Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 345

“Don’t worry about it.” Chen Feng is still not salty or indifferent. Li Shiping is giving Wang Hongyi face, so why not?
Although he can’t use other assets under the Chen family’s name right now, Yuquan Mountain and those properties in Cangzhou are still under his name, and he can sell or use them at any time.
His worth is still tens of billions.
Does it make sense to go to work or not?
“Humph, I can’t get things on the table.” Li Shiping snorted coldly.
Then he turned his gaze to Wang Shiyuan, and suddenly put on a smiling face: “Baby, let’s go and see what the new president of the company looks like today.”
“The new president?”
Wang Shiyuan hesitated: “World Ping, the company’s original president has really been transferred?”
“Well, I have received the exact news that the company’s original president left yesterday afternoon. Today, a new president will come over to take over the company.” Li Shiping said.
Wang Shiyuan nodded lightly, and there was a slight disappointment in her beautiful eyes. The original president of the company was a man. Although he was more than 40 years old, he was a veritable diamond king. The existence of a billion.
Compared with him, Li Shiping is simply a poor dick.
In fact, her original target was not Li Shiping, but the president in her 40s, but now suddenly news broke that the president was transferred.
Wang Shiyuan sighed in her heart. Now she can only put all her hopes on the new president of the company. If the new president of the company still cannot satisfy her, she might have to marry Li Shiping.
“Go, what are you doing in a daze!” Seeing Chen Feng still standing motionless, Li Shiping suddenly became angry.
Chen Feng frowned: “I’ll take a taxi by myself.”
“You take a taxi by yourself?” Li Shiping was a little impatient: “Do you know the place? If you can’t find a place back, I have to pick you up and go with us. ”
After speaking, Li Shiping, regardless of Chen Feng’s reaction, put his arms around Wang Shiyuan’s small waist and walked out of the Wang family’s gate.
Chen Feng looked cold, and then followed the two of them.
Li Shiping’s car was a white Porsche. After the two got to the front of the car, one got into the main driver and the other into the co-pilot, and they didn’t mean to greet Chen Feng.
Chen Feng sat in the back row without expression.
After sitting in the car, I found out that there was a blue starry sky in Li Shiping’s Porsche car.
“Hillboy, haven’t you been in such a good car before?” Li Shiping’s mouth raised a touch of disdain, and gave Chen Feng a sarcastically.
This feeling of hitting another man in front of her own woman is really cool.
“I haven’t sat there.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. There is a saying on the Internet that makes sense. The best way to communicate with a stupid is what he says you agree with him. Don’t argue with him, because once you argue with him , You yourself will become a fool.
“Then you still don’t thank me, after all, I gave you the opportunity to sit in a luxury car, although you can only sit for ten minutes.” Li Shiping’s mouth was even more proud.
“Thank you.” Chen Feng still smiled.
“Shiping, what are you talking about with this hillbilly, hurry up and drive, sitting in the same car with him, I almost die of disgust.” Wang Shiyuan said in disgust without looking back.
“Hahaha, baby, I’m sorry, I forgot to worry about your feelings, I will drive, I will drive.” Li Shiping laughed, and then stepped on the accelerator.
Kangmei Group is in Pujiang New Area, not far from Wang’s house. In less than 15 minutes, Li Shiping drove the car into the company’s door.
At the door of the company, Chen Feng discovered that Kangmei Group is a pharmaceutical company.
Judging from the footprint, the company’s scale is obviously not small, at least starting at 10 billion.
After parking the car in the parking lot, Li Shiping got out of the car first, and then he walked to the front of the co-pilot door very gentlemanly and opened the door for Wang Shiyuan.
Wang Shiyuan got out of the car and took Li Shiping’s arm.
The two talked and laughed and walked to the company office building.
Chen Feng staggered some distance from the two, and walked behind calmly.
After arriving at the company, Li Shiping chatted with a middle-aged man who looked like a supervisor, and then pointed at Chen Feng. After taking a look at Chen Feng, the middle-aged man nodded, but the contempt in his eyes was nothing. cover up.
A few minutes later, Li Shiping came to Chen Feng with an arrogant expression, raised his chin and said, “Chen Feng, you are very lucky. Today, Manager Zhang and the others are preparing for the appointment of the new president, so the original interview was cancelled. You can start the job directly.”
“The desk is over there, go by yourself.” Li Shiping pointed to a slightly messy desk in the corner.
Without saying a word, Chen Feng came to the desk and began to clean up the messy things on the desk.
“Dude, are you new here?” At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly poked out a head in front of him. This was a slightly immature-looking youth, who looked like a college student who had just graduated from society.
At this moment, he looked at Chen Feng, full of exploration and curiosity.
“Hmm.” Chen Feng glanced at the youth and nodded.
“Um… buddy, what is the relationship between you and Manager Li?” The young man looked around carefully and asked tentatively.
“We have nothing to do.” Chen Feng said lightly.
Doesn’t matter?
There was a little doubt in the youth’s eyes. He just saw that Chen Feng was brought by Manager Li?
Or is Chen Feng afraid that others will think he is a related household, and don’t want to say more?
“Hey, buddy, my name is Li Le. From now on, we will be colleagues. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask.” The young man stretched out his hand with a smile. The more Chen Feng didn’t want to talk about his relationship with Manager Li, The more it clarifies, he must have something to do with Manager Li.
“Chen Feng.”
Chen Feng stretched out his hand, shaking hands with the young man named Li Le.
This Li Le is obviously a familiar one. After shaking hands with Chen Feng, he began to chat with Chen Feng about the company.
Only then did Chen Feng know that he had previously underestimated Kangmei Medicine. He thought that Kangmei Medicine was only a tens of billions of companies, but he did not expect that Kangmei Medicine was one of the top ten carrier-class companies in China Pharmaceuticals!
When the company’s market value was the highest, it was close to 120 billion!
The Kangmei Group in Zhonghai City is a branch of Kangmei Pharmaceutical. Although it is only a branch, the market value of the company is almost 30 billion.
There are more than 20,000 employees under its umbrella.
“Brother Feng, haven’t you found a problem?” Li Le suddenly gave Chen Feng a mysterious look.
“What’s the problem?” Chen Feng said without raising his head.

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