Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 369

After all, Xiao Wei’s behavior has seriously infringed on Douyu’s interests.

Where’s the super tube? Quickly kick Xiao Wei, the black sheep, out of teasing fish.” “The gift we gave Xiao Wei before will also be returned.”
“Yes, return the gift.” The barrage clamored.
A few seconds later, the funny fish super tube finally appeared in the barrage of the live broadcast room.
“I’m sorry, the backstage of the barrage just now, we can’t send the barrage here.”
“Now explain it together.”
“The backstage of Douyu has not been hacked, and no data has been tampered with.”
“In addition, the space battleship This kind of gift has been around since its inception, but it has not been open to ordinary audiences. It is only open to the gods who have paid millions of gifts in the game .” Chaoguan explained this and immediately caused the entire live broadcast room to explode. open.
“What?! Funny fish as many space ships this gift?!”
“Ho only to tease the fish in the brush gift of God over one million open?! No wonder we do not know.”
“No, ah, funny fish brush gift brush over a hundred There are more than a dozen of the gods of Wan, why haven’t I seen them send it before?”
“How much is a space battleship?”
“One hundred thousand, the price of a space battleship mother is one hundred thousand.” Answered on the screen.
The whole live broadcast room was silent.
One hundred thousand? !
Me Nima? !
One hundred thousand for a space battleship? !
No wonder no one has sent space battleships before. A one hundred thousand ships can only exist for a few seconds above the live broadcast room. This is simply burning money.
Why don’t you buy more than 60 super rockets for 100,000 yuan, and send more than 60 super rockets to the live broadcast room for a minute or two.
But the space battleship is sent out. To put it awkwardly, most people don’t even know what you gave it.
But no one sent it before, but someone sent it today.
And once you get it, there are ten ships!
Ten space battleships, one million!
Definitely broke the record of a single gift given by the fish in history.
It is not certain whether there will be people in the back, but it is certain that there is no one before.
“The local tyrant is awesome!”
“Give out a suite at a time. Who is the guardian knight of Xiao Wei?”
“I don’t know. Although this tyrant is not the most gift-giving, it is definitely funny. Yu has the most generous shot, a small anchor like Xiao Wei, he can send out more than one million at a time, then he might send out tens of millions of those big anchors.”
Chaoguan came forward to explain in person . He was directed to Xiao Wei in an instant.
At this time, PK finally ended.
The final result was naturally that Xiao Wei won without suspense.
Feng Jiachen’s face was a little ugly, and she was beaten again.
Since the broadcast today, her face has been beaten one after another.
But at this time, Feng Jiachen couldn’t take care of that much. Now she just wanted to figure out one thing, who was the mysterious local tyrant who gave Xiaomao gifts!
There is no doubt that the mysterious local tyrant in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room is a hundred times richer than the guardian knight of Jiachen in her live broadcast room.
For such a god-level local tyrant, Feng Jiachen naturally has to find ways to meet, or hook up.
She said that she was not much worse than Xiao Wei, and even in some aspects, she was more predictable than Xiao Wei, if she could bring the mysterious local tyrant behind Xiao Wei to her side.
Then next time she broadcasts it, won’t she get ten space battleships as well, maybe even more than ten!
After hurriedly turning off the live broadcast, Feng Jiachen entered seven characters into the search interface of Douyu. Xiao Wei’s guardian knight soon showed Douyu’s initial profile picture.
Feng Jiachen clicked the private message and sent a message directly.
“Hello, Brother Cavaliers, I’m the anchor that I was PK with Xiao Wei just now. My name is Feng Jiachen. This is my WeChat 138xxxxxxxx. Can Brother Cavaliers add me?” After sending this line, Feng Jiachen sent another naughty one. The expression passed, she now only hopes that Xiao Wei’s patron saint Hao can see her news.
After Feng Jiachen turned off the live broadcast, Xiao Wei was completely stunned. She couldn’t think of killing her. In the end, she would win the PK, and because the ten space battleships detonated the fish, it caused her popularity in the live broadcast room. It keeps rising, and now it has reached a terrifying five million!
This is exactly the popularity of top anchors! famous!
There is no doubt that Xiao Wei is red!
Overnight, red and purple.
From an unknown little anchor to a big anchor.
After suppressing the dizziness deep in his mind, Xiao Wei closed the live broadcast room.
After taking a deep breath, Xiao Wei knocked on Chen Feng’s door.
Seeing Chen Feng, Xiao Wei bowed deeply to Chen Feng: “Brother Feng, thank you.”
“Thank me for what I am doing? The gift was made by my friend, and it has nothing to do with me.” Chen Feng smiled. Smiled.
Xiao Wei shook his head: “Brother Feng, I should thank you and your friend. Without you, I can’t win the PK tonight.”
Chen Feng smiled slightly: “In fact, you are also very good by yourself. If you don’t have the slightest skill, even if my friend gives you 10 million gifts, you won’t be able to win the PK.”
Chen Feng’s remarks did not compliment Xiao Wei. Xiao Wei’s performance was seen from beginning to end. , Behave properly, be generous, not arrogant or impetuous, and have an excellent ability to mobilize emotions.
Even without his help, Xiao Wei would soon become soaring by herself.
“Peak brother, your friend gave me a total of 1.3 million brush gifts, those gifts, funny fish and the Association will be drawn into 60%, and finally to my hand should have five hundred and twenty thousand.”
“This Brother Feng, you give me your friend’s card number. I will call your friend 500,000 first tomorrow, and the remaining 800,000 will wait for me to make money later, and I will slowly return it to your friend.” Xiao Wei Said with a serious face.
“Xiao Wei, my friend didn’t give you a gift for him to return it intact.” Chen Feng couldn’t laugh or cry. Xiao Wei would make this kind of decision. He didn’t expect it. There were more than one hundred. Wan’s gift, when he gave it out, he didn’t even think about going back. The reason why he gave so much to Xiao Wei was purely to thank Xiao Wei for saving Lin Wanqiu.
But unexpectedly, Xiao Wei had misunderstood him.
“Brother Feng, you and your friend helped me so much, I’m very grateful, but the gift of more than one million yuan… is too expensive, Xiao Wei can’t bear it.” Xiao Wei shook his head and said.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly and didn’t know what to say. If he changes to another anchor and receives more than one million gifts, I am afraid that he will go crazy with joy, let alone return it, and not continue to ask the local tyrant, it will be enough Okay.
But Xiao Wei… is simply a clear stream in the anchor world.
“Xiao Wei, my friend is not short of money. If you pay him back, he will never ask for it.”
“Well, if you feel uncomfortable, when you make money in the future, you will take 1.3 million out of the money you made to do charity, and you will treat it as returning to my friend.” Chen Feng said in a deep thought. .

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