Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 378

“You and Lao Gu, just take care of your family. The time is right and I will let you over.” Chen Feng exhorted again that Cangzhou is his base camp. No matter when, Cangzhou can’t get into trouble.
Early the next morning, Chen Feng came to Kangmei Group as usual.
After joining the company, Chen Feng discovered that today’s Kangmei Group has come to a’guest’.
A’guest’ in a white suit with a big back and a greasy face.
“I said you guys, do you want to die? Do you know what Lao Tzu’s identity is?!” The greasy young man was extremely domineering, and his mouthful of saliva almost splashed on the faces of the security guards in front of him.
However, a few security guards did not dare to have any dissatisfaction with the young man with oily heads. Instead, they continued to smile and appease: “Liu Shao, it’s not that we didn’t let you in, but Mr. Xia had confessed that only the company with a company employee card Employees can enter the company. You do not have our company’s employee card, so…”
“Fart!” Liu Shao interrupted the headed security guard mercilessly.
“Lao Tzu is the future chairman of the Kangmei Group, and now the chairman of the Kangmei Group is Lao Tzu’s father. Lao Tzu needs an employee card to enter his own company? What kind of shit is TM!”
“Get out of me! Don’t let Lao Tzu get out! Lao Tzu will let you fire some of you now!” Liu Shao said with an arrogant expression, pushed away the headed security guard, and walked forward unscrupulously.
The headed security guard and several other security guards looked at each other, and they all saw the embarrassment in each other’s eyes.
This is a young director of Kangmei Group. Although he does not have any position in Kangmei, in terms of status, he is more than ten grades higher than Xia Mengyao.
Xia Mengyao asked them to stop this kind of people out of the door. Isn’t this purely embarrassing them?
In the end, several people let Liu Shaobo walk into the company.
But Liu Shaobo just walked a few steps, a tall beauty wearing black stockings and high-heeled sandals walked over.
“Shao Liu, what brought you here?” The tall beauty walked up to Chen Liu Shaobo with a variety of styles, and inadvertently blocked Liu Shaobo’s path.
“Hey, Fang Ya, what do you have to pretend with your brother? What wind blows your brother, don’t you know if you are a little hooves?” Liu Shaobo smiled, his lustful eyes invaded Fang Ya’s chest unscrupulously The two former stalwarts.
That look seemed to eat Fang Ya’s whole body alive.
There was a subtle disgust in Fang Ya’s beautiful eyes, but there was still a shy smile on her face: “Liu Shao, look at what you said, Fang Ya is not the roundworm in your stomach, you are thinking What, how would Fang Ya know?”
“Hey, pretend, you are a little waver, just pretend to be with your brother. Brother just called you last night and asked you to inform you Mr. Xia that I will pick her up from the company this morning. , Now you say, you don’t know what your brother is thinking? If you really don’t know, elder brother won’t mind telling you in person.” The smile on Liu Shaobo’s face became more and more slutty, especially thinking of Xia Mengyao’s youthful youth, I see With a pitiful face, his lower abdomen was filled with unstoppable heat.
Looking at the lewd smile on Liu Shaobo’s pale face that was hollowed out by wine, Fang Ya only felt sick, but she still had to maintain a kind smile on the surface: “Liu Shao, you laughed.” “If you said that. If this is the case, then you may have to go for nothing today. Mr. Xia is not in the company today.”
“Not in the company? What did she do?” Liu Shaobo suddenly narrowed his eyes, and a cold color flashed across his eyes. .
He seemed to have expected Liu Shaobo to ask such questions, Fang Ya said with a smile: “President Xia went to Yanjing for a meeting, within the group…”

Pop !” Before Fang Ya finished speaking, Liu Shaobo raised his hand with a grinning slap and slapped her pretty face.
This sturdy slap immediately slapped Fang Ya’s fair face with five blood-red handprints.
Liu Shaobo grinned: “Bitch, do you think Lao Tzu is like a mentally retarded?”
“Whatever you say? What will Lao Tzu believe?!”
Fang Ya was completely slapped by the slap, and it took a moment for her to react. What’s the matter, tears constantly gushing from her beautiful eyes, Fang Ya covered her face a little aggrievedly and said: “Shao Liu, I didn’t lie to you, President Xia did go to Yanjing for a meeting, and left by plane last night.
” Smelly bitch, dare to lie to me!”

Slap ” Liu Shaobo said, slapped Fang Ya’s face again.
“Smelly bitch, before I came, I asked my dad’s secretary. She said that in the past few days, there is no meeting in Yanjing at all!”
“Besides, if there is a meeting, you bitch. As Xia Mengyao’s secretary, can you not accompany her?!” Liu Shaobo sneered again and again. As the only son of the chairman, it couldn’t be easier for him to inquire about some group meeting arrangements.
Hearing Liu Shaobo’s words, Fang Ya’s pretty face couldn’t help being pale. Today’s Liu Shaobo was obviously prepared. Before, she could think of various reasons to shirk, but today, Liu Shaobo obviously vowed not to stop without achieving her goal. What method should be used to stop Liu Shaobo?
“Fang Ya, Lao Tzu has given you enough face, you have to go on like this, don’t blame Lao Tzu for being rude to you!” Liu Shaobo threatened again viciously.
Fang Ya’s body trembled, and there was a tangled look on her pretty face. Although Xia Mengyao is the president of Kangmei Group, she can compare with Liu Shaobo in front of him. Xia Mengyao is nothing at all. Does she need to catch herself for Xia Mengyao?
Seeing Fang Ya seemed to be moved by himself, Liu Shaobo couldn’t help being even more proud. He continued to sneer and said: “Fang Ya, you better think clearly, you are just a secretary to the president, you are not the president!”
“I have nothing to do with Xia Mengyao, but if so I can think of a thousand ways to deal with you!”
Fang Ya took a step back, her expression more painful.
“Shao Liu, the twisted melon is not sweet. According to your conditions, you can find a woman who is ten times better than General Xia. Why do you have to pester Mr. Xia?” Fang Ya was a little uncomfortable. Persuade willingly.
Although Liu Shaobo is lustful and a little dull, his wealth lies there after all. His father is the chairman of Kangmei Group, a super rich with a net worth of hundreds of billions.
As for Liu Shaobo, the only son of this super-rich, it can be said that Liu Shaobo will surely inherit Liu Yuanqing’s 100 billion assets in the future.
Liu Shaobo had such conditions, so he didn’t have to worry about finding a woman, but Liu Shaobo seemed to be insane, staring at a divorced Xia Mengyao.

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