Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 359

The two were unmoved by Chen Feng and Shi Pojun, but their younger brother was very interested in Chen Feng and Shi Pojun.
Soon, a very robust young man with a height of 1.8 meters and a stature came to Chen Feng with a wine bottle.
“What are you doing?!” The young man glanced at Chen Feng arrogantly, his tone a little careless.
Chen Feng ignored the young man, but walked straight to Lin Wanqiu, who was guarded by Xiao Wei.
“Grass! What I want to say to you, are you deaf?”
Seeing Chen Feng ignored himself, the young man suddenly got angry and raised his hand to grab Chen Feng’s shoulder.
But just as he stepped east, the back of his neck was tight, and then his whole person rose into the air uncontrollably.
Shi Pojun pinched the back of the young man’s neck as if he was pinching a chicken, and with a light throw, he threw the young man onto the wine table four or five meters away.
There was a “bang”.
The youth smashed heavily on the wine table. After a thunderbolt, the wine table was in a mess, and the youth fell to the ground.
Everyone in the box couldn’t help but take a breath. This middle-aged uncle is a man or a ghost, how can he be so strong?
Wu Zhike’s pupils also shrank, and he could do it with a single hand of a young man weighing more than 180 kilograms, but he could not do it as easily as Shi Pojun.
Xiao Wei didn’t know what Shi Pojun’s hand meant. Seeing Chen Feng coming over, she couldn’t help but lower her voice and asked: ”
Where are the police?” “There is no police.” Chen Feng shook his head, like this daring to snatch people in the club in broad daylight. The rich second-generation man, it’s useless to call the police, and it’s just a cutscene to get in, so he might as well take the shot himself.
“No police?!” Xiao Wei panicked when Chen Feng didn’t call the police. Why did you run over without calling the police?
Single-handedly grabbing people?
What are you robbing Liu Kun and Wu Zhike with?
You know, just the seven or eight young boys in the box are enough for Chen Feng to eat a pot, not to mention the security in the clubhouse.
If things get worse, maybe Wu Zhike’s father will be there.
At that time, what will Chen Feng do to block? !
Why is it so stupid? ! Xiao Wei was a little angry. She did not expect that Chen Feng, who had all her hopes in her, would be so stupid!
“Why don’t you call the police? Do you know what Liu Kun and Wu Zhike do?!”
“Without a police officer, let alone take Wanqiu away, you won’t be able to leave today!” Xiao Wei was about to get angry. If Chen Feng came over and begged Liu Kun and Wu Zhike in a low voice at first, maybe there was still room for maneuver, but Chen Feng broke the door of the box with a kick.
He didn’t save Liu Kun any face, how could Liu Kun let him go?
“I want to go, no one can stop it.” Chen Feng’s tone was as calm as ever. When he entered the door, he found that today’s master is the tall young man tasting wine at the wine table and a black-faced young man with tendons. .
The dressing and manners of these two men are indeed very unusual.
But this is not ordinary, just for students like Xiao Wei.
In front of Chen Feng, the two of them were not enough to see!
“I’m so angry!” Xiao Ma stomped her feet angrily. Now she regrets using Chen Feng’s only opportunity to make a phone call. She should call the police by herself instead of pinning all her hopes. Chen Feng.
“Uncle’s skill is good, have you ever done it?” At this time, Wu Zhike walked to Shi Pojun with a smile.
Shi Pojun’s hand just now has completely suppressed the other young people in the box, so at the moment, he, the boss, must stand up.
Shi Pojun glanced at Wu Zhike and did not speak, but the disdain in his eyes was obvious.
In three words, you are unworthy.
Wu Zhike’s expression cooled down: “Uncle, you are crazy.”
“Crazy?” Shi Pojun shook his head and smiled even more disdainfully. He glanced at Wu Zhike and asked with a smile: “Boy, do you know what madness is? ”
Wu Zhike coldly snorted: “I don’t know, if uncle doesn’t dislike it, tell me and let me know.”
“Okay.” Shi Pojun smiled, “I will tell you today and let you know.” know. ” ” in here, I really called mad, only one man, they normally fame is not significant, where the soil as a low-key, walking in the crowd will not look at the others to see. ” ”
But when the country needs When the time comes, they will stand up immediately and kill the enemy. With the three-foot green peaks in their hands, they will create a bright universe for our great country.”
“They fend off the enemy and the country, they sprinkle blood in the enemy’s territory, they The gun in his hand only kills the enemy and never points at his own person.”
“This kind of person, in the eyes of Lao Tzu, is a crazy word!”
Shi Pojun said, the whole box was silent, no Few people are moved by it.
Wu Zhike’s complexion was flushed, and his entire face began to twist. There is no doubt that Shi Pojun’s remarks were mocking him. Shi Pojun had seen his identity as a soldier early on.
“Hey, you are a girl who robs civilians in broad daylight. You will only be wasteful in your own nest. You still know shame?” Seeing Wu Zhike blushing like a monkey butt, Shi Pojun couldn’t help but sneered.
“Shut up for Lao Tzu!”
Wu Zhike’s eyes were blood red, and his chest rose and fell sharply. He was obviously angry to the extreme.
“Shut up? What if I don’t shut it?” Shi Pojun’s eyes narrowed, and a very dangerous aura radiated from him. He is a warrior, and even a public official of the War League, so under normal circumstances, he doesn’t Will shoot against ordinary people, but not, does not mean that you can’t!
Wu Zhike provokes him so much, he makes a move, and no one else will say anything.
Wu Zhike roared and made a bold move directly.
At this moment, Liu Kun came over lightly, grabbed Wu Zhike’s fist, and said in a deep voice: “Zhike, be kind to uncle.”
“Brother Kun!” Wu Zhike glanced at Liu Kun a little unclearly. After seeing the extremely solemn warning in Liu Kun’s eyes, Wu Zhike’s pupils shrank, and immediately retracted his fist, and apologized: “Uncle, I’m sorry, I just made an impulse.”
Shi Pojun ignored Wu Zhike. , Instead, Ni glanced at Liu Kun obliquely and snorted, the warning sign was obvious.
Obviously, Liu Kun realized that his identity was not simple, so he stopped Wu Zhike before Wu Zhike took the shot. If he didn’t stop, Wu Zhike should have been abandoned by now.
“How do you call this brother?” Liu Kun walked to Chen Feng with a smile.
Before Shi Pojun made a move, he didn’t see the depth of Shi Pojun, but after Shi Pojun made his move, he noticed something wrong. The breath of Shi Pojun was somewhat like a legendary warrior.

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