Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 358

“Xiao Wei, I know you are very angry, but I am also good for Wanqiu.” Wang Yanan sighed and said, although Xiao Wei was scolded, she did not feel angry at all, but made a bitter attitude.
“Good for Wanqiu?! Wang Yanan, where did you say this in your face?!” Xiao Weifei was about to be blown up. It was the first time she saw someone who could say so shamelessly.
Wang Yanan smiled bitterly: “Xiao Wei, I knew you would say that.”
“I admit, my methods are a bit shameless.”
“But I am true for Wanqiu’s sake.”
“You are a person here, you should know. A girl like Wanqiu who came out from a small place with no background and looks beautiful as a fairy, what will the end be?”
Xiao Wei’s eyes darkened, and Wang Yanan was right, like Lin Wanqiu without background and appearance. If a goddess is a girl, there will indeed be no good end in the end.
Either become the possession of some rich people, or become the forbidden of some big and young, in short, it is difficult to escape the fate of being controlled by others anyway.
Seeing Xiao Wei being persuaded, Wang Yanan suddenly became excited:
“Instead of making those people cheaper, let her give her body to Brother Kun and Brother Wu.”
“You know the backgrounds of Brother Kun and Brother Wu. If Wanqiu is If you can please them, what they can give to Wanqiu is definitely something that Wanqiu will not earn in ten lifetimes.”
“Enough!” Xiao Wei suddenly became agitated, and she looked directly at the cheongsam woman in front of her with cold eyes: “Wang Yanan, Don’t think anyone is as lowly as you!”
“Yes, you are right. As long as Wanqiu sleeps with Liu Kun and Wu Zhike, she will not worry about food and clothing in her life, and she will be prosperous and wealthy in this life. ”
“But, before you did all this, did you ask Wanqiu’s wishes?!”
“Have you ever asked what Wanqiu thinks?!”
“Have you ever asked Wanqiu if she was willing to exchange her innocence? Prosperity and wealth!”
“You haven’t!”
“You haven’t asked!”
“You are purely imposing your own ideas on Wanqiu, and you are better known as Wanqiu?!”
“It’s shameless!”
Wang Yanan Her tone was stagnant, and her pretty face turned blue and red. Xiao Mai’s words really gave her a big slap and slapped her face.
After a moment of anger, Wang Yanan opening cold smile:
“Yes, I was never asked Wan autumn, but how can you know, Wan autumn is how to think?” “Maybe she thought exactly the same with me too!”
“No Maybe! Wanqiu is not such a person!” Xiao Wei coldly denied?
“Not this kind of person? How do you know that she is not this kind of person?” Wang Yanan sneered.
“Xiao Wei, let me tell you, a woman is born a vassal of a man. It is not shameful for a woman with capital to lie down and make money. Only those women who have no capital will want to prove themselves by struggling.”
“Even if Lin Wanqiu is not today Sleeping with Brother Kun and Brother Wu, then one day in the future, when she has tasted enough of the hardships of life, she will also sleep with other men.”
“Wang Yanan, have your three views been eaten by dogs?!” Xiao Wei is angry She was trembling, she couldn’t imagine that her best friend would spit out such extremely unrighteous words about the Three Views.
“Three views?” Wang Yanan sneered: “How much is that thing worth?”
“One hundred thousand? Or one million?”
Xiao Wei and Wang Yanan were red-faced in the quarrel, but Liu Kun and Wu Zhike drank red wine leisurely, watching the two arguing with joking expression, as if watching a monkey.
Putting down the wine glass, Wu Zhike squinted at Wang Yanan and said with a smile: “Brother Kun, I like this little bitch to talk. Would you like to lend her to me for two days?”
Liu Kun let out a smoke ring. Ni glanced at Wu Zhike slantingly: “Zhike, you said this to me, but you are out of sight. Between our brothers, we didn’t borrow the word. If you like that bastard, I will give her to You, you can play for as long as you want.”
“Hey, thank you, Brother Kun.” Wu Zhike smiled, and the wickedness in his eyes was undisguised. Although Wang Yanan looked a bit worse than Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu, she was of the same figure. It is more plump than the two. The place where the whole person should be convex is convex, the place that should be warped is like a ripe peach, and the whole body exudes a seductive atmosphere.
On the bed, such a woman is a stunner.
At this moment, the triumphant Wang Yanan didn’t know that Wu Zhike just said a word, and Liu Kun sent her out as goods.
I don’t know what expression Wang Yanan would have if he knew it.
“Wang Yanan, I don’t want to say anything to you anymore.”
“Wanqiu’s boyfriend will come over soon. When he comes, I will tell him all the things you have done tonight. You’d better pray. He can let you go.” Xiao Wei said coldly.
“Hahaha, let me go?” Wang Yanan laughed disdainfully, and tears came out: “Xiao Wei, do I say something is wrong with your brain?”
“That Wanqiu boyfriend you mentioned, dare he dare not? It’s a problem to dare to come over.”
“Take ten thousand steps, even if he does come, do you think Brother Kun and Brother Wu will let him go?”
“It’s okay for him to be honest.”
“If he is not honest, huh, Brother Kun and Brother Wu will definitely regret coming to this world.” Wang Yanan coldly snorted, she knows the details of Liu Kun and Wu Zhike, not to mention that she had been in special warfare. Wu Zhike, who served in the brigade, just talked about Liu Kun, enough for Wanqiu’s boyfriend to eat a pot.
Because the Hongye club they were in was opened by Liu Kun’s aunt, and the security in the club was Liu Kun’s personal bodyguard. If the so-called boyfriend of Wanqiu had the guts to come, he couldn’t pass the security of the club.
Xiao Yan pursed her red lips and didn’t say any more. When she said these, she was just making cruel remarks. She knew in her heart that the possibility of Lin Wanqiu’s escape today is very small, even so small that it can be ignored.
There was a “bang”.
Almost as soon as Xiao Wei’s thoughts fell, the door of the box was kicked open, and the door panel made of solid wood fell to the ground with a dull sound.
With this sudden change, everyone in the shocked box stood up one after another, all eyes converging towards the dim light at the door.
Later, I discovered that there were two tall figures standing at the door of the box.
The head was a blank-faced young man, and behind the young man was a middle-aged uncle with a cold look.
Seeing that the two of them were clearly looking for trouble, everyone in the box couldn’t help but turn their eyes to Liu Kun and Wu Zhike, who were headed by them, but found that Liu Kun shook the red wine glass in his hand from start to finish, without even raising his eyelids. a bit.
Wu Zhike squinted at Chen Feng and Shi Pojun, but when only Chen Feng and Shi Pojun came over, he immediately lost interest, apparently feeling that Chen Feng and Shi Pojun were not worth his shot.

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