Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 370

This is the best way he can think of to solve this matter. Xiao Wei is obviously the kind of girl with a bottom line, and will never accept gifts from others for no reason, but Chen Feng also doesn’t want to give it to himself. The things are recovered.
If you want to achieve the best of both worlds, you can only donate your money.
“Then… okay.” Xiao Wei bit her lip and agreed with some embarrassment. She really didn’t owe too much to Chen Feng’s friend, but she did not expect that she owed it in the end.
After sighing, Xiao Wei returned to the room.
As soon as he entered the room, he heard a steady stream of cell phone ringtones. Xiao Wei picked up the phone and took a look, and found that just a few minutes after going out, there were seven or eight more calls and dozens of WeChat messages on the phone.
There are the phone numbers of the person in charge of the association and the phone numbers of school classmates.
WeChat messages are also sent by these people. Although the people who sent the messages are different, the content of the messages sent is surprisingly consistent.
I want to know who is the super hero who bought her ten space battleships? !
What is the relationship between her and that super hero? !
For this kind of news, Xiao Wei was naturally too lazy to respond.
What these people thought in their hearts, Xiao Wei knew better than anyone else.
She will always remember the kindness of Chen Feng’s friend to her, and she will repay her success in the future.
But she would never ask about the specific identity of Chen Feng’s friend. Still, she has her principles.
Early the next morning, Chen Feng returned to the company.
As soon as he arrived at the office, Li Le walked over happily: “Brother Feng, the commission for Dongting Hospital’s orders has come down. The total is 800,000.”
“I got down so soon?” Chen Feng was a little surprised. He thought that Li Shiping would be stuck here for a few days, but he didn’t expect Li Shiping to be so efficient.
“Well, the grandson of Li Shiping is probably afraid that you will poke the top of the company a few days ago, so as soon as the Dongting Hospital called the money, he asked the financial department to give us two commissions to the card.”
“Brother Feng , This is the bank card given by Finance, with 800,000 in it.” Li Le smiled and handed a CCB card to Chen Feng. Chen Feng decided how to divide the 800,000.
Li Le knew very well that the order of Dongting Hospital didn’t exert any strength at all. The only function in the whole process might be to act as a driver for Chen Feng.
So no matter how Chen Feng divided it, he had no opinion.
Chen Feng smiled, but Li Le is quite familiar.
“The eight hundred thousand li, you have two hundred thousand.” Chen Feng said, his original plan was to give Li Le half of it directly, but he estimated that half of it would not be accepted by Li Le, so he compromised. Two hundred thousand to Li Le.
“Two hundred thousand?!” Li Le was startled, and then waved his hand with some trepidation: “No way, Brother Feng, two hundred thousand is too much, so I went out and ran with you, but I actually didn’t do anything. , I think it’s a bit too much for you to give me twenty thousand…”
“Two hundred thousand is not much, you are worth my two hundred thousand.” Chen Feng smiled and shook his head to interrupt. Li Le has been following him since he joined the company. Behind him, so he was half of his own, and Chen Feng would never treat him badly.
“But…” Li Le still hesitated. In his imagination, Chen Feng should give him five to sixty thousand, or seven to eighty thousand, or at most one hundred thousand. After all, Chen Feng talked about the list of Dongting Hospital alone. When he came down, Chen Feng didn’t give him a point, and he couldn’t say anything.
But he did not expect that now, Chen Feng directly gave him 200,000.
“Come on, hold the card, and take out the 200,000 that belongs to you in a while. You can use the remaining 600,000 to buy a car.” Chen Feng smiled and slid the card back to Li Leshou. Here, judging from the current situation, he might have to stay in Zhonghai for a while. During this period of time, there is no scooter, and sometimes it will be troublesome to travel. It happened to take this opportunity to let Li Le go out and buy a ride. car.
“Buy a car for the remaining 600,000?!” Li Le’s eyes widened, obviously some can’t believe Chen Summit made such a decision.
Looking at Chen Feng’s appearance, it doesn’t look like how rich he is. How can I say that buying a 600,000 car is like buying a six yuan toy without blinking?
“Well, 600,000 people buy a car. You decide which car to buy. You don’t need to tell me.” Chen Feng laughed, leaving professional things to be done by professional people. In terms of buying a car, Li Le Obviously he is an expert, much better than him.
“No, Brother Feng, I took these 600,000 yuan to buy a car, what about your accommodation in Zhonghai?” Li Le couldn’t help but glance at Chen Feng. He knew that Chen Feng was from Cangzhou and was in Zhonghai Lian. There is no place to stay.
It stands to reason that Chen Feng should rent a better house to improve his life as soon as the 600,000 commission came down, but he did not expect that Chen Feng would spend the 600,000 on buying a car.
Can’t you wait until you have money to buy a car?
“Don’t worry about food and accommodation, I have money.” Chen Feng smiled slightly. Li Le obviously thought he came to Zhonghai to work hard, but in fact, he never thought of staying in Zhonghai for a long time. go.
“Well, Brother Feng, I will go to the 4S shop to see the car when I go down. I will try to bring the car out today.” Li Le nodded. This is the first task Chen Feng gave him. He must do it as soon as possible. Proper.
Time arrived in the afternoon in a blink of an eye. Chen Feng wanted to get off work a few minutes earlier and leave the company, but Wang Shiyuan walked over with her arms around her chest and a cold face.
Walking in front of Chen Feng, Wang Shiyuan glanced at Chen Feng coldly, and said in a slightly disgusting tone: “My dad wants you to come home for dinner at night.”
After saying this, Wang Shiyuan turned around and left, obviously not willing to stay with Chen Feng for a second.
Chen Feng frowned. He originally planned to go to school to see Lin Wanqiu, but he didn’t expect that Wang Hongyi would let him pass.
Chen Feng really couldn’t refuse Wang Hongyi’s invitation. Let alone his relationship with Xia Weiguo, Wang Hongyi himself took good care of him.
After thinking about it, Chen Feng decided to go to Wang’s house.
After get off work, Chen Feng walked out of the company. As soon as he walked out of the company’s door, he saw Li Shiping driving a Porsche, and Wang Shiyuan sat in the co-pilot of the Porsche.
Chen Feng saw the two, and the two naturally saw Chen Feng.
“Chen Feng, where are you going?” Li Shiping squinted his eyes and asked with a smile. He naturally asked what he said. Wang Shiyuan told him that Wang Hongyi asked Chen Feng to eat at home.
“Go to Uncle Wang’s house.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Oh, go to Uncle Wang’s house.” Li Shiping pretended to be stunned, and then gave Chen Feng a smile and said, “I also want to go to Uncle Wang’s house. Do you want me to take you for a ride?”

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