Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 362

After opening a suite to Xiao Wei at the front desk, the group went upstairs.
Lin Wanqiu has not woken up yet because of drinking too much alcohol.
Chen Feng had to take the girl back to his suite, then called Jiang Yuting over, and gave the girl to Jiang Yuting to take care of.
After thinking about it for a while, Chen Feng decided to see Xiao Wei.
Although I don’t know what the guild’s PK Xiao Wei said, but looking at Xiao Wei’s appearance, that PK is obviously very important to Xiao Wei.
So Chen Feng decided to help Xiao Wei. After all, Xiao Wei saved Lin Wanqiu tonight. If Xiao Wei were not there, Lin Wanqiu would have been lying in Liu Kun’s bed by now.
Coming to the door of Xiao Wei’s suite, Chen Feng knocked on the door, and then a clear voice came from the door: “Who?”
“It’s me, Chen Feng.”
“Wait a minute, I’m changing my clothes, right away. Come here.” A few seconds later, the door opened.
A pure and flawless face caught Chen Feng’s sight.
It’s Xiao Wei after removing her makeup.
Unlike Xiao Wei, who has heavy make-up, after removing makeup, Xiao Wei has bright eyes and white teeth, and his skin is as creamy. A standard melon seed face is full of pure breath.
No longer the frivolous and charming before.
“Sorry, just changing clothes.” Xiao Wei opened the door, staggering a position that allows Chen Feng to come in.
Chen Feng nodded. After entering the door, he found that Xiao Wei was wearing a small black sling on her upper body. Inside the sling, there seemed to be nothing superfluous to cover up. From Chen Feng, you could see Xiao Wei’s exposed white skin. There are also two faintly rounded balls on the chest.
As if to find that what he was wearing in front of Chen Feng was somewhat exposed, Xiao Wei’s pretty face couldn’t help being flushed, and hurriedly walked to the clothes rack, picked up a black cloak, and put it on himself.
“Well, what’s the matter?” Xiao Wei raised his head and asked stutteringly.
“It’s okay, just come over and ask you which platform to broadcast on.” Chen Feng said.
“What are you doing with this? Are you going to help me with gifts?” Xiao Wei smiled and asked.
“That’s the plan.” Chen Feng smiled. Although he rarely watched live broadcasts, he knew the general process of live broadcasts. The so-called PK is nothing more than someone who gave more gifts.
“Thank you for your kindness, but there is no need to brush the gift. The guild leader just sent me a message saying that my PK opponent tonight is another guild’s leading anchor, who is more than one million in popularity and has more fans than me. Dozens of times more.”
“So I can’t win, and if you give me a gift, it will be wasted.”
“The chairman means, let me broadcast it casually and go through the process.” Although Xiao Wei said She was very calm, but in this calm, the meaning of a strong smile could not be hidden no matter how much it was. Obviously, the news of the president had dealt a big blow to her.
“You haven’t started PK, why did you decide that you can’t win?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. He admired the tenacity and unwillingness hidden in Xiao Wei’s bones. If possible, he would try his best to help Xiao婼 once.
Xiao Wei was taken aback. Chen Feng’s words made sense. Although Feng Jiachen was on the opposite side, she was no worse than Feng Jiachen.
“Let’s talk, which platform anchor you are on, I will ask my friend to cheer you up.” Chen Feng smiled.
“Your friend? Is it Uncle Shi?” Xiao Wei couldn’t help but ask. If Chen Feng’s friend is Shi Pojun, there is still some hope for the PK this time.
Because Shi Pojun’s status is obviously not simple, just the modified Range Rover he drove, no less than five or six million, with such a local tyrant standing on her side, she will more or less increase the odds of winning.
“No, it’s another friend.” Chen Feng shook his head. Although Shi Baojun was the deputy hall master of the Zhan League, he had a high position in the Zhan League, but he didn’t have much money in his pocket. More than one percent of the peak.
“Another friend?” Xiao Wei hesitated. She felt that the most powerful of Chen Feng’s friends should be Shi Pojun. The others, like Chen Feng, are ordinary people. Even if they are rich, they cannot reach the local tyrants. That grade.
And this kind of guild PK, the real fight is not how many fans both sides have, but how many local tyrants support both sides.
The ultimate winner still falls on the big local tyrants.
And Chen Feng and his friends, if they weren’t a local tyrant of Shi Pojun’s level, even if they gave her gifts, they would not have any impact on the outcome.
Thinking of this, Xiao Wei had a decision.
“Brother Feng, I appreciate the kindness of you and your friends, but don’t give gifts anymore. Come and watch my live broadcast and just give me a few barrage.” Xiao Wei said, if Chen Feng and his friends If you really give her a gift, there is a high probability that she will become cannon fodder, and she won’t be able to collect a cent of the money sent out. She doesn’t want to trouble Chen Feng.
“Okay.” Chen Feng nodded helplessly, Xiao Wei said so, then he was embarrassed to keep going.
After leaving Xiao Wei’s room, Chen Feng returned to his room. After thinking about it, Chen Feng still downloaded a funny fish.
Decided to go in and see Xiao Wei.
After clicking into Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room, Chen Feng found that PK had already started.
PK with Xiao Wei is an anchor with a sweet face and a sweet voice.
Not surprisingly, this is what Xiao Wei said, Feng Jiachen, one of the top ten female anchors of teasing fish.
Feng Jiachen’s strength is indeed good. He sings well. He looks like a popular internet celebrity face, with big eyes and pointed chin. After each song is finished, a large number of wives will appear on the barrage.
There are also special effects for various gifts.
Although it was just the beginning of the PK, several local tyrants have sent Feng Jiachen several rockets out.
In contrast, Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room was a bit bleak.
Perhaps because of being abandoned by the guild, Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room only had more than 30,000 popularity.
It is nearly half a million worse than Feng Jiachen’s 5.3 million people!
Not only did the popularity drop by half a million, the gifts given by fans in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room were also dumped by Feng Jiachen.
Except for a few fish balls, there are only two airplanes left. Together, these gifts are not as valuable as a rocket sent by a random local tyrant in Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast.
The red and blue bars that represent the power of both sides are getting bigger and bigger.
Xiao Yu was completely crushed by Feng Jiachen. Although she was in this state, Xiao Yu did not see the slightest discouragement. Instead, she sang songs with a smile on her face, enlivening the atmosphere in the live broadcast room.
After all, audiences have long eyes. Soon, the audience in Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room noticed Xiao Wei.
Although Feng Jiachen sang very well, in terms of her looks, she was beaten by Xiao Wei for more than ten streets.
Especially tonight’s Xiao Wei, still live on the makeup remover.
The mobile phone lens perfectly showed her beautiful and elegant face, and many viewers were shocked.
There were even a few viewers who ran directly from Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room to Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room to cheer for Xiao Wei.

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