Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 311

“And you, old stuff!” Chen Feng moved his icy gaze to Lin Yue again, and Lin Yue’s calf trembled suddenly.
“Made a mistake of not thinking about the first time admit, but think of how the wrong onto others go.”
“Onto others no problem, you let someone else pay for your mistakes!”
“A mere A piece of clothing, you open your mouth for 180,000!”
“Do you think the money comes from the wind?”
“Rely on the old to sell the old!”
“I don’t know how to advance and retreat!”
“I still understand the righteousness!”
“More than fifty I’ve almost lived on a dog!”
Chen Feng scolded coldly, and Lin Yue’s chest was up and down, and her complexion was blue and red.
She was mad.
After a long time, she gritted her teeth, pointed at Chen Feng’s nose, and screamed: “You have sharp teeth and sharp mouths, do you mean what you say?”
“You said I had a mistake with Manager Zhang first. , Did you show evidence?”
Tang Ruoxue put her arms around her chest and said nothing, even though Chen Feng said nothing, but as long as he can’t show evidence, everything is in vain.
“Evidence?” Chen Feng sneered: “Do you want evidence?”
“Then I’ll give you evidence!”
Chen Feng stepped aside, took out his mobile phone, and called Chen Zhong.
Before Chen Zhong could open his mouth, he was interrupted by Chen Feng coldly: “Chen Zhong, who is the person in charge of the white swan?”
“White swan?” Chen Zhong was taken aback, and then he hurriedly said: “The person in charge of the white swan is Wang Haikuo…”
“Wang Haikuo?” Chen Feng’s eyes were cold, and he said coldly, “Within ten minutes, let him roll to Bai Bai Swan!”
After speaking, Chen Feng hung up the phone, but there was a thin layer of cold sweat on Chen Zhong’s forehead.
Without even thinking about it, the white swan must have offended Chen Feng with something that does not have eyes.
After hanging up the phone, Chen Feng returned to Lin Wanqiu.
At this time, Zhang An had already gasped, and when he saw Chen Feng, his irritation in his eyes was even worse. No matter that Lin Zongwei is here anymore, he pointed directly at Chen Feng’s nose and yelled: “Get out of here, we are white. Swan doesn’t welcome your kind of rubbish!”
“No?” Chen Feng sneered: “What are you? If you say that you are not welcome, you are not welcome?”
“I am the manager of White Swan, what do you think of me!” Zhang An almost vomited blood with anger. If Lin Zongwei were not here, he would have asked someone to take Chen Feng off.
“White Swan’s manager? You won’t be right away.” Chen Feng gave Zhang An coldly.
After a slight daze, Zhang An immediately reacted to Chen Feng’s meaning.
“Just you rubbish, do you want people to expel Laozi?”
“You are all light to expel you!” Chen Feng smiled sensibly.
Zhang An was furious, and he waved his big hand: “Come here, get me out of him, we white swan don’t welcome such rubbish!” A dozen tattooed men moved after hearing the sound.
A smug sneer appeared at the corners of Lin Yue’s mother and daughter’s lips.
Lin Zongwei’s face became cold and he was about to step forward.
At this time, a panting voice sounded from the stairs.
“Stop it all!”
Zhang An’s expression suddenly changed when he heard this voice.
A few seconds later, a middle-aged man in disheveled clothes and a big belly ran over.
“President Wang!” Zhang An’s pupils shrank slightly, why did Wang Haikuo come here!
Chen Feng raised his wrist and glanced at the time. He asked Wang Haikuo to come over within ten minutes, but now it has been less than six minutes, Wang Haikuo’s speed is quite fast.
“Mr. Wang, why are you here?” Zhang An greeted him flatteringly. Although Wang Haikuo was his cousin, he couldn’t speak clearly in front of so many people.
“President Wang…”
“Go away!” Before
Zhang An finished speaking, he was pushed away by the angry Wang Haikuo.
Zhang An was taken aback, before he understood what had happened, he saw Wang Haikuo trot in front of Lin Zongwei and Chen Feng, and then bowed deeply to them.
“Mr. Lin, Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, I’m bothering you to eat.”
Mr. Chen? boom!
Two consecutive titles, like two heavy hammer versions, smashed Zhang An’s mind, shaking Zhang Anhui’s figure sharply, and standing a little unstable.
Cousin didn’t make a mistake, right?
It doesn’t matter if you call Lin Zongwei, Mr. Lin, why do you call that garbage Mr. Chen? !
In fact, because Zhang An turned his back to Wang Haikuo, he did not realize that Wang Haikuo’s eyes fell on Chen Feng the whole time!
He looked at Chen Feng with fear!
The fear deep into the bone!
Almost after Chen Zhong finished the phone call, he knew that the real boss behind the scenes of the White Swan, the heir of the Chen family who had never seen the end, was here!
“Mr. Wang, did you admit the wrong person? This rubbish is a door-to-door son-in-law. He and Mr. Lin are just classmates…”
Wang Hai turned his head sharply and slapped Zhang An’s face with a full face. Fiercely cursed: “Shut up, I!”
Zhang An was stunned, completely stunned.
He didn’t understand why Wang Haikuo was so angry.
“Cousin…” Subconsciously, he called out his relationship with Wang Haikuo.
Wang Haikuo’s body trembled, and his anger was wide open:
“What cousin?!”
“Who is your cousin!”
“Don’t shout !” Wang Haikuo winked at Zhang An frantically, wishing to tear Zhang An’s mouth apart.
“Is he your cousin?”
At this moment, a faint voice sounded behind him.
Wang Haikuo’s body froze immediately, and he turned his head back. “Mr. Chen, don’t listen to him nonsense, he is not my cousin.”
Chen Feng’s expressionless face: “Is it?” When facing Chen Feng’s cold gaze, Wang Haikuo could only feel it. His back was chilly, as if he suddenly fell into an ice cellar.
Fortunately, Chen Feng didn’t delve into this issue, but said lightly:
“Do you know what he committed?”
“Mr. Chen, I…I don’t know.” Wang Haikuo smiled and shook his head.
“Then what do you know!” Chen Feng’s tone became cold.
Wang Haikuo’s body was stiff again.
“Mr. Wang, there may be some minor misunderstandings between me and Mr. Chen.” At this moment, Zhang Anqiang smiled and took the initiative to make a clearance.
At this moment, if he still can’t see that Chen Feng has a big background, then his eyes will be long for nothing.
“Small misunderstanding?” Chen Feng sneered: “Such a big thing, when it came to your mouth, turned out to be a small misunderstanding?!”
“Zhang An!”
“You can honestly explain to me, what have you done!” Wang Haikuo was angry. Burning, in fact, through the traces of the scene, he already probably knew what Zhang An did.
But he couldn’t believe that Zhang An would be so bold and reckless to call the gangsters outside to be the guests of his own restaurant!
This is already an industry taboo!
In addition, Zhang An’s guest is the ultimate boss of White Swan!
The heir to the Chinese super giant Chen family!
To do such a thing, Zhang An’s death 10,000 times is not enough!

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