Lin Zongwei almost called out Chen Shao in a hurry.
“I know.” Chen Feng nodded, and a playful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “And you should know the person behind the white swan.”
“I know?” Lin Zongwei was even more confused.
Chen Feng did not say, but gave Lin Zongwei a deep look.
Lin Zongwei struck a sharp spirit, and his expression suddenly became weird.
“You said that the current boss of your White Swan is President Wang?” Chen Feng turned his eyes to Zhang An again.
“Yes.” Zhang An did not evade the slightest, and directly admitted, but immediately, he glanced at Chen Feng jokingly, and said: “Although the current boss of our White Swan is Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang is only a substitute. People are working, and the real boss of White Swan is someone else.”
“But you don’t have the right to know that person’s identity in your life.” Zhang An’s tone revealed a deep arrogance, I don’t know. People thought that he was the real control of the white swan.
“Really?” Chen Feng smiled playfully: “If I said, I know his identity, what should you do?”
“You?” Zhang An glanced at Chen Feng with disdain, a mere door-to-door son-in-law. Say this.
The identity of the boss behind the White Swan is a secret in secrets. In Cangzhou, there are only five fingers who know the identity of the boss behind the White Swan.
The reason why he Zhang An knows is because Wang Haikuo, the professional manager who now takes care of the White Swan, is his cousin.
Others, even at the level of Shen Hongchang, are not qualified to know the true identity of the boss behind the scenes of White Swan.
What’s more, Chen Feng in front of him?
“If you know the identity of the boss behind the scenes of White Swan, then I am Zhang An, and I will kneel down and lick the soles of your shoes today!” Zhang An sneered at the corner of his mouth. He didn’t believe him anyway. Chen Feng in front of him could touch the scenes behind the scenes of White Swan. Information at the level of the boss.
“Okay, remember what you said now.” Chen Feng smiled faintly, as if he had a chance to win.
Lin Yue couldn’t help but mocking: “I said you and the waste, what kind of big garlic is here?”
“A door-to-door son-in-law, he really regards himself as a person, and the boss behind the white swan is also you. Can you reach it?”
“Mom, you don’t know if this rubbish has the problem of pretending to be coercive. It is probably where you heard some gossip. If you want to show off in front of us, we will just see him make a fool of yourself. Okay.” Tang Ruoxue also sneered mercilessly.
However, Chen Feng ignored the two of them. Instead, he glanced at Zhang An, and then faintly uttered two words: “Yan Jing.”
Although there were only two words, Zhang An’s mind exploded like a lightning strike, and even his breathing began to be disordered, but he still suppressed the chaotic mind:
“What…what Yanjing? You? What are you talking about?”
“I said, the boss behind White Swan is from Yanjing.” Chen Feng smiled and glanced at Zhang An again: “Is it clear enough?”
It must be Mongolian!
Zhang An roared wildly in his heart. He didn’t believe that Chen Feng would really know the information of the boss behind the white swan, because this information is top secret!
Except for a few people, no one is qualified to know!
“It’s in Yanjing, but so what?”
“There are too many big bosses in Yanjing. If you want to make me soft with only the word Yanjing, I’m afraid, it’s not enough!” Zhang An’s expression turned again. After regaining his sternness, Chen Feng’s words to explain the old place of the boss behind the White Swan really shocked him a bit, but he didn’t believe it. Chen Fengsheng knew more information about the boss behind the White Swan.
“Not enough?” Chen Feng raised his brows.
“Not enough!” Zhang An shook his head.
“Chen family.” Chen Feng spit out two words again, and then he glanced at Zhang An expressionlessly: “Are these two words enough?”
Zhang An’s complexion suddenly turned pale, as if he was hit by a heavy hammer in his heart, and the whole person retreated three steps uncontrollably.
He actually knew!
He actually knew!
Zhang An yelled incredibly from the bottom of his heart, and his whole person was as cold as an ice cellar from the top of his head to the soles of his feet.
The words “Chen Family” not only defeated Zhang An’s last line of defense, but also caused many diners in the hall into inexplicable horror.
Chen family!
It was the Chen family!
The behind-the-scenes boss of White Swan is actually the Chen family!
This is what everyone did not expect.
The behind-the-scenes boss of the little white swan turned out to be the Chen family, the super giant who stands on the top of China!
It’s a fantasy!
It is no wonder that Zhang An is so arrogant that even Lin Zongwei can’t afford to say such things.
Lin Zongwei can’t afford it!
Because the Chen family is his master!
Except for Lin Zongwei, no one in the field can afford it!
In other words, no one in Cangzhou can afford it!

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