Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 373

“Too much? Where did I go too far? Didn’t I still leave a hundred thousand for this waste?” Peng Yanfang curled her lips, her expression disapproving.
Then she turned her gaze to Chen Feng again: “Chen Feng, the 800,000 commission, the finance has already hit your card this morning, right?”
“It hit me…”
Chen Feng hasn’t said anything yet. After finishing speaking, Peng Yanfang interrupted mercilessly: “Since it hit you, you can take it out. It happens that everyone is here, so you can transfer 700,000 yuan to World Ping in front of everyone. In the past.”
Peng Yanfang stared at Chen Feng reluctantly. She must pull out 700,000 yuan from Chen Feng. If she can’t pull it out today, wait for Chen Feng to leave this door and leave Zhonghai directly, then think again. It’s hard to pull it out.
“Sorry, I have already spent that 800,000.” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
Finished? !
The audience was shocked. Just after the game came down in the morning, you finished the afternoon? What about a liar?
“Chen Feng, do you treat us as fools?!” Peng Yanfang immediately broke out: “The commission you just hit in the morning, you spent the night?”
“That’s eight hundred thousand, not eighty!”
“You don’t want to If you give it to World Ping, you can just say, is it interesting to deceive people with such crappy reasons?” Peng Yanfang was about to be blown up. She did not expect that Chen Summit would make up such an excuse to insult their IQ.
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled: “Auntie Peng, I think I need to tell you one thing. The commission is good for the first time in the morning, but the 800,000 is not mine alone.”
“I went to Dongting with me. The hospital was talking about cooperation, and there was Li Le, so for the 800,000, I divided Li Le 200,000.”
“Then there is 600,000?!” Peng Yanfang looked at Chen Feng viciously.
“There are 600,000 left, I let Li Le buy a car.” Chen Feng said lightly.
The audience was silent again.
Peng Yanfang’s angry voice began to sharpen: “Chen Feng, I think you made it clear that you don’t want to share the money with World Ping, right?”
“You just came to Zhonghai, and you don’t even have a place to live. How could you get 600,000 yuan? Buy a car?”
“Aunt Peng doesn’t believe it, then I can’t do anything.” Chen Feng shrugged helplessly. He just told the truth and had a clear conscience. If Peng Yanfang believes it or not, it has nothing to do with him.
Seeing that Chen Feng is such a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water, Peng Yanfang was immediately angry and started to scream and splash: “I don’t care! I don’t care if you spend that 800,000, anyway, you owe World Ping that. Seven hundred thousand, one point can’t be less!”
“You must take out seven hundred thousand today, otherwise you don’t want to leave my house!”
“Peng Yanfang, can you still point your face!” Wang Hongyi slapped the table fiercely and glared. Peng Yanfang, he didn’t expect that Peng Yanfang could even say the threat of not leaving the Wang family. What is the difference between this behavior and Ming Qiang?
“Uncle Wang, don’t be angry.” Chen Feng frowned and soothed. He didn’t want to pay attention to Peng Yanfang, but Peng Yanfang became more and more sophisticated. If this continues, Peng Yanfang will probably just ride on his head and pee. Up.
Turning his gaze to Peng Yanfang, Chen Feng said calmly: “Auntie Peng, I can give Manager Li the 700,000 you said.”
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Peng Yanfang’s expression was immediately happy, but Li Shiping on the side, But his body trembled. This waste would not be thought… In the next second, Chen Feng verified Li Shiping’s guess: “But you can ask Manager Li, I will give him seven hundred thousand, does he dare to take it?” Take it?
These words, like an invisible heavy hammer, hit Li Shiping’s chest heavily, turning Li Shiping’s face pale.
“What do you mean?! You give World Ping money, why doesn’t World Ping dare to take it?”
“Don’t say it is seven hundred thousand, it is seven million, as long as you give it out, World Ping dare to take it today!” Peng Yanfang was totally absent. Conscious of what happened, I only felt that Chen Feng was provoking her.
“Hehe, Manager Li? I’ll give you seven million, do you dare to take it?” Chen Feng chuckled and turned his gaze to Li Shiping. Li Shiping’s body trembled suddenly, and he looked at Peng Yanfang with a smile and said, “Auntie, it’s still count Well, actually, I didn’t help Chen Feng brother very much, money matters…”
“Is it just not very helpful?” Chen Feng’s voice became cold.
Li Shiping’s scalp numb, Chen Feng is forcing him to tell the truth. If he doesn’t tell the truth, I’m afraid Chen Feng will confess everything when he turns around.
“Auntie, in fact, I didn’t help Chen Feng’s 10 million orders. The 10 million orders were completely discussed by Brother Chen Feng and have nothing to do with anyone.” Li Shiping Bite the scalp to speak, but regret to die in his heart, he shouldn’t be greedy for the little merit Peng Yanfang gave him. Now it is all right, instead of greedy for the credit, he was beaten in the face instead.
Peng Yanfang was stunned: “Shiping, what do you mean by this?”
“Isn’t you talking about this rubbish list?”
“No, it has nothing to do with me.” Li Shiping gritted his teeth. He can only honestly admit that he has lost Peng Yanfang’s face.
If he didn’t admit it, Chen Feng would tell everything. When Wang Hongyi went to the company, he would know everything. At that time, his face would only hurt even more.
“It doesn’t have anything to do with you?!” Peng Yanfang was irritated. “You just said that you helped to talk about this trash, why don’t you say it now?”
“Auntie, I don’t seem to have said that. Let’s talk.” Li Shiping denied with a smile, he did not admit it himself, but after Peng Yanfang said it, he acquiesced.
On the contrary, it was Chen Feng, who himself admitted, but now it seems that Chen Feng completely regarded Peng Yanfang as a fool.
“You…” Peng Yanfang almost spit out a mouthful of blood? She didn’t expect that she tried her best to seek benefits for Li Shiping, but she was sold by Li Shiping instead!
“Shiping, tell your auntie, is this trash threatening you? Don’t let you tell the truth?” Peng Yanfang was a little unwilling, she really couldn’t accept Li Shiping betraying him.
Li Shiping was almost crying, is Peng Yanfang’s brain flooded? How could she ask such a thing in person, even if Chen Feng really threatened him, would he dare to say it?
“No, auntie. Brother Chen Feng didn’t threaten me. He did talk about the list of Dongting Hospital alone, and I didn’t help.” Li Shiping was crying and he could only go to the dark one by one.
After being slapped in the face by Li Shiping one after another, Peng Yanfang only felt her face hurt.
Until now, I don’t think about asking Chen Feng for money. Li Shiping doesn’t admit it. It’s useless for anyone to come.

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