Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 310

At this moment, even Lin Yue’s mother and daughter’s complexion changed.
Even if they are from Zhonghai, they all know the reputation of the Chen family!
Six of China!
Influence all over the world!
Compared with the Chen family, they are just shit!
Even if they killed them, they couldn’t think that the boss behind this little white swan had something to do with the Chen family!
“Manager Zhang, do you have anything to say now?” Chen Feng glanced at Zhang An expressionlessly. If Zhang An is interested, he should adjust the monitoring obediently at this moment. If not, his thoughts have not yet fallen. , But saw Zhang An take a deep breath, and then coldly said: ”
What to say ?” “What can I say?”
“The behind-the-scenes boss of our White Swan is from Yanjing, but you said that the Chen family…” Zhang An paused. Pause, then sneered:
“It’s just nonsense! Our boss has nothing to do with the Chen family!” “He is from the Wang family!”
Zhang An casually scoffed at a family.
“Wang Family?”
Chen Feng’s expression turned cold, Zhang An is…
If he remembers correctly.
Three months ago, Chen Zhong came to Cangzhou. When meeting him for the first time, he gave him all the properties of the Chen family in Cangzhou. At that time, Chen Zhong gave him a list. The list is clear. Chu wrote that the white swan is the Chen family’s property in Cangzhou.
However, at that time, Chen Feng did not take these industries to heart at all. After a glance, he returned the list to Chen Zhong. Later, Chen Zhong hired several professional managers to help Chen Feng. Manage these industries.
Over time, Chen Feng almost forgot the fact that he still had the Chen Family Industry under his name. If it weren’t for Zhang An’s arrogant reminder today, Chen Feng would never remember this incident.
“Yes, the Wang family!”
“The boss behind the white swan is the Wang family!”
“It’s not the Chen family!”
Zhang An sneered again and again. The white swan belongs to the Chen family ‘s business, but how many people know about this in Cangzhou. One?
Even if he opened his eyes and said nonsense in front of Chen Feng, what could Chen Feng do with him?
As long as Chen Feng can’t prove, he will always be invincible!
Zhang An’s remarks caused endless discussions in the hall again.
Many diners breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that it was not the Chen family or the Chen family.
Of course, many diners were skeptical of Zhang An’s words, because after Chen Feng uttered the Chen family, Zhang An’s performance was very horrified.
If Chen Feng didn’t say what he said, why would Zhang An look that way?
“This gentleman, since you are the classmate Lin, you don’t need to compensate for all the losses you caused to our white swan today.”
“You take your sister and leave.” Zhang An looked disdainfully. He glanced at Chen Feng and said.
With Lin Zongwei here, he really has nothing to do with Chen Feng, but as long as Chen Feng leaves the range of the white swan, he has 10,000 ways to kill Chen Feng.
When Lin Yue heard this, she refused to follow her. She screamed and objected in anger:
“No! Can’t let him go, he is gone, who will pay for my dress!”
“This lady…” Zhang An frowned, and just wanted to let Lin Yue and Chen Feng deal with it in private, but Lin Zongwei said with a cold face: “I will pay!”
“Mrs. Lin, how much does your dress cost? I will pay you twice as much compensation!”
Lin Yue’s face became stiff, and he smiled and said, “Mr. Lin, how can this be done? The dress was broken by this trash sister. It has nothing to do with you…”
Lin Zongwei coldly interrupted: ” Old Chen’s sister is my sister!”
“Her business is mine!”
“Let’s talk, Mrs. Lin, how much is it! I’ll transfer the money to you now!”
“No, no, Mr. Lin, really no need My dress is really worthless. If it’s dirty, it’s dirty. I’ll just go back and buy another set.” Lin Yue hurriedly shook her head, smiled on her face, and asked Lin Zongwei to lose her money. That’s the cooperation between Zhongsheng Group and Dingfeng Company. , Don’t even think about it, there are no doors.
“It’s best to be like this.” Lin Zongwei glanced at Lin Yue coldly, Lin Yue’s careful thoughts, he naturally understood.
But Lin Yue, a idiot, blocked the cooperation between Zhongsheng Group and Dingfeng Company from the very beginning.
Who is bad for you to offend, do you have to offend the top boss of Dingfeng Company?
Offended the top boss of Dingfeng Company, and still expect me to cooperate with you?
“Finance, pay Xiaolin a salary.” Zhang An said lightly, the meaning of rushing people was obvious.
Lin Wanqiu glanced at Chen Feng carefully, and said weakly: “Brother Chen Feng, let’s go.”
“Go?” The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth raised: “Why are you going?”
“Some people’s faces haven’t hurt yet. Just leave, isn’t it too cheap for them. ”
Lin Wanqiu was slightly surprised, whose face would Chen Feng still slap?
Isn’t everyone already happy when things are handled to this point?
Lin Yue doesn’t care about her, Zhang An doesn’t care about Chen Feng, this is already the best result.
But Chen Feng still wants…
“Sir, what do you mean?” Zhang An’s expression turned cold. Seeing Lin Zongwei’s face, he no longer intends to care about Chen Feng. You can listen to Chen Feng. Meaning, but I don’t intend to let him go!
I don’t know how to live or die!
“It doesn’t mean anything.” Chen Feng shook his head and glanced at Zhang An lightly: “I’ll give you one last chance, honestly, who is the boss behind the white swan.”
Zhang An’s expression changed slightly, before he could open his mouth. Chen Feng turned his gaze to Lin Yue again, and said coldly:
“And you, Lin Yue, I ask you to apologize to Wanqiu, can’t you hear me!” Tell me honestly? apologize? hiss!
Everyone in the audience couldn’t help taking a breath.
Chen Feng wants to settle accounts with Lin Yue and Zhang An?
It was obvious that Lin Yue and Zhang An had let him go, but he didn’t plan to let them go?
Why is he? !
“Frankly explain?” Zhang An’s face flicked a hideous look: “Explain what?”
“This gentleman, what should you say when you slap Zhang’s slap before?”
“For Lin’s face, Zhang. I don’t care about you, but you have to keep an inch…”
“You deserved the slap!” Chen Feng coldly interrupted.
“As a white swan manager, the guests and their own employees have a dispute. Not only do you not help your own employees, but you indiscriminately push all the mistakes on your own employees. This is right and wrong!”
“After I came, you I had the opportunity to make up for the mistakes I made before, but you stopped me in front of the door, trying to bully the weak and forcibly define the matter. This is the reverse of black and white!”
“In the end, I let you watch the surveillance, but you opened your eyes and talked nonsense, treating everyone like a fool, obviously you are determined to go to the dark one by one!”
“Like you, right and wrong, reverse black and white, I walked to something dark with my heart, so what if I slap you in the face?”
Chen Feng made a sound, and bombarded Zhang An’s mind like thunder every word, directly blasting Zhang An’s face pale and his legs and feet soft.

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