Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 372

“Hahaha, I won’t say if there are more, I will just say one thing here: Brother Chen Feng, work hard, and make persistent efforts! Strive to take the position of the head of your sales team before next year!”
“If you take it Now, when the time comes, let’s go to Jintai Hotel and set a table for you to celebrate!”
“Okay.” Chen Feng smiled and glanced at Li Shiping. Li Shiping’s remarks are indeed very good. In blessing, but actually telling everyone that no matter how awesome you are, Chen Feng, I am also your immediate boss, and you will never be able to jump out of my palm.
After Li Shiping finished speaking, Peng Yanfang immediately smiled and took on the stubborn words: “Hongyi, let me say, Chen Feng’s 800,000 commission is worth a lot of World Peace’s contribution.”
“Auntie, your words are serious. Brother Chen Feng has excellent business ability. Without me, he could get the 800,000.” Li Shiping smiled modestly.
“Cut.” Peng Yanfang curled her lips in disdain, and then smiled and glanced at Li Shiping: “Shiping, here is my family, there are no outsiders, you don’t need to save face for this guy.”
“That guy’s 10 million yuan You must have taken it down for him secretly.”
Li Shiping was slightly surprised, what did Peng Yanfang’s words… mean?
She wouldn’t think it was Chen Feng’s own, would she?
Li Shiping did not speak. Peng Yanfang pretended to be Li Shiping acquiesced. She continued smiling and said: “Shiping, auntie knows that you want to help Chen Feng, and you want Chen Feng to be recognized by others in the company.”
“But in the future, this kind of thing It’s better for you to be less. It’s a bit of mud. He can’t support the wall. With so much of you, not only can’t you help the mud, you might even get yourself dirty.”
“Yanfang, how do you talk?” Wang Hongyi’s tone sank. Peng Yanfang said so, she did not put Chen Feng in his eyes, and completely denied Chen Feng’s credit.
Even if Li Shiping really helped Chen Feng secretly, he still didn’t believe that this list of tens of millions had nothing to do with Chen Feng.
“What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong?”
Peng Yanfang raised a sneer at the corner of her mouth: “Hongyi, you don’t really think that the tens of millions of dollars worth of the big bill was negotiated by this rubbish?”
“You are open For a trading company, don’t you know how difficult it is for a salesperson who has just joined the company and does not have any contacts to negotiate a business?” Wang Hongyi’s tone was stagnant, and Peng Yanfang’s remarks, he really couldn’t refute it. He knows very well how difficult it is for a salesperson who has just joined the company without any contacts to talk about a ten million order.
It can’t even be said that it is difficult, it should be said that it is impossible at all, so Chen Feng’s order of tens of millions, Li Shiping might have really helped a lot in secret.
Wang Shiyuan looked strange, Peng Yanfang would think so, she didn’t expect it, but at this moment, she would not say it, even if she knew that Chen Feng was completely relying on her to negotiate the ten million bill.
She wanted to misunderstand Peng Yanfang and Wang Hongyi. Only in this way would Peng Yanfang and Wang Hongyi value Li Shiping more.
Wang Shiyuan didn’t say it, and Li Shiping himself wouldn’t say it. After all, this was the result of forcing it.
Don’t do it for nothing.
Chen Feng smiled and looked at everyone’s expressions. However, Chen Feng did not intend to explain Peng Yanfang’s remarks. Still, he disdains to care about with people like Peng Yanfang, which is too cheap. .
“What are you laughing at, am I wrong?” Seeing Chen Feng still daring to laugh, Peng Yanfang was immediately upset. Why is this waste so thick-skinned? Relying on the help of others to get the list, even after being dismantled, you can still laugh?
“Auntie Peng, you are right. Manager Li did negotiate the list for me.” Chen Feng said indifferently. The best way to deal with a stupid is to say what the stupid says, what do you match her, turn her into a stupid too .
Hearing Chen Feng’s personal admission, Peng Yanfang’s complexion eased.
However, Li Shiping’s heart began to feel uneasy. Chen Feng in his impression was not such a master who could hold back after suffering a dark loss?
“Since World Ping helped you negotiate the list, should we talk about the attribution of your 800,000 commission?” Peng Yanfang had a treacherous look in her eyes. This sentence is her real goal. , I have said so much before, they are all paving the way for this sentence.
Chen Feng frowned. Peng Yanfang, this idiot, didn’t want him to give Li Shiping the 800,000 commission?
“Yanfang, what do you mean by this?!”
“Although Shiping helped a lot with Xiaofeng’s 10 million order, Xiaofeng didn’t do nothing at all…” Wang Hongyi said coldly, he knew Peng Yanfang has always regarded Li Shiping as a prospective son-in-law, so everything is thought for Li Shiping, but Peng Yanfang’s current situation is a bit too much. In one sentence, he wants to get the 800,000 commission from Chen Feng, which is so bullying. ?
“What did he do? What can he do?” Peng Yanfang interrupted Wang Hongyi mercilessly.
“If there is no World Peace, he still doesn’t know where to wander at the moment, let alone talk about 10 million orders, whether he can enter the Kangmei Group is a problem.”
“In short, he can talk about the value of the penny. The tens of millions of orders are all the credit of World Peace, and it has nothing to do with him.”
“So the 800,000 commission should have a share of World Peace.” Peng Yanfang was eloquent, and her face was taken for granted.
“How much does Aunt Peng want me to give Manager Li?” Chen Feng smiled and glanced at Peng Yanfang.
“Seven hundred thousand!” Peng Yanfang coldly spit out a number and turned her gaze to Chen Feng: “You have to give World Ping at least seven hundred thousand! Because if there is no World Ping, you won’t make a cent.”
“Really?” Chen Feng squinted lazily.
“Isn’t it?”
“Without World Ping to bring you into the company, without World Ping to help you secretly, do you think you can negotiate a list worth 10 million?”
“Let you give World Ping seven hundred thousand, all is less Yes!”
“If you want me to say, that 800,000 commission, you should give it all to World Ping, but for the sake of running errands for World Ping, you can leave one hundred thousand for you, and you will be rewarded for your hard work. “Peng Yanfang’s tone is up, with a strong sense of charity in her words.
“Yanfang, you are too much!” Wang Hongyi was full of anger. He didn’t believe it. In the list of 10 million, Chen Feng’s only role was to run errands. Chen Feng must have done something else, if it was 10 million. The list is so easy to talk about, Li Shiping should have taken it down before Chen Feng entered Kangmei.
But when Peng Yanfang was here, it was all the credit of Li Shiping.

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