Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 377

Then I rushed to Cangzhou overnight, surrounded Chen Feng and started investigating. I thought it would cost some means, but Chen Feng’s identity was quickly found.
Just ask a few Xia family members and everything will be clear at a glance.
Although Wu Zhike’s affirmation was obtained, Liu Kun was still a little unsure, and always felt that something was wrong.
If Chen Feng is really a son-in-law, why would he walk with someone like Shi Pojun?
This is not in line with common sense.
“What about that guy’s previous experience? Why can only be found for the past three years?” Liu Kun couldn’t help but ask. Now, the identity of Chen Feng’s son-in-law is beyond doubt. The only thing that remains in doubt is that before Chen Feng. Identity.
The three private investigators found only Chen Feng’s three years of experience in Cangzhou, but they knew nothing about Chen Feng’s past, and he could not even find out Chen Feng’s hometown.
“The guy’s previous experience?” Wu Zhike was taken aback, and then said: “The guy’s previous experience was not found by the person I sent out. They said that it would take at least three days to find out.”
Three Days?
Liu Kun frowned deeper. He always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell where it was.
Seeing Liu Kun seemed to be hesitating, Wu Zhike couldn’t help it anymore: “Brother Kun, what else is there to hesitate? That guy just came to the house as a son-in-law. He had no background at all. He was calm in front of us that day. He definitely pretended to be. .”
Liu Kun shook his head. He knew what Wu Zhike meant, and wanted to go over to trouble Chen Feng now.
But he always felt that this matter was not safe, and Chen Feng was definitely not as simple as the information showed.
Let alone the others, just knowing Shi Pojun can’t explain it clearly.
Normally, how can a door-to-door son-in-law who is not seen by anyone come into contact with a big man like Shi Pojun.
Moreover, he observed Shi Pojun that day and found that Shi Pojun was obviously the kind of arrogant type. This kind of person would never get so close to a door-to-door son-in-law.
Chen Feng must have other identities.
“Zhike, don’t do it for the time being, this person definitely has a problem.” Liu Kun said solemnly, he believed in his own judgment, and even more in his own way of observing people.
“There is a problem? What can he have.”
“Even if there is a problem, it is a problem in the brain. How can normal elders run to be the son-in-law.” Wu Zhike said, he felt that Liu Kun was completely suspicious. , A door-to-door son-in-law, how can he have a background? If he really has a background, he will be a door-to-door son-in-law?
The simplest example, he and Liu Kun, the backgrounds of the two of them are not very big in Zhonghai, but they are definitely not small.
Will they be the son-in-law?
They won’t!
They won’t kill them!
The rich second generation with their background, which one is not three wives and four concubines?
Raise a famous college student or Bai Fumei as the main room at home, and then raise a few small tender models or celebrities as canaries outside. If you don’t enjoy the blessings of the people, run to be the son-in-law?
It’s like that when the brain gets flooded.
“Zhike, I know what you mean, but some people’s ideas should not be guessed by common sense.”
“For example, Wang Lao, looking at China, his status and status of the elderly are the most lofty group.”
“But until Now, what Wang Lao also likes most is farming in the countryside and fishing by the river.”
“Ordinary people who meet Wang Lao on the road will only regard Wang Lao as an ordinary bad old man, and will never associate Wang Lao with the famous ship king.”
Liu Kun smiled bitterly, in the upper circle of Zhong Hai, he I have heard a lot of stories about pretending to be pigs and eating tigers, like the kind of rich second-generation stalling goods to buy a car, not only in the novel, but also in reality.
He could not guarantee that Chen Feng was not such a person.
“Brother Kun, you actually compare that kid with Wang Lao, where does that kid match?” Wu Zhike curled his lips.
“I didn’t compare him with Wang Lao, I just took Wang Lao as an example. I’m afraid that kid is also a background master.” Liu Kun said helplessly.
“Brother Kun, what do you mean, don’t do anything with that kid for the time being?” Wu Zhike asked.
“Yeah.” Liu Kun nodded: “We can’t do anything to him until his background is confirmed.”
“However, we can let others do it to him!” Liu Kun paused.
“Let others?”
“Well, isn’t Wang Yanan having a good relationship with Zhang Shihao? Let her find a way to make Zhang Shihao notice Lin Wanqiu, we can use Zhang Shihao’s hand to explore the reality of that kid.” Liu Kun said lightly, Zhang Shihao’s background is no better than him What a difference, and Zhang Shihao is still pretty, he stared at Lin Wanqiu, completely justified.
Even if what happened to Lin Wanqiu, Chen Feng would not doubt him and Wu Zhike.
“Hey, Brother Kun, please pay attention. If Zhang Shihao sees a stunner like Lin Wanqiu, his legs will definitely be so weak that he can’t walk, even without Wang Yanan, we can think of a way to make him notice Lin Wanqiu.” Wu Zhike Smiled.
“Well, no matter what, we must take our two brothers out of it. Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case.” Liu Kun said, if Chen Feng really has any background, then he and Wu Zhike are related to this matter. , Chen Feng will never let them go.
“Okay, Brother Kun, I will do it now.”
Wu Zhike thought that he had hired a private investigator to investigate Chen Feng’s affairs, and Chen Feng would never notice it.
As everyone knows, the first day his three private detectives entered Cangzhou, they were discovered by Gu Dongchen and Han Long.
As soon as Chen Feng returned to the hotel, Han Long called.
“Chen Shao, someone has asked a private investigator to investigate you.” On the phone, Han Long said bluntly.
“Well, I see.” Chen Feng nodded, not surprised by the information provided by Han Long. Although he has only been in Zhonghai for a few days, he has offended a lot of people. If nothing else, investigate him. The private detective should have been invited by Liu Kun and Wu Zhike.
In this regard, Chen Feng can only say that the two think too much.
Before he left, he considered the possibility that someone would come to check on him, so he had taken precautions long ago. No matter how these people checked, he could not find out his real secret.
The only things that these people can find out are the things that everyone knows about him.
“Chen Shao, how is the situation on Zhonghai? Would you like me and Old Gu to come over and fight for you?” Han Long asked. In a place where Zhonghai is a mixed bag, one more person will give you more strength. He and Gu Dongchen are also mingled. The old fritters of the rivers and lakes are gone, and coming to Zhonghai can help Chen Feng a lot.
Chen Feng shook his head: “No, I can handle the situation here alone.”

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