Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 36

However, the person who was most shocked at this time was definitely Xia Mengyao. From the moment she saw Gu Dongchen, she had an inexplicable fear in her heart. Last time Gu Dongchen still left her a little psychological shadow. She thought, this I’m afraid I will not escape the humiliation when I meet Gu Dongchen every time.
But unexpectedly, Gu Dongchen met her this time, just like a mouse meeting a cat, without the slightest majestic appearance last time.
What happened?
Chen Feng’s expression was weird, and he may be the only one in the audience who understood why Gu Dongchen was so contrasted.
He chopped off a hand of Gu Dongchen last time and didn’t say anything, and even showed his hand before leaving, so that Gu Dongchen did not dare to disclose the slightest thing about him.
So when Gu Dongchen saw him at the moment, he had to pretend not to know him, but also had to give him enough face.
Gu Dongchen slapped for a long time, unable to lift the fan’s own hand, then slowly stood up, smiled at Xia Mengyao, and said: “Miss Xia, I’m sorry, if I know you are eating here, I will kill me. I dare not bother you.”
Xu Feirong opened her mouth wide, is this still the incredible Gu Dongchen just now? How come you look like a pug in front of Xia Mengyao?
Song Jun and Zhao Yue, who were lying half-dead on the ground, were even more regretful at this time. If they had known that Xia Mengyao was so awesome, they would not have been like a clown, jumping up and down in front of Xia Mengyao. Not to cause trouble for myself.
Xia Mengyao stared at Gu Dongchen blankly. Until now, she didn’t understand why Gu Dongchen didn’t even dare to show up in front of her.
“Miss Xia, I am sorry for hurting your friends. But you can rest assured, I will send them to the hospital, they will not have any problems. In addition, my brother is not sensible, let you and this lady Frightened, I will ask him to send you five million yuan for mental damage, Miss Xia, don’t be too little.”
Gu Dongchen’s attitude is very low. He is a smart man. From the moment he saw Chen Feng, he knew that the relationship between Chen Feng and Song Jun and Zhao Yue is definitely not good, or else he would not look at it. Song Jun and Zhao Yue were taught by him, so for Zhao Yue and Song Jun, Gu Dongchen just paid for medical expenses, but for Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong, even if the two of them were not harmed, five million would be indispensable, because This is Chen Feng’s woman!
“You…” Xia Mengyao wanted to ask Gu Dongchen why she was so afraid of herself, but because of her nervousness, she stammered and couldn’t speak.
Gu Dongchen naturally saw what Xia Mengyao meant, but Chen Feng didn’t say it. He didn’t dare to say with his 100,000 courage. So he hurriedly interjected and said, “Miss Xia, I will send them to the hospital. You do not worry.”
After speaking, Gu Dongchen hurried out of the box without looking back. He was afraid that he would go on, but the stuffing was omitted, and Chen Feng slapped him into tofu chunks.
It wasn’t until Gu Dongchen got out of the box that Xia Mengyao realized that the matter was solved like this?
“Meng Yao, why is Gu Dongchen… so afraid of you?” Xu Feirong asked hurriedly.
Xia Mengyao gave a wry smile and said, “I said I don’t know, do you believe it?”
“Don’t you know?!” Xu Feirong’s mouth opened wide and she could lay two eggs.
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao nodded lightly, repeating what happened last time in Golden Age.
After listening to her, Xu Feirong’s face was uncertain, and she happened to meet the police to rescue Xia Mengyao?
At that time, it seemed that there was nothing wrong with this, but now it is full of loopholes. The police can still let Gu Dongchen see Xia Mengyao and the mouse and the cat?
“Chen Feng, do you know Gu Dongchen?” Xu Feirong looked at Chen Feng sharply, and the woman’s instinct told her that this matter could not be separated from Chen Feng.
Chen Feng shrugged and said with an innocent look: “What are you kidding? I’m a takeaway, how can I know such a big man.”
“Really?” Xu Feirong looked suspicious.
“If you don’t believe me, go and ask Gu Dongchen.” Chen Feng said helplessly, he couldn’t admit it anyway.
Xia Mengyao also felt that this incident had something to do with Chen Feng, but it was a bit too unbelievable. If Chen Feng had the power to make Gu Dongchen such a terrified snake, then he was in the Xia family for three years.
Xu Feirong did not say any more, but she was suspicious of Chen Feng in her heart. She suddenly remembered that as early as when Song Jun violently beat Zhou Jinlong, Chen Feng reminded Song Jun not to go too far. This shows that at that time Chen Feng had already noticed that Zhou Jinlong’s identity was unusual, and he expected troubles later.
But none of them took Chen Feng’s words seriously.
It now appears that Chen Feng is ten times better than the others by his eyesight alone.
Chen Feng, it’s definitely not as simple as it seems!
“Master Chen, that woman, what’s the source of it?” Zhou Jinlong couldn’t help asking after walking out of the box. He rarely saw Gu Dongchen, who was not afraid of the sky and feared a woman like this.
Gu Dongchen took a deep breath and said solemnly: “That woman has no background, but the man standing behind her has a big background!”
“The man behind her?” Zhou Jinlong was immediately stunned. The feeling Gu Dongchen was afraid of just now was not Xia Mengyao, but the plain man behind Xia Mengyao!
“I cut this hand from him.” Gu Dongchen sighed and said.
“What?! Master Chen, your hand…” Zhou Jinlong took a deep breath and was shocked. He didn’t understand before, who could make Gu Dongchen so jealous. Now that Gu Dongchen said this, he understood. , Definitely the one who can kill Gu Dongchen!
“Master Chen, you saved my dog’s life.” After the reaction, Zhou Jinlong immediately did not complain about Gu Dongchen’s brutal beating of him, and was even a little grateful. If Gu Dongchen just didn’t hit him, let him touch that. As for the woman, he is probably already a corpse at the moment.
People who can cut off Gu Dongchen’s hand, and make Gu Dongchen afraid of revenge, definitely have this ability! Zhou Jinlong did not dare to doubt.
“In the future, I will call on the bright spots, and I will roll as far as I see the person.” Gu Dongchen exhorted.
“Yes, yes, Chen Ye.” Zhou Jinlong nodded hurriedly.
Gu Dongchen was very trustworthy, and within a short time after Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao returned home, someone sent a bank card.
Three million!
After seeing the card, Xia Mengyao opened her mouth in surprise. She thought that Gu Dongchen was just talking about it, but unexpectedly, it was delivered.
However, this made Xia Mengyao a little at a loss and didn’t know what to do with the money.
In the end, Chen Feng came up with an idea, three million, half Xu Feirong, half himself.
Since Gu Dongchen sent it, there is no reason not to accept it.
After Chen Feng talked about it, Xia Mengyao finally accepted the money.
“Chen Feng, let me buy you a car.” After thinking about it, Xia Mengyao decided to take out half a million from the 1.5 million li and buy a car for Chen Feng.

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