Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 37

Chen Feng paused and wanted to refuse. After all, in the garage of his Yuquanshan villa, there was a Koenigsegg worth more than 20 million, but after seeing Xia Mengyao’s ardent eyes, Chen Feng couldn’t bear it. Refuse.
He could guess that Xia Mengyao bought him a car to take care of his face.
“Yeah.” In the end, Chen Feng agreed.
It’s just that after agreeing to feel a weird feeling, my current behavior should be regarded as… eating soft rice, right?
“Then, shall we go to see the car tomorrow?” Xia Mengyao said with a sweet smile.
“Good.” Chen Feng’s answer was simple and neat.
Early the next morning, the two came to a 4S shop early, and it took only one hour for the two of them to look at the car to pick it up.
When Chen Feng drove a brand-new Audi A6 out of the 4S shop, Xia Mengyao sat in the co-driver, with an inexplicable look on her pretty face.
The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth raised. Although the price of this Audi A6 is not as good as Koenigsegg’s fraction, Chen Feng has an unprecedented comfort in the car.
“Chen Feng, do you like boys or girls?” Xia Mengyao asked, tilting her head.
Chen Feng was stunned, why did Xia Mengyao suddenly ask this question.
“Boys and girls are fine, as long as you give birth, I like them.” Chen Feng said truthfully.
Xia Mengyao blushed, “Then we have…”
Before Xia Mengyao finished speaking, she saw a figure rushing out from the side, and then fell in front of the car.
Chen Feng squinted his eyes. He didn’t expect that he would run into a bumper after he just bought a new car before driving a few meters, and it was obviously not the first time that the woman lying in front of the car was so proficient. dry.
Do professionals touch porcelain households? A sneer appeared at the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth, and then slammed on the accelerator. The black Audi, like a tiger out of the cage, whizzed towards the woman lying on the ground without any scruples.
Looking at Chen Feng’s battle, he was going to crush the women on the ground directly!
“Chen Feng! What are you doing!”
Xia Mengyao opened her mouth in horror.
Chen Feng was expressionless, and stepped on the accelerator without hesitation and ran towards the woman lying on the ground.
“Ah! It’s going to kill!”
Seeing the black Audi running towards him, there was no intention to stop at the slightest. The middle-aged woman lying on the ground was so scared that she screamed and got up from the ground with a scream.
Chen Feng finally stepped on the brakes and the tires rubbed against the road, making a harsh grip on the ground.
The black front of the car came to a halt, and the distance from the middle-aged woman was no more than one foot. If Chen Feng had just stepped on the brakes for half a second late, the middle-aged woman would have already flown out.
Rao is so, the middle-aged woman was also scared into cold sweat, and her calves were trembling.
How could she not understand that this time she really encountered stubborn stubble. If she had just lay on the ground and couldn’t afford it, this Audi would really run over her!
“Aunt?” Xia Mengyao widened her beautiful eyes and couldn’t help blurting out.
Chen Feng frowned. After the car stopped, he realized that this professional householder was actually Xia Mengyao’s aunt Sun Guifang. Two years ago, Sun Guifang took her son to Xia’s house. They asked Lin Lan to borrow 500,000 yuan, saying it was for her son’s marriage.
Of course, Lin Lan didn’t have that much money at all, and even if it had, it was impossible to lend to Sun Guifang.
Without borrowing the money, Sun Guifang cursed and took her son away from the Xia family, and before leaving Xia Mengyao’s wallet.
Afterwards, he still refused to admit it, so angry that Xia Mengyao didn’t sleep well for several days.
Therefore, Chen Feng’s impression of Sun Guifang was extremely deep.
This family is the best of the best.
Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao saw Sun Guifang standing in front of the car, and Sun Guifang naturally saw Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao through the windshield.
Why is this deadly useless? !
Suddenly, Sun Guifang’s expression became extremely wonderful.
The deep fear gradually turned into shock, and after the shock, it was endless anger.
“Bang Bang Bang”
Sun Guifang walked to the window of Chen Feng a few steps and knocked hard on the window.
Chen Feng rolled down the car window and gave Sun Guifang a cold look.
“You’re so awkward, who gave you the courage? You almost killed me just now, do you know!” Sun Guifang cursed. The moment Chen Feng stepped on the accelerator just now, she really thought that she had met a life-threatening one. It was terrible, but after the car stopped, she found out that the driver turned out to be her own useless niece. How could Sun Guifang bear it?
“Auntie, you climbed to the front of the car yourself.” Xia Mengyao said coldly.
“You’re a dead girl! What do you mean? What do you mean by my old lady crawling to the front of the car? Obviously, the old lady walked well, and this silly car crashed over. If the old lady reacted quickly, today the old lady was caught It’s a dead waste!” Sun Guifang’s hands on hips were straightforward and confident, as if the person touching the porcelain was Chen Feng.
“A person like you deserves to be killed.” Chen Feng sneered and said.
Sun Guifang’s expression changed as soon as he said this.
“What are you talking about?! Chen Feng, you are a waste of money, believe it or not that my old lady tears your mouth.”
“Tear my mouth?” Chen Feng sneered again and again, and then slammed Sun Guifang into the cart door.
Sun Guifang couldn’t stand still, and directly sat on the ground.
“You… what are you doing?” Sun Guifang panicked as he watched Chen Feng’s tall figure standing condescendingly in front of him.
“Aren’t you going to tear my mouth? Come on, tear it!” Chen Feng said coldly.
“Chen Feng, don’t mess around, I’m your aunt! You have to dare to beat me, Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan will not let you go!” Sun Guifang said sternly. She didn’t understand why Chen Feng, who had always been the only promise, was so bold today. Her aunt dared not take it seriously.
“Mom!” At this moment, a deep voice sounded.
Hearing this voice, Sun Guifang immediately looked like he saw the savior, and his face was happy.
“Son, you can count on coming here!”
Chen Feng turned his head to look, but saw a man with a face full of flesh came over carrying an iron rod. Chen Feng also knew this man. He was Sun Guifang’s son Lin Dajun, in his 30s and still a vagrant. Tian cheated on the street with a bunch of friends and friends, and had a bad reputation.
“Mom, is this bastard bullying you?” Lin Dajun stared at Chen Feng with an unkind expression.
“Son, he is Chen Feng, don’t you know him?” Sun Guifang couldn’t help but reminded him that Lin Dajun didn’t seem to recognize Chen Feng.
“Chen Feng?” Lin Dajun raised his brows, only to realize that the man in front of him was familiar. He seemed to have seen him two years ago.
“Is he the trash son-in-law of my third uncle?” Lin Dajun asked, raising his eyebrows.

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