Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 363

Seeing the fans with her own brand waving the flag for their PK opponents, Feng Jiachen still felt a little uncomfortable, but she adjusted it soon, and a charming smile appeared on Qiao’s face again, and she began to perform harder.
After singing a song, Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room passed twenty rockets.
The cool gift special effects immediately detonated the entire live broadcast room. Fans of Feng Jiachen in the live broadcast room began to frantically shout for Feng Jiachen.
The local tyrant atmosphere, the barrage of Tyrant 666 filled the entire screen.
One rocket is 500 yuan, and if you send 20 rockets at a time, that’s 10,000 yuan!
It is equivalent to two months’ salary of most ordinary people!
“Thank you Brother Knight for the 20 rockets!” In front of the camera, Feng Jiachen laughed so hard that he couldn’t close his mouth. Even in the god-gathered funny fish, twenty rockets at one time is a great deal, this one named Jiachen Fans of Guardian Knights are indeed generous!
No doubt he is a real local tyrant!
Under the blessing of twenty rockets, Feng Jiachen floated up and her face was full of pride. For Xiao Wei, she had completely ignored her.
Because from the beginning, this was a doomed PK.
“Thank you for your gifts, and I will do it for you…” Feng Jiachen said with a smile, and was about to present the next song to the fans in the live broadcast room, but just halfway through the conversation, her expression was completely frozen.
In Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room, someone sent a rocket!
No, it’s not a rocket, it’s a super rocket!
Feng Jiachen opened her mouth wide and was shocked. Did she read it wrong?
How could a small anchor like Xiao Wei give her a super rocket?
Although there was only one shot…
Feng Jiachen’s expression was frozen again before his thoughts fell.
Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room is red again!
Another super rocket!
Feng Jiachen’s eyes widened, and she couldn’t believe it, the special effect of the super rocket exclusive gift above Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room.
How is this going?
Which local tyrant will give Xiao Wei two super rockets in a row? !
A round of 1500 yuan, two consecutive rounds, is 3000 yuan, equivalent to six rockets.
Feng Jiachen thought that this was the end, but the next scene directly blasted her eyes.
In Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room, the gift special effects of Super Rocket floated again!
But this time, not one!
It is floating one after another!
Eighteen ships floated in a row!
Counting the previous two ships, there are a total of twenty ships!
What is the concept of twenty super rockets? !
One ship is 1,500 yuan, twenty ships, and 30,000 yuan!
In just one minute, give out a gift of 30,000 yuan!
What kind of local tyrant is this? !
It was completely blown up!
Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room was completely exploded.
Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room also exploded.
Many viewers flocked to Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room, wanting to see who is the Shenhao who sent out 20 shots in one minute.
Xiao Wei’s guardian knight.
After seeing Shenhao’s nickname, many viewers were taken aback. How could this nickname look familiar?
No, it’s not familiar, or named after Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast.
The guardian knight in Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room named Jiachen.
Here, Xiao Wei’s guardian knight was set up like a cat and a tiger.
Interesting, interesting.
Many viewers in front of the live broadcast room showed excited smiles. The goddess in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room seemed to have some meaning to fight the gods in Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room.
How else would you have such a name.
Chen Feng, who was in front of his mobile phone, didn’t know the thoughts of the many viewers in the live broadcast room. If he knew, he would only cry out injustice.
Cangtian testified that he really didn’t mean to fight with Feng Jiachen in the live broadcast of Shenhao. The reason why he named this name was completely because he registered for the first time to play fish and didn’t know how to name it, so he watched Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast, the number one Shenhao. After the name, something similar subconsciously appeared, and Chen Feng didn’t think so much at all.
The reason why the super rocket is not sent to the ordinary rocket is also because Chen Feng is afraid of trouble. It takes more time to send the rocket than the super fire.
Of course, there is another reason that the gift effects of Super Rockets are cooler than those of ordinary rockets. Sending Super Rockets is more likely to cause a sensation, and it is easier to attract Xiao Wei.
“Local tyrant 666!”
“Local tyrant, I want to give you a monkey!”
“Do the local tyrant’s thigh still lack a pendant?! I want to make a pendant for you!”
Twenty super rockets completely evoked the atmosphere in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast. The barrage began to scroll wildly, and the popularity of Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room began to rise at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Fifty thousand, one hundred thousand, one hundred fifty thousand, and soon came two hundred thousand!
The Xiao Wei in front of the camera was a bit surprised at first, but she soon reacted. This newly registered trumpet Shenhao should be Chen Feng and his friend.
“Thank Xiao Wei’s Guardian Knight for the Super Rocket, thank you for the gift.” Xiao Wei thanked the camera with some gratitude. She did not expect that Chen Feng’s friend would actually come to join us, and the shot was so generous. Give it 20 super rockets.
With these 20 super rockets, she and Feng Jiachen sang a diagonal drama, but it would not be too embarrassing to lose.
Xiao Wei smiled with joy at this time, but Feng Jiachen’s face on the other end of the screen was not so pretty.
The twenty shots in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room were extremely popular, but she completely covered the limelight in her live broadcast room, and even ran to Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room with many fans.
Feng Jiachen suddenly became a little angry. Isn’t the brain of the guardian knight named Xiao Wei muddled? Don’t lick a big anchor like my old mother, go to lick a little anchor who has no reputation?
There was something wrong, and he cursed inwardly, Feng Jiachen readjusted his state again, and inadvertently pulled down the collar, revealing a large swath of snow on his chest.
Suddenly amorous feelings.
With Feng Jiachen’s exposure, the eyes of many local tyrants in the live broadcast room became straight, and they lost the ability to think even with their lower body.
Soon he took out his cell phone and began to give Feng Jiachen a gift.
Airplanes, rockets… all kinds of gift effects floated above Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room.
Among all the gift special effects, the most eye-catching one is naturally the special effects of Super Rocket.
One, two, three… a total of twenty-one!
Twenty-one super rockets!
The live broadcast room exploded again, and many fans of Feng Jiachen were flushed with excitement.
There is no doubt that these 21 super rockets are here to help Feng Jiachen.
“Thank you Brother Knight, thank you for your 21 super rockets, mua, Jiachen loves you, Jiachen loves you to death.” In front of the camera, Feng Jiachen’s excited voice trembled, 21 super rockets. The equivalent of human life coins is 31500!
Her Shenhao finally exerted strength!

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