Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 360

Once the matter involved the martial artist, Liu Kun couldn’t help being careless.
People in his circle know what the word warrior means. In addition to having extremely terrifying strength, the forces behind warrior will never be weak.
Wu Zhike’s second generation of red, there are several deputy director-level cadres with real power in the family, his identity is placed among ordinary people, that is a remarkable existence.
But to the warrior, a few deputy director-level cadres are nothing at all.
Even if Shi Pojun really defeated Wu Zhike, people in Wu Zhike’s family might not dare to ask Shi Pojun for an explanation.
That’s why he stopped Wu Zhike before Wu Zhike shot. If this matter is allowed to make a big deal, he will not end well in the end.
He must calm the matter down.
“This brother, why…” The first time I asked Chen Feng, Chen Feng didn’t respond, and Liu Kun patiently asked the second time, but this time, before I finished the question, Chen Feng’s cold eyes fell. On him: “Get out!”
Liu Kun’s expression froze, and the smile on his face completely solidified. roll?
I heard that right, did he let me go?
After a while, Liu Kun took a deep breath and forced the green-red color on his face back: “Brother, I don’t mean anything else, I just want to meet…”
“I’ll say one last time, get out!”
Chen Feng’s response is still indifferent, that is, Lin Wanqiu is now safe and sound, nothing happened, otherwise he would never let Liu Kun stand here and talk to him!
Chen Feng rolled the word twice in succession, making the whole box quiet, and he could even hear the needle drop on the ground.
Xiao Wei clenched her silver teeth, wishing to rush to Chen Feng to apologize to Liu Kun for Chen Feng.
In her opinion, Chen Feng’s behavior is pure death now!
Liu Kun has already given him face in this way. He doesn’t need to find a step to take advantage of the situation. Instead, let Liu Kun go? !
Is your brain muddled? !
In the box, there are not a few young men and women who share the same ideas as Xiao Wei. Liu Kun’s character is clearer than anyone else. They are arrogant and defiant. Most people don’t say let Liu Kun go away in front of Liu Kun. If you offend Liu Kun with your eyes, Liu Kun will not let it go.
Not to mention Chen Feng in front of him, causing Liu Kun to roll twice in a row.
Everyone thought this way, but the next scene happened that made everyone in the field stare.
Liu Kun actually retired!
As he stepped back, he still smiled to Chen Feng: “Brother, don’t be angry, I’ll get out, I’ll get out.”
“Brother Kun?!”
Wu Zhike’s mouth was open and his face was incredible. This is the Liu Kun he knew. ?
Why are you so courageous? !
If others let him go, he will go? !
Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and the corner of his mouth evoked a subtle sneer. This Liu Kun is a bit interesting.
Barely counted as a personal thing.
He humiliated him in front of so many people, and he was able to contain his anger.
It is not normal to bend and stretch.
After a sneer, Chen Feng directly hugged Lin Wanqiu out of the box. I believe that after this incident, Liu Kun and Wu Zhike must not dare to easily catch Lin Wanqiu’s attention.
Even if they want to fight, they will first find a way to investigate their background and pass their own level.
“Trash things, go out in the future, don’t tell people that you have been in the army and lose the face of our soldiers!” Shi Pojun glanced at Wu Zhike coldly, and after cursing, he turned and left without looking back.
The faces of Wu Zhike and Liu Kun who stayed in place were ugly.
Seeing that something was wrong, Xiao Wei also hurriedly followed Shi Pojun out the door.
“Grass!” After the three of them left, Wu Zhike, with a distorted expression, slammed his fist against the wall of the box, only then dared to vent his anger.
“Brother Kun, what on earth did that kid come from?” Wu Zhike couldn’t help but ask, he still couldn’t understand why Liu Kun was so afraid of Chen Feng, was it because Shi Pojun looked like a warrior?
“I don’t know.” Liu Kun shook his head, and there was a shadowy bird in the depths of his eyes. He really couldn’t see Chen Feng. He could probably guess the origin of Shi Pojun, but he couldn’t guess Chen Feng at all. .
No matter how you look at it, Chen Feng is no different from an ordinary person, or even an ordinary person.
But even in this ordinary situation, there was a dangerous breath that made Liu Kun frightened.
Liu Kun even felt that if he had really made a decision just now and acted on Chen Feng, then this decision would be the last decision he made in this life, no one!
Liu Kun has always believed in his instincts, so this time, he chose forbearance.
“I don’t know?”
Wu Zhike’s eyes widened, and Liu Kun let the other party humiliate him without knowing the other party’s approximate road number?
As if he knew what Wu Zhike was thinking, Liu Kun shook his head and sighed: “Zhike, do you know what is the most frightening thing in our circle?”
“What is it?” Wu Zhikeyi Froze.
“It’s ignorance, it’s ignorance!” Liu Kun said lightly.
“From childhood to adulthood, there are not one thousand people we have contacted, but eight hundred people. Among these people, there are traffickers and pawns, but also powerful and famous. No matter what kind of people, they have the aura of their own class.”
“Poor people .” Inferiority complex, sensitive, and cowardly.”
“The rich are confident, suspicious, and arrogant.”
“You can see a lot of their aura at a glance, and you can judge what class they are from by the aura they show. Can you afford to provoke them?”
“But the kid just now didn’t show any aura. His appearance and what he showed up were very confusing. At first glance, you would only regard him as ordinary. People would never associate him with the two words of power and nobility.”
“But when you come into contact with him, you will find that he is not ordinary at all.”
“In his body, there is a prehistoric statue hidden in his body. Beast!”
Liu Kun’s tone was suddenly solemn, a wild beast, this is the feeling Chen Feng gave him.
To anger Chen Feng is to anger a wild beast. In front of the wild beast, his strong background is a joke.
So even if he just said a word, he could call the security of the Hongye Club, but he did not call.
“Brother Kun, is it so serious?” Wu Zhike frowned. He felt that Liu Kun was scared this time, or he was miserable. Chen Feng, how he looked at him, did not look like he had a background. The Shi Pojun next to him seemed more threatening.
“Zhike, you don’t understand.” Liu Kun shook his head.
“There are some people in this world that we can’t provoke. We are blessed with unique conditions, and we have wealth and rights that ordinary people can’t match. But these things can only make us show off in front of ordinary people.”

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