Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 38

“It’s him! Son, this rubbish is so proud now, I just happened to be walking on the road, this rubbish, actually driving a car, trying to kill me! I went up to the theory with him, he not only unreasonable, but also wants to beat me , Son, if you don’t come again, Mom will let this trash kill you!” Sun Guifang cried out with aggrieved expression.
As soon as I heard that this person was Chen Feng, Lin Dajun felt confident in his heart. Although he hadn’t been to summer in the past two years, he still heard of Chen Feng’s name. When he thought of this, Lin Dajun’s face suddenly became gloomy. He looked at Chen Feng coldly and said, “Which hand did my mother just hit my mother with?”
“Lin Dajun, Chen Feng, he didn’t do anything to your mother!” Xia Mengyao was almost dying of anger. For relatives of other people’s family, when encountering this kind of incident, it would be great for Sun Guifang, for fear that the incident would not be enough. Great, I’m still here to add oil and vinegar.
“Shut up! I didn’t ask you! Eat something inside and out!” Lin Dajun gave Xia Mengyao a cold look. As his cousin, Xia Mengyao didn’t help him to speak, but stood on Chen Feng’s side.
“Who did you say?” Chen Feng’s expression became cold.
Looking at Chen Feng’s icy eyes, Lin Dajun felt a little palpitating for no reason. Is this still the trash that didn’t even dare to say aloud before?
“Why? She is Lao Tzu’s cousin, she doesn’t help Lao Tzu to speak, instead she helps you an outsider. Isn’t this what it means to eat inside and out?!” Lin Dajun said vigorously.
Chen Feng almost laughed at the words, he didn’t know what kind of brain circuit this Lin Dajun had, he actually felt that his husband had no cousins.
“Yes, my son is Mengyao’s cousin anyway, how about you? It’s just a waste of Xia’s soft rice, what right do you have to quarrel with my son!” Sun Guifang with hands on hips, with Lin Dajun by her side, she seemed Very confident.
“Aunt! Be polite!” Xia Mengyao couldn’t stand it anymore. “Don’t say Chen Feng didn’t eat soft rice at all. Even if he eats soft rice, he also eats soft rice from our house. It has nothing to do with you!”
After speaking, Xia Mengyao turned her head and looked at Lin Dajun coldly, “Also, Lin Dajun, I don’t have a cousin like you, please don’t put gold on your face in the future! In my mind, Chen Feng’s importance Sex is more than ten times a hundred times more than your family combined!”
These words immediately made the two of them angry, and Sun Guifang became even more angry, pointing directly at Xia Mengyao’s nose and screaming: “Xia Mengyao, how do you talk?! Is there any elders and humble in your eyes? Is this how Lan taught you to talk to your elders?”
“I don’t have an elder like you!” Xia Mengyao said coldly.
“What?! There is no elder like us!” Sun Guifang was so angry that his voice became sharper, turned to look at Lin Dajun, and said: “Son, palm! Give me a few slaps on this bitch, Lin Lan manages Not her daughter, I’ll take care of it!”
Lin Dajun stepped up to Xia Mengyao, raised his hand and prepared to slap it down.
There was a crisp applause, but the person who was slapped was not Xia Mengyao, but Lin Dajun.
Lin Dajun covered his face, only to feel his ears buzzing like 10,000 flies flying.
Sun Guifang was also stunned in place, with a face full of incredulous, Chen Feng, this trash, dare to beat people? After reacting, Sun Guifang suddenly rushed to Chen Feng hysterically.
“Why are you beating my son?! My old lady fights with you!”
Chen Feng sneered, and instead of being polite with Sun Guifang, he slapped Sun Guifang to the ground.
Not hitting women?
Sorry, there is no such rule here in Chen Feng!
“I’m going to fuck your mother…” Seeing Sun Guifang being slapped to the ground, Dajun Lin immediately picked up the iron rod and rushed towards Chen Feng with red eyes.
Xia Mengyao’s pupils shrank, subconsciously like pulling Chen Feng back to protect Chen Feng.
But who knows, Chen Feng didn’t mean to be afraid at all. He didn’t retreat but moved forward, directly facing Lin Dajun’s iron rod.
Then a scene that made Xia Mengyao stunned appeared. Lin Dajun’s iron rod smashed towards Chen Feng’s head with the force of thunderbolt, and Chen Feng just raised his hand at random and held the iron rod.
Lin Dajun used his hands hard, his eyes widened in anger, and wanted to pull the iron rod out of Chen Feng’s hand, but he found that he couldn’t do it at all!
It’s as if Chen Feng’s seemingly thin body contains endless power!
Lin Dajun flushed, and even because of too much force, blue veins burst on his forehead.
Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, and with a light force, he snatched the iron rod from Lin Dajun’s hand. Then he grabbed Lin Dajun’s arm and threw a straight shoulder over his shoulder, directly slamming Lin Dajun to the ground.
How could Chen Feng have such a skill? ! Xia Mengyao’s consternation at this time cannot be compounded. After three years of marriage, she thought that Chen Feng was an ordinary person. Not to mention the power of the chicken, it was not much worse, but today, Chen Feng is in front of her, showing it Far beyond the combat power of ordinary people.
It is not easy for Chen Feng to bring down a fierce man like Lin Dajun who has been fighting on the streets all the year round easily!
Lin Dajun, who was lying on the ground, felt that his bones were scattered all over his body. He hated and feared Chen Feng. He couldn’t understand why such a person’s deceitful waste suddenly possessed such a terrifying horror. power.
“It’s a murder, it’s a murder! This beast of conscience is bullying us orphans and widows.”
“Everyone, take care of it.”
“No one cares about us, we will be beaten to death by this beast.”
Seeing that Lin Dajun was not Chen Feng’s opponent, Sun Guifang rolled his eyes and immediately began to cry and cry, making a look of bitter hatred, hoping to attract the attention of passersby.
It has to be said that Sun Guifang’s trick is very effective. It is the nature of the Chinese to love watching fun. When she cried, many people immediately gathered around and gathered together.
“Everyone, help me, this beast who killed a thousand knives, he borrowed half a million yuan from our wife two years ago, and kept saying that he would pay it back immediately, but two years later, he didn’t pay me a cent Say, I still want to drive to kill me today!”
“My son couldn’t see it. He wanted to come and help me. He was beaten up by this beast.”
“Is there any reason? Who will help us mothers!”
Sun Guifang’s nose and tears.
“She’s talking nonsense, everyone don’t believe her!” Xia Mengyao was so angry that her chest trembled, and Sun Guifang once again demonstrated to her that what is called the most cheap is invincible.
But many passersby didn’t believe it at all. Chen Feng’s Audi A6 stopped by, lying on the ground, and Lin Dajun was still groaning. With the bitter and hatred Sun Guifang, anyone would make up for it. Once Sun Guifang’s mother and son were bullied Drama.

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