Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 367

Never die!
There is no doubt that Jiachen’s guardian knight and Xiao Wei’s guardian knight were on the bar.
It is clear that the guardian knight who is going to fight Xiao Wei!
Many people once again ran to Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room to take a rhythm, spreading messages for Jiachen’s guardian knight.
Although this kind of local tyrants and lavish money for female anchors often happens in Douyu on weekdays, it is the first time to send out a hundred super fire like this one at a time.
This is an event that can be recorded in the annals of funny fish!
Such a big event, it is impossible for the melon-loving funny audience to let it calm down easily. At this moment, everyone is eager for Xiao Wei’s patron saint Hao and Feng Jiachen’s patron saint Hao to fight to the death.
So as soon as everyone entered the Xiao Wei live broadcast room, they began to go crazy @萧婼’s guardian knight.
The meaning is self-evident, come back!
He gave one hundred and one super fire, and you gave two hundred!
See who is more ruthless!
Xiao Yan in front of the camera was a little panicked. She found that the development of the gaffe had some signs of losing control.
The goddess in Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room was obviously going to be immortal with Chen Feng’s friend.
But the friend of Chen Feng’s had already given away nearly 200,000 yuan, and if they were to send it again, I’m afraid it would be too much to bear.
Until now, Xiao Wei didn’t know what level the friend Chen Feng said was probably. If it was just an ordinary working-class, 200,000, I am afraid it would be a year’s income.
Even the rich second generation, 200,000, is not a small number.
Xiao Wei wanted to stop Chen Feng’s friend from giving it away, but when the words came to his lips, he didn’t say anything.
Because saying this in front of so many people is tantamount to hitting Chen Feng’s friend in the face.
Men are all face-saving, and despising him in front of so many people is probably even more uncomfortable than killing him.
Everyone was speculating about the psychological activities of the mysterious local tyrant in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room at this moment, and felt that the mysterious local tyrant in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room was already thinking about whether or not to continue with Feng Jiachen’s guardian knight.
However, Chen Feng, as the mysterious local tyrant in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast, did not think so much at this moment.
One hundred super rockets, as far as Chen Feng is concerned, are about one hundred yuan, after all, he is lying quietly with 1.5 billion yuan.
There are 1.5 billion people who spend 100 yuan, what kind of mental activity do they need?
The reason why Chen Feng did not continue to shoot after Feng Jiachen’s Guardian Knight sent the 101 Super Fire was because Chen Feng felt that sending the Super Fire was too troublesome.
After all, you have to order one ship by ship, one hundred ships at a time, one hundred points at a time, but Chen Feng is fast, and it takes a lot of time to click one hundred times.
So Chen Feng went to Diaoyu’s super tube and asked whether Diaoyu had a higher-grade gift than Super Rocket.
The result was an affirmative answer from Super Tube, yes!
Space battleship!
One hundred thousand!
This is the gift with the highest unit price since Douyu was founded, and it is only open to local tyrants who have given gifts to more than one million in Douyu.
Among the audience of funny fish, there are not many who know that there is a space battleship as a gift option, only those super heroes with a few figures.
But those few gods, although they knew the gift of space battleship, they never gave it.
Compared with space battleships, they prefer to send out 60 or 70 super fires at one time, which is the same price as space battleships, but the sensation caused is more than ten times larger than that of space battleships.
After all, a space battleship can only last for a few tens of seconds, but 60 or 70 fires can dominate the screen for a few minutes.
More cost-effective!
But today, the record that no one has ever sent a space battleship is obviously going to be broken by Chen Feng.
Just because Chen Feng said such a sentence, the 1500 super rocket is too troublesome to brush, can you give a gift that is not so troublesome to brush?
After reading Chen Feng’s words, Douyu’s supervisor was silent for dozens of seconds, and then immediately relayed Chen Feng’s words to Douyu’s senior management. Within twenty seconds, Douyu’s senior management gave it. In order to make an exception for Chen Feng to grant permission for space battleships! immediately!
Work hard with your whole body to coax this god to be happy!
We must not let such a supernatural power escape from Funny Fish!
In less than a minute, the option of space battleship appeared on Chen Feng’s gift interface.
Chen Feng smiled slightly and clicked to buy.
Number, ten ships!
At this time, Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room was filled with joy.
In front of the camera, Feng Jiachen had a blushing face and a fascination. In front of the one hundred and one Super Fire Guardian Knights, everything was a cloud.
Although there was a slight difference in the middle, but now, there is no suspense about where the winner is.
Because it only takes less than three minutes to finish the PK, and the red bar representing her power value exceeds the blue bar representing Xiao Wei’s power value.
This state has been maintained for six minutes.
Since her guardian knight sent one hundred and one super fire six minutes ago, the guardian knight in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room has gone silent for six consecutive minutes without any movement.
Obviously, Xiao Wei’s guardian knight had already given up Xiao Wei.
Seeing this scene, Jiachen’s guardian knight in front of the screen finally breathed a sigh of relief, and said a few words in his heart.
He was really afraid that Xiao Wei’s patron saint Hao would have another one hundred super fire, so he would definitely log out his account on the spot and leave overnight.
Although Feng Jiachen’s body is attractive, it is not attractive, he put out three to four hundred thousand to go shopping.
A gift of more than two hundred thousand is already his limit.
The reason why he just wanted to show that I am invincible, your casual firmness, is to scare Xiao Wei’s patron saint Hao.
It now appears that he succeeded, and Xiao Wei’s patron saint, Hao, was obviously frightened.
On the other side, Xiao Wei sighed in the live broadcast room.
Many of Xiao Wei’s loyal fans were a little disappointed. Unexpectedly, at the last moment, the super goddess actually withered.
Xiao Wei almost won the PK.
Compared with many fans, Xiao Wei’s mood is very calm, and she is very satisfied with this step.
Even if she lost PK, she would not have any complaints.
Because that friend of Chen Feng’s has already done the best for her, with a gift of more than 200,000 yuan, just give it away. How many people like this can find in the world?
Only the last two minutes are left before the end of PK.
The outcome has been determined.
However, many viewers in Xiao Wei and Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room were somewhat unsatisfied. Unexpectedly, such a stunning battle would end in this way.
In the end, Jiachen’s Guardian Knight was even better.
After today, his one hundred and one super fire record, I am afraid no one can break it.
Feng Jiachen got up with a smile, stood in front of the camera, and bowed generously to the audience in front of the live broadcast room.

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