Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 323

There was cold sweat on everyone’s heads.
Inside the high-speed rail station, a killer appeared, which was simply appalling.
Moreover, the target of the assassination of the killer was Chu celadon, the most famous and known as the national goddess in China.
This is really going to happen, and the world is absolutely shocked!
“Miss Chu, are you okay.”
A middle-aged man in a suit and half-white hair trot over, panting, with cold sweat on his forehead.
The Chu celadon in front of her is not just as simple as a female celebrity who is popular across the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. She has another identity that is more respected. Compared with this identity, the so-called star is not worth mentioning.
“Uncle Li, I’m fine.” Chu Celadon shook his head.
“It’s okay, it’s okay.” The middle-aged man with half-white hair wiped the cold sweat from his head before he breathed a sigh of relief.
This reaction of the middle-aged man surprised the dozens of Cangzhou seniors, large and small, behind him.
Isn’t it a star? Although his reputation is a bit bigger, it is not that Secretary Li’s attitude is so humble.
The middle-aged man with half a hundred hair is Li Juncheng, the number one in Cangzhou City, the top leader in Cangzhou.
“Ms. Chu, it is my poor supervision that caused such an incident and shocked you.”
“But Ms. Chu can rest assured that I will not release any security personnel involved in this incident or high-speed rail management personnel. After…” Li Juncheng struck a sharp stern on his face, and he didn’t know what the high-speed rail security check was for, so that the killer could get in with weapons. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with Chu celadon, but nothing happened with Chu celadon.
His top leader, this time I am afraid he will come to an end.
“No, Uncle Li, this time the matter has nothing to do with the security check. The two killers are martial artists…” Chu Celadon shook his head, and didn’t go on with the rest, but Li Juncheng should understand.
In terms of Li Juncheng’s status, he can come into contact with the world of martial artists, so he should know that ordinary people can’t do anything with martial artists.
“Well, since Miss Chu said so, then I won’t pursue their responsibilities.” Li Juncheng said in a deep voice.
“Yeah.” Chu Celadon nodded and said: “Hand over the assassin you caught to the Wumeng. They have experience in handling such things.”
Li Juncheng’s heart trembled, and he nodded hurriedly and promised: “Okay, Miss Chu, I will do it now.”
“Yes, Miss Chu, the group who saved you is now on the train heading to Zhonghai, should I let it go? People stopped them?” On the way here, Li Juncheng had watched the surveillance, so he knew that at the moment of his death, a young man had rescued Chu Celadon.
But now, the young man left Cangzhou with a group of people.
“Zhonghai?” Chu Celadon was slightly surprised. Obviously
, she did not expect that Chen Feng and his party went to Zhonghai. But soon, she recovered from the shock and shook her head: “No need, Uncle Li, theirs By the way, I will contact him personally when I turn around.”
Although the contact time with Chen Feng was only a few minutes, she could tell that Chen Feng was obviously the kind of personality that didn’t like being disturbed.
If Li Juncheng stopped him, he would be unhappy in his heart.
Li Juncheng nodded and agreed, and then ordered to continue, let all parties use energy to suppress this matter, as far as possible to reduce the major and minor matters.
After Li Juncheng and his party left, Xiao Xuan couldn’t help but glance at Chu Celadon and asked, “Miss, Li Juncheng is the number one in Cangzhou after all, why not let him investigate the background of Chen Feng?”
“Li Juncheng is not qualified enough.” Chu Celadon said lightly.
“Not enough?” Xiao Xuan’s pupils shrank. What did the young lady mean?
Li Juncheng is the top leader in Cangzhou, and there are things he can’t investigate in Cangzhou?
Chu Celadon didn’t explain much about Xiaoxuan’s doubts. At this moment, she was only thinking about one thing, that is, did Chen Feng really not know her or pretend not to know her?
The reason why she wanted to take off the mask in front of everyone was to test Chen Feng.
But Chen Feng has been very calm from beginning to end, and even made her feel a little abnormal.
Even if she reported her name, Chen Feng didn’t move at all.
As if she was like a passerby.
This made Chu Celadon some doubts about herself, but she was a female star on the Spring Festival Gala in her first year of debut.
In recent years, the movies she played, the songs she sang, and any one she took out were all phenomenal works.
In China, she is definitely a well-known queen-level figure, otherwise she would not be named the goddess of the nation.
Even a three-year-old child knows her Chu celadon name.
But after Chen Feng reported her name, she didn’t even lift her eyelids.
So Chu Celadon now wonders if there is a problem with her charm.
“Brother Feng, do you really know Chu celadon?”
At this moment, on the train to Zhonghai, Chen Zeli was also full of disbelief.
For Chen Feng, he didn’t know what to say except for admiration.
If the goddess of the nation can take the initiative to ask for contact information, and the goddess of the nation is not taken seriously, the whole world, I am afraid that Chen Feng is the only one.
“Is she famous?” Chen Feng couldn’t help asking. He really didn’t know who Chu Celadon was. When he was in the Chen family, he was obsessed with cultivation.
When he arrived in Cangzhou, he also delivered food in the wind and rain all day, and he didn’t even connect to the Internet.
So I don’t know at all, or don’t care who Chu Celadon is.
“It’s not just famous…” Chen Zeli’s tone was a little sour: “Brother Feng, our streets and alleys in Malaysia have been covered with posters of Chu celadon since two years ago. There is such a joke in the local area, that is, you Ask a Malaysian, who is the leader of Malaysia, he might say he doesn’t know.”
“But you have to ask him, who is the most famous star in China, he will definitely say Chu celadon.”
“Brother Chen Feng, Chu Celadon is indeed very famous. Our school broadcast station will play her songs every day. The boys in our school are all her fans.” Lin Wanqiu also glanced at Chen Feng weirdly and spoke carefully.
She had never seen a strange person like Chen Feng, and she didn’t even know Chu Celadon.
“What about you, Wanqiu, are you a fan of her?” Chen Feng smiled and glanced at Lin Wanqiu.
“Me…Me too.” Lin Wanqiu nodded, her pretty face flushed.
“In this way, I am indeed behind.” Chen Feng smiled dryly.
“Brother Feng, look at WeChat and see if Goddess Chu has sent you any messages?” Chen Zeli smiled, Chen Feng’s hand just now shocked everyone’s eyes.
Asked to be alone by the famous goddess of the nation, Chen Feng said I was going to drive.
It’s a model for straight men in steel.

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