Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 333

“Let him go, I don’t want to see him!” Wang Shiyuan glanced at Chen Feng disgustingly again, preparing to leave.
At this time, Wang Defa sneered and said: “Sister, it’s too cheap for him to let this bastard go now!”
“How come he has to hand over the jade from our house, and the fifteen that blackmailed me before. Wan, let him go again.”
“That piece of jade in our house? What’s the matter?” Wang Shiyuan’s pretty Liu frowned.
“It’s like this…” Wang Defa said the matter again, adding fuel and jealousy, almost throwing all the pots on Chen Feng’s head, vilifying Chen Feng from head to toe.
After listening, Wang Shiyuan’s pretty face suddenly became extremely cold
, she couldn’t help but glanced at Chen Feng in disgust, and cursed: “What an insatiable trash!” After she finished her curse , she turned her eyes to Peng Yanfang:
“Mom. What nonsense is there with this kind of person, call the police directly and ask the police to take him away!”
“Daughter, the police are not in a hurry in advance. The slap of your elder brother with this rubbish has not been settled yet.” Peng Yanfangyin Compassionately, before the police take Chen Feng away, she must first let Chen Feng suffer enough.
Wang Shiyuan nodded gently.
“Mongrel, don’t kneel down for Laozi!” Wang De yelled arrogantly, perhaps because there were many family members standing behind him, so he was very confident, not only yelling at Chen Feng, but also moving in his hands.
He directly raised his hand, intending to give Chen Feng two slaps in the face first, so as to vent his anger.
There was a crisp applause, and the audience fell silent.
“You…you dare to hit me?!” Wang Defa covered his face, his eyes widened, full of inconceivability, and his chest was very ups and downs.
“Why don’t you dare?” Chen Feng smiled slightly. If Wang Defa thought that this was his home, he could do anything recklessly, then Chen Feng could only say that he was too young.

Her bastard! bastard!” “You bastard, do you want to die!” Peng Yanfang was completely blown up, and the whole person screamed, hysterical. She did not expect that Chen Feng would slap again in front of her. Wang Defa slapped him.
“Peng Yanfang!”
Chen Feng’s voice suddenly fell cold, as he rose up with a shocking aura .
This momentum immediately calmed Peng Yanfang.
“I came to your house this time to reason with you, not to argue with you. You’d better put away your brutal style!” Chen Feng gave Peng Yanfang a cold look.
Peng Yanfang was a little bit shy, and for a while, she didn’t even dare to look at Chen Feng.
“Wang Defa!” Chen Feng turned his gaze to Wang Defa again, and Wang Defa’s body also trembled.
“Why did I beat you?” Chen Feng asked coldly.
“I…” Wang Defa hesitated, dare not even look at Chen Feng.
“You dare not say?” Chen Feng sneered.
“Since you dare not say, then I’ll do it!”
“After I handed over your family’s heirloom jade to you, you gave me one thousand yuan, saying that the Xia family and the Wang family will clean up from now on.”
“You nonsense , I obviously gave Defa one hundred thousand yuan, how could he only give you one thousand!” Peng Yanfang instantly exploded his hair, this waste, dare to slander her son.
“Shut up!” Chen Feng gave Peng Yanfang a cold look: “Is it true that you believe in what he said?”
“Of course! What kind of morality is our family? Isn’t it clear to me as a mother? He has been very young since childhood. Honestly…”
“Your son said he eats shit, believe it or not?” Chen Feng interrupted with a sneer.
Peng Yanfang’s face turned red, and she suddenly choked.
Chen Feng turned his gaze to Wang Defa again: “I didn’t receive your 1,000 yuan in the end.
I gave that jade to you without taking a cent.” “I…” Wang Defa was a little guilty and didn’t dare to follow Chen. The peak looks at each other.
“I thought you would accept it as soon as you see it, and take the jade home.” Chen Feng gave Wang Defa a cold look.
“But you didn’t.”
“Not only did you accept the jade if you didn’t see it well, but insatiable you gave the jade to the casino and bought a fake jade to set me up!”
Chen Feng’s voice was like thunder, bombarding Wang Defa’s mind. Above.
Suddenly, Wang De’s face turned pale and his lips trembled.
“I…I didn’t.”
“No?” A cold arc was raised at the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth.
“Dare you tell me this after watching the casino monitoring?”
Monitoring? !
Wang Defa’s pupils suddenly tightened, how could he forget this!
If Chen Feng really had surveillance, then everything he did would probably be exposed.
Including jade pawns in the casino!
Seeing Wang De’s cold sweat, Peng Yanfang’s face suddenly became gloomy.
Knowing the child is not the mother.
She couldn’t know what Wang Defa’s expression meant.
He probably gave Chen Feng only 1,000 yuan as Chen Feng said, and after he got the jade, he pawned the jade to the casino.
When I thought that I had given Wang Defa 100,000 yuan, it turned out to be 1,000 in Wang Defa’s hands.
Peng Yanfang was immediately hurt by anger, but at this time, in front of so many people, she wanted to stand by her son’s side.
After looking at Wang Defa bitterly, Peng Yanru turned her gaze to Chen Feng again.
“What surveillance you are talking about, I don’t understand!”
“Of course, I don’t want to understand either!” Peng Yanfang suddenly turned and sneered: “The only thing I know is that you slapped my son twice and took it. My family is 150,000 yuan, and I gave my son a piece of fake jade!”
“You have to recognize this account, and you have to recognize it if you don’t recognize it!” Peng Yanfang’s voice was cold, with a strong threat in her tone. .
Obviously, she turned on the unreasonable mode.
Chen Feng’s face became colder and colder: “Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Why? Are you not convinced?” Peng Yanfang raised his chin, arrogantly provoking Chen Feng.
This is her place. At most three minutes, the Splendid International security team will rush over. Most of them are veterans. Dealing with a door-to-door son-in-law from the countryside couldn’t be easier.
Chen Feng shook his head, a sarcasm smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth.
This smile made Peng Yanfang a little uneasy.
“Ahem, Yanfang, is there a visitor at home?”
Just as Peng Yanfang was preparing to retreat with some fear, a weak voice came from the balcony on the second floor. This voice immediately made Peng Yanfang find the backbone.
“Hongyi, come down, there is a hillbilly threatening me!” Peng Yanfang voiced aggrieved, people who didn’t know thought she was the victim.
Chen Feng looked up and glanced at the man on the balcony on the second floor who had just made a noise.
The face with Chinese characters, big thick eyebrows, a sickly pale complexion, and a very thin figure.
But just such a man who looked as if it could be blown down by a gust of wind, was exuding a dreadful aura.

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