Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 375

Because of guilt.
Wang Hongyi has always felt guilty towards Xia Weiguo.
So he wanted to make up for the guilt of Xia Weiguo on himself.
“Xiaofeng, Uncle knows that you are a man of love and righteousness, otherwise Lao Xia would not entrust Mengyao to you.”
“But what happened back then has passed, and Lao Xia and I have had a good time. . ” ” so you should never be silly, go to Wang Dongyang trouble. ” ” you should understand, Wang oceans these three words, what it means in the sea. ”
Wang Hongyi earnest exhortations, Wang oceans, is Dynasty One of the few remaining national heroes after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, his status in China is no worse than some founding fathers.
Although he doesn’t have any official positions on him now, even if he is the current chief of Zhonghai City, when he meets him, he must respectfully call him Wang Lao.
In addition to Wang Chongyang’s own lofty status, the current Wang family is also thriving in Zhonghai.
Together with the Chu family, the Song family, and the Qin family, they are listed as the four great masters in China.
No one can shake the status of the Wang family in Zhonghai.
“Uncle Wang, don’t worry, I won’t be impulsive.” Chen Feng nodded lightly. The Wang family is an upright and powerful giant, and they can be promoted to the ranks of the Six Majors of China with only one line.
Single-round family power, even the Huo family on Hong Kong Island, is a bit weaker than the Wang family.
Chen Feng would naturally not provoke such a behemoth easily, especially in this embattled situation.
After eating, Chen Feng left Wang’s house.
As soon as I left the house, a taxi came over.
Chen Feng beckoned, the taxi stopped, Chen Feng opened the door and sat in the back row.
“Master, go to Jintai Hotel.”
“Okay, sit firmly.”
The driver in the front row smiled kindly, then stepped on the accelerator pedal and the blue Jetta taxi drove away.
Chen Feng sat in the back row, narrowed his eyes and prepared to take a nap.
Ten minutes later, a strong turbulence awakened Chen Feng.
Chen Feng opened his eyes and couldn’t help but glanced outside the window, only to find that it was completely dark outside, not to mention street lights, not even a ghost could be seen.
Obviously, this is not the road back to Jintai Hotel, but the road leading to a very remote place.
Otherwise, there will be no personal shadows on the road.
“Wake up?”
The driver in the front row seemed to have been observing Chen Feng through the rearview mirror. Seeing Chen Feng waking up, he couldn’t help but asked with a smile.
“Well, I woke up.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“You don’t seem to be so afraid of…?” The driver’s master wearing a peaked cap frowned. Chen Feng has clearly discovered that this is not the way to Jintai Hotel. Why is he so calm?
“Fear?” The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth raised a bit of playfulness: “Why should I shoot?”
“You should be the one to be afraid of.”
“We?” The man in the peaked cap laughed angrily. Is this kid’s brain flooded or assset kicked?
“A few minutes to get there?” Chen Feng leaned on the chair and asked lazily.
“Ask what this is for? Are you in such a hurry to die?” The tone of the man in the peaked cap began to become bad.
“Send to death?” Chen Feng sneered, “You think too much.”
“I just want to clean up you soon and go back to the hotel to sleep.” The man in the peaked cap twitched his mouth. It was the first time he saw someone like Chen Feng.
“Peng Yanfang sent you here?” Chen Feng asked with a smile, except for Peng Yanfang, there will be no one else.
He came to Zhonghai within a few days, and there were not many offenders. The skinny monkey on the high-speed rail that day was counted as one, but the people behind him had to deal with themselves and would never use this method.
The same is true for Liu Kun and Wu Zhike.
As for Li Shiping, his handle was held in his hand. Until the problem of the handle was solved, Li Shiping would not attack him.
After much deliberation, Peng Yanfang was the only one left.
Peng Yanfang should be the person who called after leaving the dinner table. The cap driver had obviously been waiting at the door of Wang’s house early, otherwise he would have just arrived to open the Wang’s house, and the cap driver would greet him.
“What are you talking about? I don’t understand.” The cap driver gave Chen Feng a vicious look.
Chen Feng smiled disapprovingly and said nothing.
A few minutes later, the taxi stopped in front of an abandoned factory.
The cap driver opened the door first and walked out.
Afterwards, seven or eight young people with colorfully dyed hair walked out of the darkness with hand-held weapons.
“Have anyone brought you?” The yellow-haired young man in the lead gave the man in the peaked cap a glance.
“Bring it, right in the car.” The man in the peaked cap pointed to the back row.
“Fuck it out!” The yellow-haired man ordered.
As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a loud bang, and saw the taxi’s door lifted out directly, flying a full ten meters away before slamming into the concrete wall of the factory. hiss!
Seven or eight young people together with the capped man took a breath, only to feel a bit cold in their backs.
At this time, Chen Feng got out of the car calmly and glanced at the stunned crowd. Chen Feng said with a smile: “Sorry, when the door was just opened, he didn’t grasp his strength. A little bit.” Is it harder to use?
Is this Nima just a bigger problem? !
Seven or eight non-mainstream youths didn’t know what words to use to describe their feelings at the moment, they just wanted to cry.
Seeing a few people trembling in their calves, Chen Feng couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.
Why are you so confused?
Chen Feng sighed: “To make a long story short, I know you were sent by Peng Yanfang.”
“She should want you to teach me a lesson, and then get some money out of me.”
The yellow-haired young man and the capped man once again. His eyes widened, this guy is a monster or a monster, how could he even know what Peng Yanfang said?
“Who is Peng Yanfang?” Chen Feng glanced at the yellow-haired young man who was headed by him. This yellow-haired young man should be the leader of the group.
“I…I don’t…” The yellow-haired young man moved his lips and subconsciously wanted to deny it, but before he finished speaking, Chen Feng smiled and said, “After you think about it, you only have one chance. “It
‘s my aunt!” The young yellow-haired man almost blurted out, not daring to hide anything.
“It turns out to be Peng Yanfang’s nephew.” Chen Feng nodded, feeling clear.
“I’m in a good mood today, so I won’t take care of you. I went back and told Peng Yanfang that there were repeated but not repeated! The reason why I didn’t deal with her was not because I was afraid of her, but because I was too lazy to care about her.”
“But people’s patience is limited. If she dares to provoke me like this, don’t blame me for being rude to her!” A cold light flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes. People like Peng Yanfang would not suffer. I never know what my last name is.

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