Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 365

No, it’s not over yet! and also!
Soon, some viewers in the live broadcast room discovered something was wrong.
After fifty ships, ten more ships!
Sixty ships in total!
But sixty ships are not finished!
After sixty ships, there are ten more!
There are seventy ships, no, eighty ships!
It’s not right, it’s ninety ships!
Even worse, it is a hundred!
A total of 100 ships!
After reaching a hundred ships, the gift special effects finally stopped!
But at this time, there was no barrage rolling in the entire live broadcast room.
Obviously, everyone was stunned, and even forgot how to type.
One hundred super fire, 150,000!
What is the concept of 150,000? !
Ninety percent of the people in China, what is the salary for a year?
Or is it a scooter?
Since Dadouyu started operating, it’s not that no one has sent a hundred superfires, but those who can send a hundred superfires are mostly sent cumulatively. No one has ever sent a hundred superfires at once.
But today, there is it!
A newcomer named Xiao Wei, a guardian knight, gave Xiao Wei a hundred super fires at once!
“Xiao Wei’s guardian knight sent a hundred super fire in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room, everyone quickly come to watch!”
The official staff of Douyu responded quickly. Almost as soon as Chen Feng sent out a hundred super fires, he announced Chen Feng’s nickname and deeds on the whole platform.
At this moment, whether it is the game live broadcast room, the star show live broadcast room, whether it is a big anchor or a small anchor, all the live broadcast rooms of the funny fish anchors are full of red.
“Xiao Wei’s guardian knight sent out a hundred super fires in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room. Everyone has to come and watch!”
For a full minute, scroll back and forth, and broadcast ten times on the whole platform!
The face!
What is card face? !
This is!
Compared with the 100 super fires of Xiao Wei’s guardian knights, the forty-two super fires that Jiachen’s guardian knights sent out in two times were a joke!
One minute after the broadcast, the popularity of Xiao Wei and Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room rose again at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Most of the audience on the funny fish platform swarmed over, some to watch the excitement, some to eat melons, some to cheer for Xiao Wei, and some to cheer for Feng Jiachen.
At this moment, Xiao Wei in front of the camera, her pretty face called a crimson, and her mood called an excitement, one hundred super fire, she didn’t dare to dream about it before.
Not to mention a hundred super fire, even if someone sent her a hundred planes, she would be so excited that she couldn’t sleep most of the night.
“Thank Xiao Wei’s guardian knight, thank you for your gift…” Xiao Wei thanked him incoherently, even his eyes were slightly red.
She has never had this feeling of being firmly chosen.
In fact, like Lin Wanqiu, she is an ordinary working family from a small county. After going to college, many rich and young people like Liu Kun have harassed her, and even a few rich and young she has offered conditions, as long as she is willing Sleep with you once, you can get one hundred thousand!
One hundred thousand, what a heart-warming number, as long as she spreads her legs, she can get it. As long as she spreads her legs, she doesn’t need to distribute flyers or work hard part-time.
As long as she spreads her legs, she can live a life that all girls envy, brand-name bags, high-priced lipsticks, everything is at your fingertips.
It is difficult for her not to be moved.
In fact, she did have a heartbeat once, and even once, she could knock on a wide door with only one step, and she could live a life that everyone envied.
But at the last step, she didn’t move on.
She was scared.
She is afraid that one day she will become what she hates most.
She is afraid that one day, she will become human and ghost.
Although the life of a human being is good, the life of a simple meal is not bad.
Now Xiao Wei can’t remember how he returned to school that night.
The only thing she remembered was that after returning to school, in order not to be missed by the rich second generation of the school.
She began to self-destroy her reputation, secretly released all kinds of slanderous news on the school forum, had an affair with several school managers, and had syphilis…
This series of news, coupled with her debauchery intentionally or unintentionally, Let her completely break away from the circle of the rich second generation of the school, she became a bad thing in everyone’s eyes.
In order to support herself, Xiao Wei embarked on the path of being an anchor. The career of anchors seems glamorous, but in fact it is extremely difficult.
If you want to appear in the many anchors like the crucian carp across the river, it is not enough to look good, you have to be able to show off, you have to be coquettish, and even if necessary, you have to sacrifice hue.
When she was in school, Xiao Wei did not have the second generation of wealthy people. When she was an anchor, Xiao Wei was even less likely to sacrifice hue. Her live broadcast style has always been conservative.
To be conservative often means rare.
Rare, since there will be no local tyrants to give her gifts.
Therefore, Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room has not been popular.
Nobody is angry, the guild will not always train her.
This PK is a disguised expulsion.
PK won and can stay in the guild.
PK lost, there were only two ways left to Xiao Wei, either listening to the guild, sacrificing the Hue live broadcast obediently, or going back wherever he came from.
Xiao Wei had already planned to leave.
Unexpectedly, at the last minute, someone would support her like this.
First, twenty super fires, and then 100 super fires, which gave her the confidence to challenge Feng Jiachen.
At this moment, the victory or defeat of the guild PK is no longer important to Xiao Wei.
The important thing is that Xiao Wei knows where he should go next!
On the other side, Feng Jiachen’s pretty face was pale, and a hundred super fire, not only pushed this guild PK to a climax, but also made the guild PK’s victory and defeat the first suspense.
The original Feng Jiachen hardly considered the outcome of PK.
In her opinion, this PK, even if she broadcasts with her eyes closed, can win.
Because she is a million-level anchor, and the other party is a small cannon fodder with only 30,000 popularity.
Besides, there were more than a dozen gods standing behind her, these gods, any one of them can make the opponent’s scum in seconds.
But now, the mysterious local tyrants in the opponent’s live broadcast have changed the outcome.
At this moment, the red and blue bars, which represent the power of both sides, are already close, and there is even a tendency to level off a bit!
If this continues, the red bar representing her power value will probably be overtaken by the blue bar representing Xiao Wei’s power value!
Feng Jiachen is anxious, Feng Jiachen panicked!
She would never allow herself to lose to an unknown little anchor!
Not only Feng Jiachen, but also the number one hero of Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast, Jiachen’s guardian knight, is also a little bit frustrated at this moment.

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