Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 361

“In front of the real masters of this world, these things of ours are just a joke!”
“They can take back everything we have in a word.”
“So Zhike, you will be annoying in the future, you must You have to see clearly before you make trouble, try not to make trouble.”
“If you want to make trouble, you should admit it, don’t be hard with others.”
“Living is the capital.”
“Shame, always It’s better than losing one’s life.”
“Brother Kun, I listen to you.” Wu Zhike nodded solemnly. He knew very well that Liu Kun’s remarks did not seem to be alarmist. There are indeed so many in this world. People, he can’t afford to offend.
For example, the Shi Pojun just now, although from beginning to end, he never fought against Shi Pojun once.
But Shi broke the army, but he was very likely to be that kind of person.
Seeing that Wu Zhike seemed to be frightened by himself, Liu Kun couldn’t help but laugh a little, patted Wu Zhike on the shoulder, and said: “Zhike, you don’t have to pay too much attention to what I said. Where, maybe that kid today is just an ordinary person.”
“Brother Kun, what do you mean?” Wu Zhike was taken aback.
“Look back and look at him to see what he is coming from. If it really has any background, then we brothers will accept it this time.”
“If it doesn’t…” Liu Kun didn’t say the following words, but his eyes crossed. That hideous color made Wu Zhike shiver involuntarily.
After coming out of the Hongye Club, Xiao Wei’s head was still a little dizzy.
She still couldn’t believe that she had just walked out of the Hongye Club intact.
No police lead the way!
From beginning to end, there were only Shi Pojun and Chen Feng.
It can even be said that Chen Feng is the only one!
After rolling twice in a row, did Liu Kun really get out?
How did it do it?
Chen Feng didn’t know what Xiao Wei was thinking. If he did, he would only smile. The confrontation between him and Liu Kun was actually a psychological confrontation and a moral confrontation. Most people don’t understand it. You break the bubble and put it in front of her, she may not understand it.
Although Liu Kun is a dude, he is completely different from the ordinary rich second generation. This person is more delicate and more cautious. The whole person is like a poisonous snake hiding in the dark, only he can kill his opponent with a fatal grasp. When, he will shoot.
If he is not sure, he will choose to endure to death.
Such an opponent is very scary to ordinary people, but to Chen Feng, it is nothing at all. If Chen Feng wanted to, he could pinch Liu Kun to death at any time.
In the face of absolute power, all calculations are clouds.
“Hey, how did you do it?”
Xiao Wei still didn’t hold back his curiosity and asked.
“How did you do it?” Chen Feng was taken aback.
“Just bring Wanqiu out. Liu Kun is so powerful. The Hongye Club was opened by his aunt. With a word of him, he can call out all the security guards of the Hongye Club. But if you scold him twice, he didn’t. I dared to be angry with you, and let you take Wanqiu away.” Xiao Wei asked.
“Do you remember what I said in the clubhouse?” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“What?” Xiao Wei was slightly surprised.
“I want to go, no one can stop me.”
Xiao Wei’s tone was stagnant, and Chen Feng had really said this, but at the time she thought Chen Feng was bragging. Now it seems that she is underestimating Chen Feng.
“So, let alone the Hongye Club opened by his aunt, Zhonghai is his aunt, and I can get out of there today.” Chen Feng smiled slightly and turned around after speaking.
“Bringing bragging.” Xiao Wei curled her lips on the spot and murmured in a low voice. She felt that Chen Feng could get out of there, relying more on Shi Pojun. Compared with Chen Feng, she felt that Shi Pojun was more like there. What a terrific background.
What Shi Pojun taught Wu Zhike was not something ordinary people could say.
“By the way, where are you going? I’ll let Brother Shi see you.” After a few steps, Chen Feng suddenly remembered that it is not good to leave Xiao Wei as a girl here, after all, it is getting late. And Xiao Wei drank again, and leaving her here is simply creating opportunities for some people.
“I want to go back…it’s awful!” Xiao Wei’s expression suddenly changed drastically when he was halfway through.
“What’s wrong?” Chen Feng asked.
Xiao Wei looked anxious: “The Guild will have a pK tonight, I forgot about it!”
“I originally planned to go back to school to start a live PK after drinking with Wanqiu, but Liu Kun and Wu Zhike were the two of them. This guy was delayed. ”
Live? Guild PK?
Chen Feng was confused and didn’t realize what Xiao Wei was saying for a while.
“Well, can you send me to the hotel? I want to broadcast it in the hotel. It’s too late to go back to school.” Xiao Wei gave Chen Feng a little embarrassed. The school is dozens of kilometers away from here. Now I am back to school. , Time is definitely not enough, the best way is to find a hotel nearby.
“No problem, let me take you back to the hotel where I stayed.” Chen Feng nodded, and Xiao Wei’s request was not a request at all.
“Trouble you.” There was a grateful look on Xiao Weiqiao’s face. Tonight’s guild pk is very important to her, and the result of the PK will determine whether she can continue to be the anchor in the future.
“By the way, did you bring all the live broadcasts?” Although Chen Feng didn’t understand the guild’s PK, Chen Feng still knew the little common sense that live broadcasts needed equipment.
“I brought these things, I will carry them in my bag all year round.” Xiao Wei said.
“Let’s go, Brother Shi’s car is over there.” Chen Feng nodded.
Then he hugged Lin Wanqiu to Shi Pojun’s car.
“Land Rover Range Rover?!” Seeing the domineering model of the Range Rover Black Warrior, Xiao Wei couldn’t help but exclaimed. Although she didn’t know much about cars, she could still recognize the million-class luxury car like the Range Rover. of.
What was even more shocking to Xiao Wei was that the Range Rover in front of him was a modified bullet-proof Range Rover. Those who can drive a bullet-proof Range Rover on the land of China, their identity and status, needless to say.
Xiao Wei suddenly understood why Chen Feng could walk out of the box safely after slapped Liu Kun in the face.
Everything is because of the stone breaking the army!
Shi Pojun must have something she can’t imagine, this identity is not something Liu Kun and Wu Zhike can provoke.
That’s why Liu Kun chose to swallow his voice after being slapped in the face by Chen Feng.
With a keen curiosity about Shi Pojun, Xiao Wei sat in the back row.
Ten minutes later, the Range Rover stopped again to Jintai Hotel.

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