Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 371

“Thank you, but no need.” Chen Feng smiled slightly, and Li Shiping was able to play this disgusting little trick in front of him.
“No need?” Li Shiping sneered: “Well, you can take a taxi by yourself. I’ll take Shiyuan there first.”
After saying that, Li Shiping stepped on the accelerator and walked away.
Chen Feng smiled faintly, then hired a taxi and rushed to Wang’s house.
Today’s Wang family was filled with a festive atmosphere. As soon as he entered the villa, Chen Feng smelled a scent of rice.
The dining table in the living room is filled with all kinds of delicacies.
However, no one moved the chopsticks, obviously waiting for someone.
The person being waited is naturally Chen Feng.
“Hongyi, if you don’t move the chopsticks, the food will be all cold.” Peng Yanfang glanced at Wang Hongyi with some dissatisfaction. She couldn’t understand why Wang Hongyi attaches so much importance to Chen Feng, a hillbilly from Cangzhou, and heard that Chen Feng. Talking about the next big business, Wang Hongyi was more happy than hearing his son Wang Defa talk about the next big business, and immediately held a celebration banquet for Chen Feng.
But after the celebration banquet is finished, everyone is here, but Chen Feng, the master, has never seen him. Isn’t this what it means?
“Wait, Xiaofeng should be stuck in the road.” Wang Hongyi said in a deep voice.
“Blocked? Where is it blocked? He and Shi Ping Shiyuan walked the same road when they got off work together. Why did Shi Ping and Shi Yuan come over and he just got stuck on the road.” Peng Yanfang said reluctantly.
“Mom, people are not blocking at all, they just don’t want to come over, don’t want to give dad face.” At this time, Wang Shiyuan sneered and spoke.
“Daughter, what do you mean by this?” Peng Yanfang was taken aback. Why did she hear Wang Shiyuan’s words?
“What do you mean?” Wang Shiyuan sneered again and again: “Mom, if I tell you, I met that guy at the door of the company when Shiping and I got off work, do you believe it?”
“I met that hillbilly? Then why didn’t you bring it. Him?” Peng Yanfang couldn’t help asking.
“Do you think we don’t want to take it?”
“At that time, Shi Ping told the guy that we were going home and dropped in with him, letting that guy get in the car, but the guy ignored Shi Ping.” Wang Shiyuan said coldly.
“Shiping, is there such a thing?” Peng Yanfang raised her tone, and her whole person was immediately angry. She thought that Chen Feng could not get by because of something else, but now Wang Shiyuan said that Chen Feng could come with them. , But just refused.
“Auntie, there is such a thing. At the time, I asked Brother Chen Feng to get in the car, but Brother Chen Feng refused to get in my car.” Li Shiping was embarrassed on the surface, but in fact he was happy. In fact, he originally planned to put it at the dinner table. This matter is said, but if he speaks such a thing first, it will definitely leave Wang Hongyi with the image of a sinister villain who instigates discord.
However, Wang Shiyuan said first that he could avoid this hidden worry by borrowing the donkey.
“Why didn’t he get in your car? Who is he? Is he the head of state?!”
“I don’t know the heights of the world! Let us have such a big table waiting for him here!” Peng Yanfang cursed. .
Wang Hongyi frowned: “Yanfang, Xiaofeng is not that kind of person. He might have to be busy with something first, so he didn’t take the World Peace car.”
“What can he be a little salesperson busy with? No matter how busy he is, can he be busier than the sales manager of Shiping ?” “If Shiping can come, why can’t he come?”
“I think he just doesn’t want to come to our house and doesn’t want to give you face.” Peng Yanfang reluctantly instigates separation. .
Wang Hongyi’s brow furrowed deeper. His instinct told him that Chen Feng was not that kind of person, but now that everyone is targeting Chen Feng so much, he can’t help but doubt him.
At this moment, Chen Feng walked into the living room.
“I’m sorry, the traffic jam on the road made everyone wait for a long time.” Chen Feng said apologetically. The taxi he was sitting in was blocked on the viaduct for half an hour, so he was so late, even though he couldn’t help it. , But being late is also a fact.
“Traffic jam on the road? I think you don’t want to come to our house at all.” Peng Yanfang snorted first, and then mocked Chen Feng in a weird manner. If Wang Hongyi was not here, she would just let Chen Feng get out. Up.
“Yanfang!” Wang Hongyi glared at Peng Yanfang, his tone was a bit dissatisfied, everyone had already come, and he said why.
Turning his gaze to Chen Feng, Wang Hongyi smiled again: “Xiaofeng, come and sit down. You are the only one left.”
“Okay, Uncle Wang.” Chen Feng smiled slightly and saw Wang Hongyi this time. Hongyi’s complexion is obviously better than last time. Obviously, Wang Hongyi has recovered well in the past few days.
After Chen Feng sat on the table, Wang Hongyi picked up his chopsticks and said with a smile: “Since Xiaofeng is here, everyone can start eating.”
“Before eating, there is good news to tell everyone. I believe you have known the content for a long time, but I still have to say it here.”
“That is the first day Xiaofeng joined the Kangmei Group, he negotiated a large order worth tens of millions for the Kangmei Group. This list is The sales commission… is 800,000!”
Wang Hongyi said that it was red, 800,000, which was the profit of his trading company for a month, but Chen Feng made it in one day, so Wang Hongyi was very pleased. I felt that I didn’t misunderstand the wrong person.
Chen Feng is indeed a manufacturable material.
Compared with Wang Hongyi’s red face, Li Shiping’s smile is somewhat reluctant, and even deep in the smile, there is a hint of unchecked resentment. Chen Feng’s hatred of beating him in the face of the company has not yet been reported. .
“The commission of 800,000 is really high.” Peng Yanfang’s tone was as yin and yang as before, and his disdain for Chen Feng remained unchanged. In her opinion, the reason why Chen Feng was able to win such a large order must be gone. What shit luck has nothing to do with strength.
“It’s quite tall.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. He knew exactly what Peng Yanfang was thinking, but Chen Feng didn’t have much to care about with such a small belly.
Seeing that Peng Yanfang seems to have a tendency to ridicule Chen Feng, Wang Hongyi hurriedly raised the wine glass in his hand and smiled and said, “Come on, everyone, toast, toast to Xiaofeng, to celebrate Xiaofeng’s success this time, and wish Xiaofeng his future achievements. It is rising steadily, earning millions in the early days.” “Thank you Uncle Wang.” Chen Feng smiled, raised the wine glass in his hand, and touched Wang Hongyi.
Li Shiping also held up the wine glass with a smile and looked at Chen Feng with a sincere expression: “Brother Chen Feng, your business abilities are obvious to all. Although I am your immediate boss, in terms of business, I am really inferior to you.”

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