Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 327

Huang Laosan’s miserable look gave Chen Feng an unprecedented tyrannical and killing intent in Chen Feng’s chest, but at this moment, his face did not show any signs.
Instead, he glanced at Huang Lao San with a joking look, and said with a smile: “Huang Lao Dog, your fate is pretty big.”
“Hey, look at what you bastard said, Lao Tzu is your big brother, Lao Tzu’s life, Isn’t it big?” Huang Lao San’s eyes widened, and his angrily appearance was a bit naive.
Chen Feng smiled and said nothing.
“I just heard this stinky boy Ali say, you little boy can’t think of going to Cangzhou to be the son-in-law? Is there such a thing?”
“There is such a thing.” Chen Feng smiled and nodded.
Huang Laosan’s mouth was wide open and his face was inconceivable: “Really?!”
“Of course it is true, do I have to lie to you an old dog?” Chen Feng smiled.
“Hey, do my younger siblings look like fairies in the sky?” Huang Lao San suddenly came in interest.
Chen Feng shook his head and said faintly: “Your younger brother and sister, she is more beautiful than the fairies in the sky.”
“Hey, that’s good, that’s good.” Huang Laosan smiled and nodded in satisfaction, “That’s it. It’s not as shameful as to insult you boy.”
Chen Feng laughed at himself and shook his head:
“There is no shame. I really want to say that I shame Mengyao, not Mengyao shame me.
” Huh?”
Huang Lao San’s eyes flashed a touch of surprise, the boy insulted the woman? How can this be?
Chen Feng’s identity is not clear to others, but he still knows it.
Leaving aside the relationship with the Chen family for the time being, the identity of Xiao Guozhong’s gated disciple alone is enough to disregard 99.9% of the young talents of China Land.
If Chen Feng wants to marry a wife and have children, he only needs to say a word, and those top giants in China will send the arrogant girl in line to Chen Feng.
Not even the Chen family can say anything.
Because Chen Feng’s master is Xiao Guozhong, the master of martial arts Xiao Guozhong!
China has 9.6 million square meters of land, and there are hundreds of wealthy families, the Zhang family in Tiannan, the Li family in Jiangbei, and the Sun family in Dongwu…
They have a long heritage, amazing power, and rich and foe country. , Stomping, can make a province shake three times.
But in front of the grandmaster, they still dare not even dare to show off!
This is the deterrent of the master.
If the people in the Chen family knew that Chen Feng, an illegitimate son, was accepted as a closed disciple by Xiao Guozhong when he was fifteen years old, their attitude towards Chen Feng would definitely not be the same.
At this time, Chen Feng took out a black pill with a delicate fragrance from his bag, interrupting Huang Laosan’s thoughts, Huang Laosan couldn’t help but blurt out: “This is the Ice Lotus Pill?”
“Yeah.” Chen Feng Nodded.
“This thing can really cure fire poison?” Huang Laosan was skeptical.
“Can I get rid of it, I’ll know if I eat it?” Chen Feng glanced at Huang Laosan: “Open your mouth.”
Huang Laosan smiled and opened his mouth wide. Chen Feng took out the ice lotus pill and prepared to put it in Huang Laosan. Three mouths.
At this moment, there was a coquettish sound at the door of the ward: “Don’t give the patient anything to eat!” In the next second, the owner of the voice walked over a few steps, snatching the ice lotus in Chen Feng’s hand. Dan then took a cold look at Chen Feng and Chen’s four brothers and sisters, and asked: “Who are you? What is the relationship with the patient?”
Chen Feng frowned and said nothing.
“We are the patient’s family.” Chen Zewen stood up and looked at the tall beauty in a white coat in front of her. Judging from the breastplate on the chest of this tall beauty, her name is Jiang Yuting, the chief physician of the hospital.
Jiang Yuting’s pretty Liu frowned, and there was a suspicious look in her beautiful eyes: “Why haven’t I seen you here before ?” “Before…” Chen Zewen was a little embarrassed and was about to make up a reason to explain. At this time, Huang Laosan smiled and said: “Doctor Xiao Jiang, they are my son and daughter. They have been busy abroad some time ago, so there is no time to see me. These days, things are almost busy. , So I came back…”
Hearing Huang Laosan say this, Jiang Yuting’s doubts were relieved a lot.
But for Chen Feng, the nose is not the nose, and the eyes are not the eyes.
After all, Huang Laosan has been in the hospital for almost a month, but Chen Feng and others have just rushed over now. Is there such a descendant?
“What is this?” Jiang Yuting picked up the ice lotus pill and turned his gaze to Chen Feng.
“Ice lotus pill.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Ice lotus pill?” Jiang Yuting frowned her eyebrows: “What’s the use?” “Cure the disease.”
“Cure the disease? That’s it?” Jiang Yuting sneered, with a touch of disdain in her tone.
“Well, just rely on this.” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
“I didn’t make a joke with you!”
Jiang Yuting’s face suddenly became cold. “Do you know what kind of illness Grandpa Huang has? You dare to give him medicine indiscriminately. If something goes wrong, who will be responsible?!
” If something goes wrong, I’m responsible.” Chen Feng was still calm, but Jiang Yuting was furious with anger: “Are you responsible?! Are you responsible?!”
“Grandpa Huang is the patient whom our dean personally greeted. For his illness, our hospital has set up a medical team to gather top chief physicians from all major hospitals in Zhonghai to formulate treatment plans.”
“We even Grandpa Huang every day. Drinking a few milliliters of water must be accurately calculated. You are fine, and you just give Grandpa Huang this messy medicine without saying a word. Do you think Grandpa Huang died fast enough?!”
Jiang Yuting’s chest rises and falls sharply, obviously angry Not light.
Chen Feng frowned, is this little girl taking dynamite? I haven’t fed the ice lotus pill to Huang Laosan yet, if I really feed it, wouldn’t this little girl explode directly.
“Cough cough, Doctor Xiao Jiang, don’t be angry, Xiao Chen is also out of good intentions…” Huang Laosan coughed slightly and was about to make a round, but Jiang Yuting didn’t listen at all and interrupted with an angry voice: “He is not this. Out of good intentions, he is stupid!”
“He didn’t even know what kind of disease you had, so he dared to give you medicine. Isn’t this stupid?”
Chen Feng’s face sank: “Who said I don’t know What kind of disease did Huang Laosan get ?” “You know?”
“Then you mean it!” Jiang Yuting was unreasonable.
Chen Feng opened his mouth and was about to speak. At this moment, there was a loud voice at the door: “Xiao Jiang, what’s the matter? Who is angry with?”
“Dad?” Hearing this voice, Jiang Yuting’s beautiful eyes suddenly appeared. There was a touch of joy.
Chen Feng glanced back, but saw the door of the ward, which was already full of people.

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