Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 350

“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded: “Dr. Jiang
, where is Dean Jiang ?” “Don’t be Dean Jiang, it’s Uncle Jiang. You don’t know his relationship with me.” Jiang Yuting is pretty careless. The way.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly: “Well, where is Uncle Jiang?”
Jiang Yuting smiled: “Want to know?”
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded.
“Call me sister and I will tell you.” Jiang Yuting’s pretty face suddenly showed a treacherous smile.
Chen Feng’s face turned dark, what did this chick do?
“Forget it, I’ll go up and find it by myself.” Chen Feng really couldn’t say the word sister.
“Hey, where are you going?” Seeing Chen Feng really want to leave, Jiang Yuting was suddenly anxious.
“My dad is not in the hospital today. He went to Yanjing for an expert meeting.”
Chen Feng paused, frowning? Is Jiang Zhongting out? Who should he call?
“I can talk to you on behalf of my dad.” Jiang Yuting said with a smile, seeming to know what Chen Feng was thinking.
Chen Feng smiled, and did not rush up for the first time, but asked: “What about the conditions? Call you sister?”
“How is it possible?!”
“How can a sister be able to call you for such a big thing?”
“You Think too beautifully, right?” Jiang Yuting screamed, her cheeks bulging, which looked quite cute.
“Then what do you want?” Chen Feng asked helplessly.
Jiang Yuting’s eyes rolled, and a sly smile rose from the corner of her mouth: “I want you to teach me your inner martial arts.”
“Inner martial arts?” Chen Feng was taken aback for a moment, and then he realized that the inner martial arts that Jiang Yuting said was a martial artist’s method.
“Uncle Jiang told you?” Chen Feng couldn’t help asking. He was curious how did Jiang Yuting know that he was a martial artist.
Jiang Yuting rolled his eyes: “Hey, am I that stupid? I have to be told about this kind of thing? I can see it, okay?”
“How did you see it?” Chen Feng couldn’t help but became interested. In the hospital, it seems that no martial artist’s methods have been revealed.
“It can be seen with your eyes. After Grandpa Huang ate your ice lotus pellet, a thick layer of ice formed on his body. As a result, you slapped the ice away with a single palm, and you haven’t hurt the yellow Grandpa has nothing, this method is obviously abnormal, okay?”
“Also, in the middle, Sun Lao also asked Grandpa Huang if Grandpa Huang had practiced internal martial arts, Grandpa Huang also nodded and admitted…
” So you come to a conclusion that both Lao Huang and I have practiced inner martial arts?” Chen Feng’s expression was a little weird, he really didn’t expect that Jiang Yuting, who seemed to be a careless personality, would be so delicate in mind.
When he patted Huang Lao San’s body with ice cubes, he did use his energy, but ordinary people could not feel that energy, but Jiang Yuting inferred it from clues.
“Yes.” Jiang Yuting nodded proudly, “How about, is this lady very smart?” She chuckled, a little smug.
“It’s quite clever.” Chen Feng praised sincerely, Jiang Yuting’s control over details is indeed something ordinary people can do.
“I’m so smart, then I should learn your inner martial arts quickly.”
Chen Feng smiled, and did not directly answer Jiang Yuting’s question, but instead asked, “Ms. Jiang, I want to know why you want to learn so much. Family skills? Is there any reason to learn?”
“I want to be a heroine.” Jiang Yuting blurted out without hesitation. Although she is a doctor now, she has a dream of martial arts since she was a child. For a long time, she has always longed not to be a hero, but to be a hero.
Moreover, it is rumored that if you have cultivated the inner martial arts to a high level, you can fly away.
But to practice medicine, let alone flying away from the wall, it’s good if the hair doesn’t fall out.
Chen Feng was a little speechless: “Ms. Jiang, what era are these? Have you never heard a sentence called banning a chivalrous man by martial arts? Moreover, a woman chivalrous person is not something you can be a woman. You have to cultivate for at least five years. Family skills are the only qualifications to step into the rivers and lakes.”
In fact, Chen Feng has said that for five years, Jiang Yuting’s roots and bones have long been set at her age. If she wants to become a martial artist, she must just polish her roots and temper her body. Two to three years.
After grinding the bones and tempering the body, it will be a long time to build Wu Ji. This is another long time.
Becoming a warrior is not easy.
Unless Jiang Yuting can meet the natural treasure of Bingdilian.
“Five years?” Jiang Yuting’s eyes widened, obviously a little surprised. She thought that after only one or two months of practice, she could become a female knight, but Chen Feng said that in five years, how many five years a woman will have in her life. It can be wasted… and five years is only the qualification to step into the arena. If you want to become a heroine, you don’t know how long it will take.
Jiang Yuting hesitated. She knew she was a little impulsive this time, and the heroine was not so good at all.
“Ms. Jiang, internal martial arts are not that easy to practice. Doing exercises in summer and thirty-nine in winter are just the most basic, and even if you pay, you may not be rewarded. In the arena, you have practiced martial arts for decades. But in the end, there are many people who have not even stepped into the threshold of the inner family. You better think about it.” Chen Feng said, he has his own bottom line, although he really wants to help Kangmei Medicine get the order, but he does not want to deceive Jiang Yuting , Contrary to their original intentions.
“Don’t think about it, I will practice!” Jiang Yuting suddenly looked firm, as if he had made some major decision.
“Really no longer consider it?” Chen Feng frowned.
“Don’t think about it!” Jiang Yuting shook her head firmly: “I always feel that a person should do something meaningful in a lifetime. I have loved martial arts since I was a child and yearned for a world of pleasure and enmity.”
“If I didn’t meet you , I may never have the opportunity to touch that world in my life.”
“But since I have encountered it, I will never miss it.”
Jiang Yuting’s attitude is surprisingly firm. In fact, there is something she did not say, she is afraid of regret. .
She was afraid that if she missed this time, she would regret it for life.
“Okay.” After hesitating for a while, Chen Feng nodded. He could see that Jiang Yuting didn’t want to become a martial artist on a whim, but really made up his mind and perseverance.
For this kind of person, Kong Shengren once said that there are no teachings.
Regardless of whether she eventually becomes a martial artist, Chen Feng should give her the opportunity to become a martial artist.
The master led the door and practiced in the individual.
“Hehe, the master is here, please be respected by the apprentice.” Jiang Yuting smiled and was about to go to the teacher, but Chen Feng smiled and stopped.
“Miss Jiang, you don’t need to be a teacher. Between you and me, it’s still not that way. My teacher doesn’t allow me to recruit disciples.”

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