Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 376

“Yes, yes, I’ll go back and tell my auntie.” The young Huang Mao nodded hurriedly, joking. If a hand like Chen Feng can lift the car door more than ten meters away, a hundred of them is not enough for Chen Feng. One-handed abuse.
Such a person troubles Peng Yanfang, and ten Peng Yanfang can’t stand it.
Chen Feng nodded: “Okay, you can get out.”
Upon hearing this, a group of people were about to leave in despair.
“Wait!” At this moment, Chen Feng shouted again.
A group of people froze in an instant, and even a few timid, their calves began to tremble.
Chen Feng smiled, walked behind the cap, patted the shoulder of the man with the cap, and said warmly, “Where do you want to go?”
“I…I…” The man in the cap had his tongue knotted and he couldn’t say anything. Complete, Chen Feng wouldn’t be unpleasant to see him, let him clean up.
“Don’t be afraid, I just want you to send me back. After all, there is still some distance from the city. If you don’t send me, can you let me run back?” Seeing that the man in the peaked cap has a tendency to pee his pants, Chen Feng couldn’t help being a little bit. Silent, so timid?
Naturally, there was nothing to say about what happened next. The man in the peaked cap obediently drove Chen Feng to the Jintai Hotel in a taxi.
The young Huang Mao also hurriedly called Peng Yanfang after Chen Feng left.
After hearing Chen Feng lift the car door more than ten meters away with one hand, Peng Yanfang’s mobile phone immediately fell to the ground with a clatter, and the whole person was stupid.
Some even couldn’t believe that the Chen Feng that Huang Mao youth said was the same person she saw.
After fear, there is anger, deep anger.
Peng Yanfang never thought that one day she would be threatened by a door-to-door son-in-law.
Picking up the phone from the ground again, Peng Yanfang called the phone back again.
“Auntie, what’s wrong?” Peng Qingfeng asked helplessly on the other side of the phone.
“Qing Feng, let your dad take action and teach that country boy a lesson.” Peng Yanfang said viciously, she would never just swallow this bad breath.
Peng Qingfeng was startled and hurriedly shook his head: “Auntie, what are you talking about? You don’t know the identity of my dad. He can’t attack ordinary people.”
“Ordinary people? How do you know that the guy is ordinary when you see your eyes? People? He can lift the car door more than ten meters away with one hand, how can he be an ordinary person?” Peng Yanfang cursed.
“Auntie, you mean, that guy is a warrior?” Peng Qingfeng couldn’t help being a little bit astonished. It’s impossible, isn’t Peng Yanfang saying that guy is a son-in-law?
Moreover, when that guy came to Zhonghai this time, he still came to join Wang Hongyi. How could such a person be a warrior?
“Is he a martial artist, don’t you know if you let your dad take a shot?” Peng Yanfang hated iron and steel.
“But…” Peng Qingfeng still hesitated.
“But what! What’s so good?!”
“Your dad is the elder of the Wumeng, let him test a small door-to-door son-in-law, isn’t he here?!” Peng Yanfang interrupted.
“Auntie, my dad is a good elder in the Wumeng, but he can’t shoot others for no reason. There are rules in the Wumeng.” Peng Qingfeng smiled bitterly. He knows the rules of the Wumeng better than anyone. Whether Chen Feng is a martial artist, as long as his father makes a move, it is a violation of the rules of the Wu League.
“Who let your dad shoot for no reason? Peng Qingfeng, do you use your brain to drink water? Wouldn’t you make up a reason?” Peng Yanfang cursed.
“Auntie, what do you mean…”
“Lying, can you lie? Just tell your dad that the hillbilly lifted the car door with one hand today, and then slapped you several times. Doesn’t your dad have a reason to test him?” Peng Yanfang was not angry Dao, she has also learned more or less about the rules of the Wumeng. Under normal circumstances, a warrior cannot attack ordinary people.
If it does, Wumeng has the right to intervene in the investigation.
“Auntie, your idea is wonderful, why didn’t I expect it.” Peng Qingfeng’s eyes lit up and said with joy.
Peng Yanfang rolled her eyes, just your pig’s brain, all except women are women, how could this be thought of.
“After your dad comes back tonight, you will tell your dad that you were beaten by that redneck, but don’t say, you had to tie that redneck first, and that redneck beat you.”
“You said that the redneck picked first. Things.” Peng Yanfang exhorted.
“Don’t worry, Auntie, I’m the best at acting, and my dad will definitely believe me.” Peng Qingfeng smiled.
“Okay, your kid plays well. If things are done, I will let Shiyuan introduce some of her best friends.” Peng Yanfang said.
“Thank you, auntie!” Peng Qingfeng’s eyes straightened when he heard Wang Shiyuan’s girlfriends. All of Wang Shiyuan’s girlfriends were big beauties. Many of them were no worse than Wang Shiyuan. There were even a few more. Prettier than Wang Shiyuan.
Here Peng Yanfang and Peng Qingfeng are discussing how to deal with Chen Feng, while Wu Zhike and Liu Kun on the other side are not idle either.
Almost as soon as Chen Feng returned to the hotel, Wu Zhike came to the Hongye Club with a stack of materials.
As soon as he entered the private room, Wu Zhike threw the information on the table angrily.
“Crappy, Brother Kun, this time we both missed it.” Wu Zhike cursed.
Liu Kun snorted in his heart: “Did you miss your eyes? Why did you miss your eyes? I think that guy has a little background.”
“There is a fart background!”
“Brother Kun, that guy is TM’s son-in-law!” Wu Zhike couldn’t help cursing.
“My son-in-law?!” Liu Kun couldn’t help but exclaimed, and then he hurriedly picked up the information on the table and began to look through it. As the information was turned page by page, Liu Kun’s face became more and more gloomy. In the end, even The gloomy can drip water.
“Zhike, are you sure that these information are true?” Liu Kun gritted his teeth and asked. The information Wu Zhike found clearly stated Chen Feng’s nearly three years of experience. He joined Zuixia’s family and worked in a food delivery company. As a takeaway, he divorced his wife a few days ago and was kicked out of the Xia family.
If all this is true, then his and Wu Zhike’s faces would be completely swollen this time.
The two top rich second generations of China Shipping were frightened by a door-to-door son-in-law.
If this matter is going to spread out, he and Wu Zhike don’t need to mix in the circle. The two of them will definitely become the laughing stock in the circle.
“Of course it’s true!”
“I asked three private detectives to investigate the information at the same time. Can it be true? That guy is definitely a son-in-law!” Wu Zhike promised, the three private detectives he hired took After arriving at the photo, it took less than half a day to confirm that Chen Feng was from Cangzhou.

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