Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 349

He just wanted to find a reasonable reason to drive Chen Feng out of the company.
The unqualified performance is enough to explain to Wang Hongyi.
Li Le clenched his fists, a little angry. Li Shiping made it clear that he and Chen Feng would be kicked out of the company. Is there such a bully?
Li Le still wanted to argue with Li Shiping a few words, but Chen Feng suddenly said in a cold voice: “What if the talk is over?”
“What? The talk is down?” Li Shiping was taken aback for a while before he reacted. Chen Feng said that talk down what is meant, then became weird looking up: “I said Chen Feng, your forehead is not being Gulu grind or …… you could not hear what was said Lile Gang??”
“East The hospital is an exclusive nursing home for the leaders of Zhonghai! At the same time, it is also the largest private hospital in Zhonghai, not a small pharmacy that can be seen everywhere!”
“Even if I go out, I can’t talk about it, let alone you?” Li Shiping sneered. , With a face full of disdain, he didn’t know where Chen Feng was emboldened and said such things, but in his opinion, Chen Feng’s behavior was that his brain was run over by the wheel of a car.
“I said, what if I talk about it?” Chen Feng ignored Li Shiping’s ridicule, but spoke calmly as always.
This piece of calm, but also excited Li Shiping out of anger, he looked ferocious Chen Feng, said: “! You want to be able to talk down, I took my seat sales manager, and give you to sit,” “good
, Two hours.” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
“What two hours?” Li Shiping was taken aback.
“You can still be the sales manager for two hours. After two hours, the sales manager should change.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Are you a stupid?” Li Shiping was madly grinned, this rubbish, who said this to his courage, Liang Jingru?
“Are you stupid? You’ll know in two hours.” Chen Feng smiled, did not say much to Li Shiping, turned and left the office.
“Brother Feng…” Li Le looked dazed, what nonsense Chen Feng was talking about? He really intends to go to Dongting Company to make himself humiliated?
After leaving Li Shiping’s office, Li Le hurriedly chased him up.
“Brother Feng, this grandson of Li Shiping is purely trying to drive us out of the company. He never thought of letting us negotiate a contract from Dongting Company.” Li Le said angrily.
“I know.” Chen Feng responded indifferently.
“Know that you still said that to him?” Li Le was a little surprised.
“How about? Let’s go to Dongting to discuss cooperation? What if the talks are down, let him take the credit alone?” Chen Feng asked with a smile, Li Shiping was determined to disgust him, instead of being disgusted by Li Shiping for nothing , It would be better to find a way to make Li Shiping pay a price, even if it can’t be said, the worst result was that he and Li Le were kicked out of the company.
“No, Brother Feng, are you really confident that you can negotiate the contract from Dongting Hospital?”
“I don’t know, but you can try.” Chen Feng shook his head, originally he planned to take Li Le directly. But after hearing Li Shiping talking about Dongting Hospital, he changed his mind again.
The dean of Dongting Hospital, he just met a few days ago.
It is Jiang Zhongting.
Although he and Jiang Zhongting have only one side relationship, and the relationship is not deep, Shi Pojun and Jiang Zhongting are close friends. Jiang Zhongting does not necessarily sell his face, but Jiang Zhongting will definitely sell stone to break the army’s face.
This is Chen Feng’s confidence.
“Try…” Li Le’s face was frustrated, and his whole body was as sluggish as a deflated balloon. I thought that Chen Feng had full confidence to say this kind of thing, but he didn’t expect that in the end, Chen Feng said Try it.
In places like Dongting Hospital, even if you try 10,000 times, you won’t get any results.
“Believe me, just follow me. Two hours later, I will let you be the sales manager.” Chen Feng laughed. Li Le helped him a lot in the past few days, and because he got involved with Li Shiping, so Chen Feng wanted to give Li Le a small return.
“Huh?” Li Le opened his mouth wide and his face was unbelievable. He really didn’t know what to say about Chen Feng? confidence? Or is it conceited?
Even let him be the sales manager.
Although he was suspicious in his heart, Li Le’s body was very honest. As soon as Chen Feng walked on his front foot, his back foot followed Chen Feng.
After going out, the two went straight to the underground parking lot.
Although Li Le is the bottom-level employee of the company, he has saved money and spent these years and bought a scooter.
The car is a second-hand Santana, which is not very valuable, but Li Le is very precious. He has to be scrubbed almost every few days, so it looks like a new one.
Chen Feng got in the co-pilot and Li Le drove, and the two of them directly killed Dongting Hospital.
After arriving at the hospital, Chen Feng did not call Shi Pojun the first time, but planned to talk to Jiang Zhongting first. If he can pass Jiang Zhongting directly, then there is no need to trouble Shi Pojun.
Unexpectedly, he just stepped into the hospital office building when he bumped into a charming figure on his chest.
“Oh.” The delicate figure screamed in pain.
Chen Feng couldn’t help but stop, why is this chick?
“How do you walk? You don’t have eyes… why are you?!” The charming figure was holding his white forehead, and he wanted to scold a few more words, but when he raised his head, he saw Chen in front of him. At the peak, her little mouth opened wide, and her pretty face was full of surprise.
“Doctor Jiang, hello.” Chen Feng smiled slightly, and the person in front of him was Jiang Yuting, the doctor in charge of Huang Lao San who met in the hospital a few days ago.
“What’s so good? People’s head is almost broken by you.” Jiang Yuting murmured, her tone was full of complaints. She really suspected that Chen Feng’s chest muscles were made of iron. She just hit it. In an instant, it was like hitting an iron plate.
“Sorry, I didn’t pay attention to walking, I apologize.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Although Jiang Yuting, this little girl, is not forgiving, but his heart is not bad.
“Just apologize, you first say what you are going to do when you come to our hospital this time? Are you going to hit the scene again?” Jiang Yuting glanced at Chen Feng vigilantly. She did not forget what Chen Feng did in the hospital a few days ago. A black pill slapped the chief physicians of the hospital in the face, and even Sun Qingfeng, a Chinese medicine doctor, was planted in Chen Feng’s hands.
“Doctor Jiang, you have been thinking too much. I came here this time and I am looking for Dean Jiang.” Chen Feng said.
“Looking for my dad? Why are you looking for him?”
“Talking about cooperation, on behalf of Kangmei Medicine.” Chen Feng smiled.
“Are you from Kangmei Medicine?!” Jiang Yuting’s beautiful eyes suddenly widened.
“It wasn’t before, but it is now.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“You came for that batch of anticancer drugs, right?” Jiang Yuting asked, turning her eyes.

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