Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 340

The ancestors of the War League? ! !
Shi Pojun’s eyes suddenly widened, and he took a few breaths, Huang Laosan was not kidding.
The master of this young youth in front of him is the ancestor of the War League? ? ! really? !
The ancestor of the Zhan League, that is a true fairy-level figure.
He rose in the dark years when China was invaded by foreign powers.
On the day that he was promoted to the Grand Master, he was on the Huangpu River and opened the sky with one sword!
Kill seven foreign warships!
Let the Huangpu River flourish!
Let countless foreign enemies fear!
That day, all foreigners who invaded China had remembered a name.
Xiao Guozhong!
Xiao Guozhong, the god of war of China town!
A true sword can be a character of a million divisions!
After the Battle of Huangpu River, Xiao Guozhong founded the Zhanmeng and became the first leader of the Zhanmeng.
On the day he became the leader, Xiao Guozhong rushed to the front line to guard the border.
This town is ten years!
In those ten years, the border of China has not lost a single inch!
In those ten years, the foreign enemies who came to commit crimes were all corpses!
The war alliance is here, the country is here!
The war alliance is destroyed, the country is destroyed!
This is Xiao Guozhong.
Xiao Guozhong, the god of war of China town!
In China, Xiao Guozhong is a living myth, a living legend!
God-like existence in the hearts of all Zhanmeng children!
Shi Pojun clenched his fists, only to feel the blood rushing to his head, how could it be possible? ! How can it be? !
How could this young man in front of him be a disciple of his ancestor? !
There was a voice in Shi Pojun’s heart that was ranting frantically. He really couldn’t believe that Chen Feng was Xiao Guozhong’s disciple, but he knew very well that Huang Lao San would not make fun of such things.
And in terms of his relationship with Huang Laosan, Huang Laosan didn’t need to make jokes about this kind of thing.
Therefore, it is very possible that Chen Feng in front of him is indeed Xiao Guozhong’s disciple!
Disciple of the ancestors!
He is the disciple of the ancestor!
He turned out to be a disciple of the ancestor!
There was a “puff”.
Shi Pojun fell directly on one knee to the ground, tears bursting into his eyes: “Brother Chen Feng, please be respected by Pojun!”
Huang Lao San’s eyes widened, and his eyes were full of inconceivability. What is the little stone doing? Why didn’t you just kneel down? !
“Big Brother Shi, what are you doing? Get up quickly!” Chen Feng was also a little flattered, and hurriedly reached out and helped Shi Pojun up. Shi Pojun’s reaction completely exceeded his expectations.
He thought about the reactions of the Stone Breaking Army, but he did not expect that the Stone Breaking Army would directly kneel down for him.
However, after seeing Shi Pojun’s excitement, Chen Feng instantly reacted. Shi Pojun’s kneeling was not for him.
It was kneeling for Xiao Guozhong!
Shi Pojun obviously respected Xiao Guozhong very much, and this respect even reached the point where he could throw his head and sprinkle blood and donate his life for Xiao Guozhong!
Although he was only a disciple of Xiao Guozhong, in Shi Pojun’s eyes, he was equal to half of Xiao Guozhong!
That’s why this kneeling!
For a while, Chen Feng was in awe.
The first is to respect master Xiao Guozhong. He could not imagine what earth-shattering things Xiao Guozhong did in those dark and turbulent years, so that the children of the Zhan League can remember him for more than 60 years, and more than 60 years later, it will still be the same. Moving content.
The second is to respect the Stone Broken Army in front of you!
The Shi Pojun in front of him, although his cultivation was only in the middle stage of Dark Jin, was not worth mentioning in Chen Feng’s eyes. However, the loyalty and courage of Shi Biaojun, sincere and passionate, are the realm that Chen Feng will not reach in this life.
The Zhanmeng was able to defend against the enemy and the country because of the presence of such characters as the Shibajun.
“Chen…Senior really entered the realm of martial arts masters?” After being helped by Chen Feng, Shi Pojun was still a little excited. At this moment, he no longer dared to doubt whether Chen Feng was Xiao Guozhong’s disciple, because Xiao Guozhong’s Disciple, no one dares to pretend, and no one dares to pretend!
What he wanted to know now was whether Chen Feng had entered the realm of a master of martial arts like Huang Laosan said.
“Brother Shi, don’t call me seniors. Didn’t I say that you and me are worthy of brothers?” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. After learning that he was Xiao Guozhong’s disciple, Shi Pojun’s attitude toward him changed significantly. Chen Feng doesn’t like this sense of distance.
“As for the realm of the master of martial arts…I entered three months ago.” After a long period of indulgence, Chen Feng decided to tell Shi Pojun truthfully. First, Shi Pojun is trustworthy. Chen Feng believes that Shi Pojun is not casual. It was revealed to outsiders that he had entered the realm of a master of martial arts.
Second, Huang Laosan was obviously determined to draw Shi Pojun in as his help. Otherwise, he would not tell Shi Pojun that Xiao Guozhong was his master. His relationship with Xiao Guozhong has been exposed, then he There is no need to hide the matter of entering the martial arts master.
After getting Chen Feng’s affirmation, Shi Pojun’s expression began to trance, only to feel that there was a wave of dizziness in his mind.
Although he had expected the result a long time ago, when Chen Feng admitted it, he still couldn’t believe that Chen Feng was now a master of martial arts.
A twenty-six or seven-year-old martial arts master, what is this concept?
Push the belt horizontally, and cover the world!
Shi Pojun can only use these eight words to describe.
No wonder, Chen Summit became Xiao Guozhong’s disciple.
“The old ancestors have some successors!” Shi Pojun couldn’t help but sigh. Three years ago, Xiao Guozhong announced that he would live in seclusion behind the scenes, not asking about world affairs.
I thought that the title of Zhenguo Wushen would become extinct, but now it seems that that title is likely to be inherited by Chen Feng.
“Big Brother Shi, I don’t know much about the relationship between my master and my master and my promotion to the realm of martial arts masters, so I asked Big Brother Shi to keep it secret for me.” Chen Feng said.
Shi Pojun looked solemn in an instant, and patted his chest to promise Chen Feng: “Brother Chen Feng can rest assured that after leaving this door today, Pojun will never tell the second person what they are talking about. , Breaking the army will be struck by thunder!”
“Big Brother Shi doesn’t need to swear, you are a man, I have believed it!” Chen Feng smiled slightly, he believed that Huang Laosan looked at people’s eyes, and also believed in his own eyes.
“By the way, Brother Shi, when I first walked in, I found that you couldn’t control the murderous aura in your body when you looked at people. Brother Shi’s dantian, but what kind of concealed injury did he suffer in his early years?” Chen Feng asked, he had just entered the president. When I was in the suite, I found that Shi Pojun had a problem.
It is normal for a warrior to have a murderous aura, especially for a warrior like Shi Pojun who is on the front line of the war alliance and fights with foreign enemies all the year round.
But generally speaking, the murderous intent of the warrior is controllable, and the murderous intent will only appear when facing the enemy.
But Shi Pojun was not like that. He obviously couldn’t control his murderous aura. Chen Feng discovered this problem when he entered the door.

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