Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 357

“Xiao Wei, don’t shame your face, okay?” Liu Kun’s tone was still gentle, even when he spoke, there was a smile on his face, but it was a bit shuddering.
Xiao Mai’s body trembled and she smiled: “Senior, Wanqiu’s boyfriend will be here soon…”
“Fart!” Before Xiao Mai was finished speaking, she was interrupted by a rough voice.
What interrupted Xiao Wei was a black-faced young man with a height of 1.9 meters. This young man was dark-skinned, and his exposed muscles had a somewhat explosive beauty. When he walked, he looked like an ancient behemoth. The ground began to tremble.
When he walked to Xiao Wei, the black-faced young man grinned and said: “Xiao Wei, you really think I haven’t investigated Lin Xiaoniu’s background?”
“She is a turtle from a small county town. Her mother is working as a broken textile factory. A textile worker, earns two thousand five thousand a month. Her father left her and her mother since childhood and ran away, and now he can’t even see a person.”
“As for the boyfriend you are talking about? It’s TM’s nonsense. I have already asked Lin Xiaoniu’s classmates. They said Lin Xiaoniu hadn’t even held a boy’s hand from junior high school to high school. Where did she get her boyfriend?”
“No boyfriend?” Xiao Wei’s pretty face could n’t help being pale. , Lin Wanqiu has no boyfriend, then who is the only unremarked number stored in her phone?
Call him yourself, will he come?
“Xiao Hao, if you want to get to know each other, please hurry up and leave Lin Xiaoniu to me and Brother Kun, so that I can have a good time tonight, I will have enough tonight, and I will take Lin tomorrow. The little girl will be sent back to you.” The black-faced young man said with a big grin. In fact, Xiao Wei looks very good in front of him, not much worse than Lin Wanqiu, but according to legend, Xiao Wei and several school directors have a leg, if they do it , Inevitably there will be problems.
Xiao Wei glanced at Lin Wanqiu a little embarrassedly. In fact, she and Lin Wanqiu didn’t have a good relationship, they just knew each other for four or five days. If it weren’t for Lin Wanqiu’s similarity to her once, she would have been Lin Wanqiu left behind.
After all, Liu Kun and Wu Zhike in front of them are not fuel-efficient materials. The backgrounds of the two are better than those of the sky. In addition to being the vice president of the Student Union of China Overseas University, Liu Kun’s family is also not weak. His father controls the market value of a family. For a medical device company with more than one billion yuan, his mother is a deputy director-level cadre of the Municipal Education Bureau, and Liu Kun is the only son of the two.
The black-faced young man Wu Zhike, his father is the captain of the Municipal Criminal Investigation Bureau, and his uncle is the battalion commander of a special operations battalion in the Southwest Military Region. Wu Zhike himself has also served in a special operations squadron of the Southwest Military Region.
Two people like Lin Wanqiu, Lin Wanqiu has no chance to escape.
If it hadn’t been for her to deal with Lin Wanqiu’s wine from the beginning, I’m afraid Lin Wanqiu would have been lying on the bed between them.
After a while, Xiao Wei finally made a decision. She raised her head: “Brother Kun, Brother Wu, I want to make a call.”
“Call?” Wu Zhike raised his mouth: “Rescue soldiers?
” Hmm.” Xiao Wei nodded. If she changes to someone else, she will definitely slap her a few times when she hears that she is going to rescue soldiers. But people like Wu Zhike and Liu Kun don’t. They are more upset than anyone else. Hear her. The first reaction to the rescue is not fear, but excitement and excitement!
Sure enough, just as Xiao Wei thought, when Xiao Wei admitted that Wu Zhike was not at all annoyed, but a joking gesture was raised at the corner of his mouth: “Who is it for?”
“Wanqiu her boyfriend.” Xiao Wei said. She did plan to call Chen Feng. She obviously couldn’t help Lin Wanqiu. If she insisted on helping, she would only get in with herself in the end.
So she can only pin her hopes on Chen Feng. Although she doesn’t know what the relationship between Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu is, the woman’s instinct tells her that the owner of the only number that Lin Wanqiu can keep carefully should not be simple.
If Chen Feng can’t help Lin Wanqiu, then she can only say sorry to Lin Wanqiu.
“? Boyfriend” Takeshi families suddenly sneer: “Xiao Nuo, you TM less delay time I play with that!”
“Just then I have said very clearly,”
“Lin chick, no boyfriend!” “To say The boyfriend can only be Brother Kun!”
“Brother Wu, I didn’t lie to you, Wanqiu really has a boyfriend.” Xiao Wei said calmly. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether Chen Feng is Lin Wanqiu’s boyfriend or not. The important thing is that Chen Summit will not come over. If Chen Feng brings the police over, then Wu Zhike and Liu Kun will let go no matter how unscrupulous they are.
So she must delay time.
“I don’t believe me! Xiao Wei, you don’t want to be careful with Laozi…” Wu Zhike cursed, and he was about to go up and drag Xiao Wei.
Xiao Wei was in a hurry. At the moment of the moment, Liu Kun smiled and said, “Let her fight.” “Brother Kun?” Wu Zhike was taken aback. Couldn’t Liu Kun see that Xiao Wei was delaying time?
Liu Kun smiled and shook his head: “Zhike, we are not short of one or two minutes.”
“Since Xiao Wei wants to fight, let her do it.”
“I want to see the so-called one she moved in. What can Wanqiu’s boyfriend have?”
“The woman I Liu Kun is fond of can’t be robbed by anyone.”
Liu Kun’s tone was as calm as ever, but this calmness made Xiao Wei a little bit shy. .
There was even a thought in his heart that even if Chen Feng really brought the police today, he might not be able to stop Liu Kun.
The confidence that Liu Kun showed was too much!
“Hahaha! Brother Kun, what you said is domineering! I like it very much!”
“The woman our brothers are fond of is the king of heaven and Lao Tzu who is here, so she has to go as far as she can go!”
Wu Zhike laughed wildly, as if he was the second child and the third child.
Liu Kun smiled slightly, walked to the side table, poured a glass of red wine, shook it gracefully, and drank it all in one go.
“Oh, Xiao Wei, why are you so ignorant?” At this moment, a tall woman in a blue and white porcelain cheongsam walked up to Xiao Wei, sighed, and gave Xiao Wei a sympathetic look.
“Wang Yanan, do you still have a face to say about me?!” Seeing this cheongsam woman, Xiao Wei’s pretty face was instantly cold, and waves of anger spurted from her beautiful eyes.
This cheongsam woman is also her roommate. Today it is her who brought Lin Wanqiu out of the school even coaxing her, and when she came to the wine table, she was the most ruthless one who poured Lin Wanqiu wine.
In the past, there were rumors in the school that she was Liu Kunyang’s sex girl. Xiao Wei did not believe this, but today, Xiao Wei does.
Wang Yanan is a dog raised by Liu Kun. What Liu Kun said and what she did, for Liu Kun, she lost even the most basic bottom line of life.

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