Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 366

He originally thought that he would completely frighten the opponent back by brushing 42 Super Fire.
But I didn’t expect that the opposite side was so cruel, it was directly a hundred super fire, which made a lot of noise about this matter, and the whole platform knew it.
Now all the funny fish viewers know the ins and outs of the matter.
He used twenty-one super fires to talk to the other side to fight, and then called Feng Jiachen on the public screen, and said the rest assured broadcast, with me, I can’t lose this kind of crazy talk.
What’s even more deadly is that after sending out 21 Super Fires for the second time, he deliberately ran to the Xiao Wei live broadcast room and provoked the opposite.
Not satisfied!
Obviously, the mysterious local tyrant in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room was not convinced. If not, he would not send out a hundred Super Fire at once!
The live broadcast room of Xiao Wei and Feng Jiachen was completely exploded at this moment, and some people were discussing who was the mysterious local tyrant who sent a hundred super fire to Xiao Wei.
Another part of the people began to lead the war with the mentality that watching the excitement is not too big a problem.
The guardian knight of Jiachen frantically encouraged Jiachen to continue to give gifts and beat the mysterious local tyrant in the face.
But after a long time of agitation, there was no movement from Jiachen’s guardian knight.
“How is it? Good morning guardian knight how listless? Just not very tinkling se it?”
“Yes ah, how listless, and continue to send out super fire ah, Tyrant! Good morning almost to lose.”
“Good morning The local tyrant seems to be persuaded, and was frightened by the local tyrant in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room.”
“Fuck, isn’t it? Jiachen’s guardian knight is a super local tyrant who is a funny fish, is he so cowardly?”
“That’s, it shouldn’t be. In addition to being the No. 1 Shenhao in Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room, Jiachen’s guardian knight is also the top Shenhao on the gift list in the live broadcast rooms of several other female anchors. Yu, he is very famous. Last year, he was even named as one of the top ten local tyrants of the year. How come he is now scared off by a newcomer?”
Seeing a piece of sarcasm and suspicion Barrage, the guardian knight of Jiachen in front of the screen only felt that his face was hot and painful. He didn’t expect that things would develop to this point. He is rich, but his money is not brought by the wind.
His actual status is just an executive of a listed company with an annual income of more than 5 million, although he is richer than most ordinary people.
But no matter how rich it is, it is not spent like that.
Ask him to give five or sixty thousand at a time, he can accept it.
But let him send hundreds of thousands at a time, he will definitely hurt.
Just when Jiachen’s guardian knight hesitated, his mobile phone rang and the interface showed that someone had sent a WeChat message.
Jiachen’s guardian knight opened it subconsciously, and what came into his sight was a very explicit photo. The woman in the photo was wearing a black lace three-point pose, showing her almost perfect white carcass. The two large groups on her chest were extremely attractive. Eyeballs, charming eyes are also not letting go.
This fairy-like woman is naturally Feng Jiachen, and Feng Jiachen also sent this photo.
As the number one hero of Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast, Jiachen’s guardian knight has long added Feng Jiachen’s WeChat.
And before, he had made appointments with Feng Jiachen several times in a vague manner, but each time, Feng Jiachen declined with various reasons.
Now, Feng Jiachen suddenly sent such a photo, and the implications are self-evident.
The thought of squeezing a well-known anchor like Feng Jiachen under his body, Jiachen’s guardian knight’s lower abdomen suddenly began to become hot, and somewhere in the lower body, there was a tendency to faintly reluctant to do so.
Damn it!
Jiachen’s guardian knight gritted his teeth, and finally took out his mobile phone and decided to fight to the end with the mysterious local tyrant in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast.
Ten ships, twenty ships, thirty ships… eighty ships, ninety ships, one hundred ships!
One hundred and one!
A whole one hundred and one super rocket gift special effects drifted over Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room, and the whole fish was blasted again! crazy!
Really crazy!
In front of the screen, all the audience were dumbfounded, and some couldn’t believe it, the scene before them.
I thought it was the limit for the Shenhao from Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room to send one hundred super fires, but I didn’t expect that the Shenhao from Jiachen live broadcast room sent 101 ships!
One hundred and one, although only one more than the Shenhao in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast, the meaning of this one is self-evident!
Just want to fight you to the end!
If you are not satisfied, then I will take the money and hit you!
In the live broadcast room, Feng Jiachen screamed in excitement, and it was actually delivered!
That own number one local tyrant actually gave himself one hundred and one super fire!
Feng Jiachen didn’t expect that her explicit photo could be so powerful!
“Thank you Brother Knight, thank you Brother Knight, Jiachen loves you, Jiachen loves you to death! Mua!” In front of the camera, Feng Jiachen flushed with excitement and kept sending this scandal to Jiachen’s guardian knight. A super fire was sent out, but she was completely exasperated.
She didn’t believe that the local tyrant in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room could send another hundred super fires out.
“Apologize! Apologize to the patron saint of Jiachen!”
“Yes, an apology, just a patron who said good morning Hao ran the? People this super god ho, it will run away? One hundred ultra fire, for others, it is a little money!”
“Is indeed funny The ten great fish, a gift of 150,000 yuan, if you say you give it, it’s too awesome!”
“It’s more than 150,000 yuan, well, the previous people also gave 42 super fires and 20 rockets, which adds up. It’s almost more than 200,000.”
“More than 200,000, woo, it’s almost my salary for three years.”
“Shenhao giving more than 200,000 yuan is not the most amazing, the most amazing, every time Shenhao If you send a super fire, you will get one more ship than the Shenhao in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room. This is simply pressing the face of the Shen Hao in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room on the ground.”
Seeing the atmosphere is almost over, Jiachen’s The Guardian Knight once again uttered in Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room: “I’m sorry, I just went out for something. I heard someone brushed a hundred super fire?” The local tyrant’s exclusive red font barrage is very conspicuous in the live broadcast room, almost everything The audience saw the words sent by Jiachen’s guardian knight.
The doubts were solved in an instant, it turned out that the local tyrant did not persuade him, but just went out.
I heard someone brushed a hundred super fire?
Compared with just going out on a business trip, I heard that someone sent a hundred super fires, which is obviously full of gunpowder.
Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Jiachen’s guardian knight is provoking the goddess in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast.
Didn’t you brush a hundred super fire?
Sorry, I’m painting one hundred and one.
It’s so domineering!
“Jiachen, it’s the same sentence, don’t worry, I’m here tonight, you can’t lose!”
Jiachen’s guardian knight sent out another barrage. This barrage once again brought Xiao Wei and Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast. Detonate.

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